Five Hundy by Midnight 203: Back to Normal

Las Vegas podcast #203 includes:

  • All-Girl Getaway opener
  • Show #202 reactions
  • Michele’s London casino report
  • Siegfried and Roy farewell
  • All the casino owners are screwed
  • Boyd Gaming tries to buy Station Casinos properties
  • Cosmopolitan construction slows
  • M Resort opens
  • Conquer The Bomb at Sahara
  • Cheap Trick rumor proves false
  • Cher tickets from
  • Listener calls about Wynn Las Vegas, MGM Grand at Foxwoods, Paris Las Vegas piano bar, San Juan casinos, Lion’s Share, Golden Nugget, Sigma Derby, steakhouses and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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13 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 203: Back to Normal

  1. Sonny & Cher. Yes I’m afraid you are correct. She does sing “I Got You Babe” with a video of Sonny.

    In fact if you like Sonny this will be a show for you as he features quite prominently in video clips sketches etc as Cher goes for one of her not quite so quick dress changes.

    Show was ok I think in hindsight. It was like watching a selection of live well produced pop videos intersped with video ( though some of the video I think was specially shot for the show ).

  2. Though out of all the shows from last trip have to say Ka stood out as the best for me. Having a narrative throughout the show really did give it the extra dimension a Cirque show needs.

    Yes, I may have been drawn over to the dark side – a Cirque Lover. Thats two now – Ka & Love. Still now sure about ‘O’ and Mystere though. To me they were just odd.

  3. In my (limited) experience, British casinos suck. They are invariably small with a small selection of table games and slots. Also they are restricted by law in what they can offer – so no Vegas style ‘comps’ etc.

    There were plans to introduce a few “super casinos” around the country but this got squashed due to politics.

    Where I live there are probably 10 casino within a 30 minuted drive but I only really go to 1 and even then I always think “this ain’t vegas”.

  4. A thing I forgot about Penn National was that they have self-serve soda stations, which was nice. I think I read they have them at M Resort too.

  5. OK i have something to say now-I agree with Darran , Ka is a great show.
    Mystere is a great deal for the price.
    I hear mixed reviews about La Reve, but I thought it was a great show.
    Amazing Jonathan is a great show I don’t hear people talk about too much-you can get cheap tickets at the Half Price places. He is really funny in person.

  6. Tim-

    MGM Grand is sending out an offer mailer about the tour you mentioned with Cheap Trick.

    Sept. 5! That’s a ways off! Did you get the offer? I will email it to you if interested.

  7. One new thing I forgot to mention ( well new to me ) was the free pull slot machines outside Casino Royale – win $100.

    Well the wife won the $100. After initial excitment realised it was for free play on a single bank on slots. To get anything out of those machines you had to reach a large amount ( can’t remember exactly – something like $2000 ) to win the $100.

    Well suffice to say we didn’t. But speaking to the poor person on the next machine, apparently she had been playing for 90 minutes on her $100 and was beginning to lose the will to live as her total kept going up and down ( nowhere near the $2000 needed though ).

  8. Haufbraühaus is pronounced Gabriel and is now one (on Mar 8). Haven’t been listening, but that is the fault of some f’n plug-in issue on my end. I still talk about you like you are a friend. Hoping to return to Vegas in Feb 2010. What happened to my beloved Star Trek? I go away for a minute…Thanks for the soundseeing tours; wish I could hear them! Grr. I hate computers.

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