Five Hundy by Midnight 199: Ironic Cell Phone Rage

Las Vegas podcast #199 includes:

  • Super Swank opener
  • Rio opens ND’s Fuego: The Evolution of Nightclub
  • Tony and Tina’s Wedding moves
  • Vince Neil opens second tattoo shop and off-Strip bar
  • East Fremont Street gets a piano bar
  • Paris offers Red Rooms
  • Best of Vegas’ upgrades for Elton John and the Red Piano
  • Listener calls about car rentals, Casino Royale, LOVE, Ellis Island’s steak special, Sexpresso, Wynn, Encore, Bally’s ’80s porn suites, Primm, Mirage volcano problems, Burger Bar, the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, Minus 5, Imperial Palace, karaoke and more Las Vegas fun
  • Show #200 streaming live show and chat details later this week
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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21 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 199: Ironic Cell Phone Rage

  1. I haven’t finished listening to the show yet.. but I am very disappointed you cut the Paul Rudd clip short…you missed the best part…

    “Nothin’ against him, but if I hear “Yah Mo B There” one more time, I’m gonna “Yah Mo” burn this place to the ground. “

  2. Just added Michelle’s VegasLinks Webmaster/Insider Q&A. (although she claims she is neither) I’d consider anyone participating in the Vegas Podcastapalooza an insider.

    So modest.

    Thanks Michelle for participating.

    Really looking forward to calling in this week from Vegas! Finally Finally Finally!

  3. “Feelgood’s”? Three miles off the Strip on Sahara?
    Hmmm…I wonder if it is gonna be in the long vacated Hooters location?

  4. Cirque Du Soleil is going to be opening a show featuring Elvis at City Center.

  5. Quote of the Show- “Holy shit, I would be so far up in that.” -Michele @1:09:14

  6. Uhhhh expecting a late night next weekend then. Please bare in mind your UK visitors. Umm I guess 7am your time is too early for live podcast ? Well can but ask.

  7. “$75 bucks for a five courses especially at that place? Holy Shit! I would be so far up in that.” – Love it.

  8. Michelle – Don’t get me wrong. I love long shows, but only in my wife’s car. Thanks for listening.

    Tim – loved your bosscock link on Twitter.

    Great show.


  9. RE: Cell Phone Usage

    It always seems to be “Present Company Excepted”, doesn’t it? 😉

  10. Hey guys:

    Harrah’s Horseshoe casino is only about 30 minutes from downtown Louisville, so unless you are way on the far southeast side of the city, you should be able to get there in well under an hour. It’s a little tricky though; you have to wind through a crappy little town across the river where the small directional signs are not particularly well placed.

    It is the only option in the immediate Louisville area. There is a casino in French Lick – proud home of Larry Bird! – but it is about 75 minutes northwest of the city. I’m not sure, but I think it is officially in The Middle of Nowhere.

  11. what about the caesars palace close to louisville? or is that now called harrahs horseshow?

  12. One in the same. They re-branded it a couple years ago as part of a major renovation.

  13. I eagerly anticipate the 2011 opening of Bret Michaels’ Skankatorium.

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