Five Hundy by Midnight 200: A Magical Trainwreck

Las Vegas podcast #200 includes:

  • Root of All Evil opener
  • Distractions, technical screw-ups, unnecessary anger and all of the other things regular listeners have come to know and love over the past four years
  • Evolution of the Five Hundy intro
  • Platinum Masters’ Monster Circus at Las Vegas Hilton
  • Steel Panther at Green Valley Ranch and Aliante Station
  • Zowie Bowie moves to Palms
  • The Killers and Paul McCartney scheduled to open The Joint 2.0
  • The Lion King ticket details announced
  • Excalibur offers all-day buffet pass
  • More casino cost-cutting
  • Quark’s Bar drink recipes
  • Listener calls
  • Freaky Five Hundy by Joe Sedita
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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57 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 200: A Magical Trainwreck

  1. Congrats on 200!

    I’d recommend 7 drinks prior to listening to this recording. The live stream and chat was extreme vegasy fun.

  2. So, will the marriage survice the chat room.

    How do Steve and Miles do it every show?

    Had a good night gambling, but sorry I missed the chat.


  3. Dan,

    You may want to check – there is a chance the chat is still going.

    Does the type on the page seem a little blurry to anyone else this morning?

  4. If it means anything, Rachel Ray loved the Limelight buffet at Sam’s Town.

    Nest trip we are planning Sam’s Town, Eastside Cannery, Main Street Station, which we have never visited.

    May try Primm now that it is Terrible’s (unless they go bankrupt)


    I know you are kidding but I tried. 🙂


  5. Mostly kidding.

    I called it a night just after 11:00 Mountain Time. It had been going almost 6 hours by then, I think.

  6. Just wanted to say (again publicly) the live chat and video was a blast, and hope you do it again. People who don’t know what you look like missed out if they didn’t stick around. I’m having another Sailor Jerry’s while listening to it again. Thanks Tim and Michele, listening to the show is like talking about our favorite place with good friends every week. Cheers!!!

  7. Nice work guys

    On a slight tangent, I have the Guns n Roses bootleg that Tim mentioned – it used to be the most swearing I had ever heard in a recording until I heard 5HBM200! So fucking well done on that.

  8. Congrats …. I’ve been listening to the show since day one and I have never been disappointed. Rock on!

  9. Best Hanson track I’ve ever heard!

    Well done in getting through the Podcast ( despite our best attempts to grab your attention ). Was a fun night. Hope you feel brave enough to try it again soon.

    Shame you edited the start of the show though.

  10. I haven’t listened yet (damn corrupt iPod!) but will definitely one day this week. The chat was amazingly fun. Thanks for setting it up, T&M and have fun on your upcoming trips.

  11. Tim-in regards to the stress Paul McCartney’s solo material has caused you- you are not alone, but who can make great music for the entire career anyway ? I though it was funny when Yoko Ono reffered to Paul McCartney’s solo material as ‘June in Spoon’ songs…
    Also please avoid ‘Give my regards to Broadstreet’ this will make you very angry.

  12. I seemed to miss the memo announcing there was gonna be a live chat. Or maybe I wasn’t invited? Hmmm…

    “How do Steve and Miles do it every show?” They barely pay atention to the chat at all unless they are playing a clip.

  13. There are no other Vegas podcasts. They are all dead to me.
    And since I did not get invited to the chat, you may be next.

  14. What was Michele saying in that electronica song? “Forget the panties”?

  15. Troy:

    Aren’t you in the Living in Las Vegas listener hall of fame?


  16. Troy-Michele is saying ‘Don’t forget the panting’ referring to the dogs.
    BTW-Troy great calls and what where you doing behind the IP anyway ?

  17. I dunno about Hall of Fame.
    For those keeping score- I listen to and call Five Hundy. I listen to Living whenever they post and I listen to The Strip whenever they have someone other than Steve Wynn on which is not very often lately.
    I read a Cirque Du Soleil blog and I actively participate in vegasRex blog

    That is it. I am Five Hundy’s bitch.

    I was behind IP because I work behind Flamingo and I was early to work as usual so I was just hanging out there killing time.

  18. Fortunately the chat function in Stickam, which we were using has a pretty short retention, so short of copying, pasting and saving every few minutes, there wasn’t a way to save it.

    Troy: We mentioned the chat on the last show and had details on the site beginning last Wednesday.

  19. Fuckin’ fun fuckin’ show.

    Trainwreck? Sure, but that’s why we listen.

    There is a definite need to have a Stickam chat feed in the future!

    And alcohol, much alcohol!

    And I guess the fact that it was raining in Vegas to allow some of us to happen across the live show rocked!

  20. Yeah great show and fans like Troy and Eric make it that much better. I think you guys should have that french dude as a guest on the show-that call was a classic.

  21. Hi guys.

    Thanks so much for the last 200 shows!!! You guys keep me amused whilst I trudge over the moors in the UK every evening in a vain attempt to keep fit.

    Looking forward to hearing about your time in London and the guys trip to Vegas – have a blast!!

    Best regards, Ants and Claire Bear.

  22. “Tim & Michelle-Troy is your Ed McMann.”

    I am not sure what that means but I like it.

  23. Troy is just means you have to start saying, “Yes Sir!” and “That is correct, Sir.” allot when you call.

  24. I put the chances of seeing a wrap on a CityCenter building at zero point zero. That complex is MGM Mirage’s new high-end star… All the rumors point to them even selling off the Bellagio instead of making it redundant.

    You’ve never seen a wrap on Bellagio. It’s too high-class for that. Same with Wynn and Encore. And now same with Aria. They’re not wrapping that building, even though the expanse of glass begs for it.


    Now watch them make a fool of me with an Elvis Cirque show wrap.

  25. Don’t know about a wrap but a big plastic Elvis sitting astride the building would be fine ( re: The Elvis on the live podcast video feed ).

  26. How would you wrap Bellagio anyway? It is not condusive to it.
    I brought the subject up to someone who works at CDS and that is exactly what she said. Elvis wrap.
    The surface I was speaking of I believe is the north facing side of Vdara.

  27. Vegas Mate for the Iphone ! I won a free copy on the last show and I’m giving it away to the first one to post a response to this comment wanting it. My Iphone is on TMobile and I can’t use the app store. It’s like the contest is back on again……

  28. Holy crap! 200 shows already? 200 shows x ~45min is 150 hours. I started at around show 20 so that is 130+ hours of ramblings, sound-seeing tours and general drunkenness (from you and your callers) I’ve listened to about Vegas. Wow!

    Thanks for putting out a very entertaining podcast and for sticking with it for 200 shows (I can imagine how hard that could be). And thanks for putting the word “Breakfastes” into my vocabulary. I love the cringing of my “too smart for their own good” scientist coworkers when I use it.

    Unfortunately I was only able to pop into the live chat for a few minutes but it seemed like a great time. You should do it again soon.

    Congrats again on 200!
    Maryanne (solace76)

  29. Congratulations on the big 200! That’s a whole lotta shows. So, are you planning on going into syndication now? Perhaps generations to come will be listening to reruns of “Five Hundy by Midnight – Classic” over and over like I Love Lucy on TVLand.

    I can just imagine the promo: “Relive the agony again as Tim and Michelle cry over the loss of the Barbary Coast. Join the excitement over sounds of Gambling with Tim and Michelle. And, of course the hilarity ensues once again as numerous faceless drunks call and contribute absolutely nothing to the show. Good times, indeed!”

  30. The first episode I ever listened to was the one when Tim went to Vegas and Michelle wasn’t with him. He happened to mention it to start the show and the first words I ever heard Michelle say were, “Fuck you.” And I was HOOKED.

    Great job and keep it up. Here’s to another 200!!

  31. Oh Tim, are you in for a shocker. I want to be there the first time you see Zowie Bowie. It will be your only time.

    These two people are obnoxiously in love with other. As background music they are not quite as bad. They are not the music you want to hear. At least when they sing they don’t talk to each other. It really is disgusting to watch…

    Hi I’m Zowie
    Hi I’m Bowie
    I love you Zowie
    I love you Bowie
    I love you more Zowie
    I love you more than that Bowie
    You’re my little cupcake
    You’re my little cupcake with icing
    You’re my little cupcake with icing and sprinkles
    You’re my little cupcake with icing sprinkles and ice cream
    You’re my little cupcake with icing sprinkles ice cream and a cherry on top


    Do you want to sing a song Zowie
    Sure lets sing a song
    What song do you want to sing
    I don’t care what song do you want to sing sweetie pie
    No you first sweetie pie with sugar on top
    You are so sweet
    No you are so sweet
    But you are sweeter

    (on and on and on and on)

    *****back to me********

    Please don’t trust me on this because I want you to see it first hand. It is way beyond…GET A ROOM. It is disgusting It is not entertaining and it made me want to barf. It has been well over a year that I saw them. I’ll lay odds against the chance that someone has since bitch slapped them into reality. They are two very good looking kids and we can be happy they like each other. I can not think of anything else good to say about them. Nothing.

  32. So, after reading Vegas Tripping’s article on Tim… Does this mean Tim & Michelle will be on TV allot?!

  33. Tim, Michelle,

    Great show as always. Ironically I missed your live show because I was in LV. By the way. I was walking to Mr. Lucky’s for lunch at the HRC one day and noticed a sign that they were having a “casting call” for Rehab 09 on Feb 6&7. Bartenders, Waitresses, Cabana Boys etc. You had to apply in your swimwear. The stuff reality TV is made of I suspect. It didn’t say that you had to be a douchbag to apply, but I suspect it was obvious


    I am really here to catch you now that you are aloof about the Vegas sites in which you participate. We miss you. One TrustNo1 suggested you might have good input on the item below.


  34. I have only seen the show once from general public seats. I was in section 203 row O. I think any closer than that and you have to look up too much.
    Keep in mind they have high divers that dive from 30 meters. (They only do 10 meters in the Olypmics)
    With a lot of action in the water, i believe you will want to be a little above level with the action.
    Imagine a football game. Sure, it is fun to sit in the front row but you can see the plays better from higher up right?
    In case you are wondering, I normally sit in the production booth which is center but basically at ceiling level. There are 12 very comfy seats in two stadium style rows of 6 seats each. The room is behind glass, has it’s own air conditioning and I listen to the show on headphones.
    At the very beginning of the show a girl drops from the ceiling from a chandelier type thing. The production booth is above that at the point the chandelier comes to a stop.
    Once, she was in the booth chatting with her friend and five minutes later she was coming out of the ceiling. That was wierd.

  35. Tim, I’ve had a bone to pick with you for a bit now! I follow you on twitter and you said something that I can’t let go of!

    You insulted my favorite band of all time the night of your tweeting grammy night. Radiohead is not overrated! Sorry you’re stuck in the 80s! But Thom Yorke is the love of my life! His words keep me alive! FYI: there are new brit bands out there.

    and P.S. Michelle Rox it! The two of you are disgustingly cute. I would love to hit up Manolo and drool with Michelle. Her love for shoes hits my heart strings!

    Hmmm… i should’ve emailed or called this in. I think you lost this trip because you spoke bad about Thom.

  36. I got Tim’s back. Radiohead haven’t done anything good since The Bends. Everything since, to quote the late, great Phil Hartman as Frank Sinatra, sounds like pops and buzzes from here.

  37. No worries, daisy. Different people hear different things in different music. I liked Radiohead’s early albums but have found most of their recent stuff to be plodding, boring and devoid of melody. If there’s something in their music that touches you, wonderful. I just don’t think they’re worthy of the gobs of praise piled on them. Thus, my overrated comment.

    While many of the bands I enjoy became popular in the 80s, many others are relatively new bands: The Hold Steady, The Gaslight Anthem, Everybody Else, The Dollyrots, etc. Regardless, I don’t really care when they began or when their music was released. Give me a melodic hook that gets stuck in my head for days, and I’m happy.


  38. Great pictures of the Encore (check out Twitter).

    Looks like you tried the Star Trek game.

    Can’t wait for the report.


  39. Zowie Bowie was on the local news today. They won a celebrity pizza creation charity event for a pear pizza. I turned on mute after about 30 seconds.

    She has great tits. Both of them still need a good bitch slapping.

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