11 thoughts on “Show #200

  1. The lady in the advertisement looks way too excited to be eating at the Excalibur buffet.

  2. Though Excalibur would not be the Buffet of choice, is a very good idea as it can tie people to the property all day rather than flit across two or three casinos. Now if we can just persuade Wynn to do something similar …

    Hmmm 1am eh, yep think we can make that.

  3. Though it could be bad news for the cocktail waitresses & bars at Excalibur though I guess if people can get ‘free’ soft drinks at the Buffet all day.

  4. Shoot… I’m busy Saturday night… last time the chat was a blast! Maybe you could archive it and post it later.

  5. VIP status for the Exacalibur buffet? Is there a laminate or something? Is it a huge scarlet letter for your chest? Is it a B? a L?

  6. Keeping with the theme of the place believe they are planning to fire brand it on the persons forehead.

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