Five Hundy by Midnight 201: Post-Trip Deathbed Report

Las Vegas podcast #201 includes:

  • Blow Down opener
  • Las Vegas trip photos
  • Observations from the Las Vegas Strip
  • Beer pong comes to Imperial Palace
  • Ellis Island steak special
  • Carnegie Deli at Mirage
  • Sin City Brewing Co. comes to Flamingo
  • iPhone card counting application freaks out casinos
  • Listener calls about all kinds of Las Vegas stuff
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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19 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 201: Post-Trip Deathbed Report

  1. Tim-sounds like your lungs go too much of Imperial Palace-get well soon and thanks for the report. Glad you finally got to see Encore.

  2. There’s a Mayte Bar at IP?
    Is Prince an investment partner with HET on Imperial Palace?

  3. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet so forgive me if you discuss this. In the Flickr set there is a picture or two from Encore of a flower bed with a white sort of light post with a large base. If one kneels down to inspect the grid at the base, one will notice a strong flowery smells flower from that hidden duct vent.
    That is how they pipe in the smell.

  4. Dear Tim,

    I am sorry to hear your sick and all after the trip, but tell me, what was like to meet poker legend Doyle Brunson?

  5. Ok, here is a question. What is it with the horse statues in Vegas ? There is the one in Bellagio Lobby, the one at Wynn and a Stone one now that I’ve noticed on the strip. Any ideas ?

    Joyce has asked me not to saying anything about hooker thoat. But what the heck.

    Mind you I can talk, hearing voice mail back. Notes next time. I need notes.

  6. Bellagio fountain show has just finished. But they have left the middle circle ones going. Do you think someone should tell them?

  7. I think they have statures of horses out of symbolism, and because huge reproductions of phalluses are best left to Japanese fertility festivals.

  8. Oh man o man. Not only do you go home, but go home sick as a dog.

    Thanks for soldiering through and getting the show out!

  9. Will concentrate on this, too much Margarita at Love. We won two free tickets to Mesmerized today at Planet Ho but cant use them ( seeing Cher tomorrow, our last night ). As such if anyone is in Vegas or will be and want the tickets can either meet up or post tomorrow. Tickets are good to 21st May on any day but Friday. $5 charge at box office for service fee. Can either meet up tomorrow mid afternoon around planet Ho or post out tomorrow only ( leaving country after that ! ). They are free.

    Time to drunken gamble.

  10. I have a great promotion for the casinos! Help you stay out of Bankruptcy! The progressives come a little more often and are nothing more then “We will pay off your debt!” (maxing out at $50k or $100k)

    I think people would LOVE that.

    The can say, “You can stay afloat by helping us stay afloat. Play Slots!”

  11. Tim,

    You did sound like shit …. But thanks for hanging tuff.

    I see lots of pics of Encore…. but you didn’t mention on the podcast. What are your opinions on Encore? Any luck there?

  12. Norm’s Twitter comments are hilarious. I think he’s starting to figure out that he can’t write a column in there.

  13. I would not count on that. Woke up to see he had just posted another book load.

  14. Tim,

    Absinthe has been known for it’s medicinal qualities. I had a bottle of sweet, sweet relief for you, but never actually ran you down while you were here. Too bad. Hope you feel better soon.


  15. You know, Troy’s background music sounds a lot like a track from (gulp) the original “Debbie Does Dallas”.


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