Las Vegas podcast #203 includes:

  • All-Girl Getaway opener
  • Show #202 reactions
  • Michele’s London casino report
  • Siegfried and Roy farewell
  • All the casino owners are screwed
  • Boyd Gaming tries to buy Station Casinos properties
  • Cosmopolitan construction slows
  • M Resort opens
  • Conquer The Bomb at Sahara
  • Cheap Trick rumor proves false
  • Cher tickets from
  • Listener calls about Wynn Las Vegas, MGM Grand at Foxwoods, Paris Las Vegas piano bar, San Juan casinos, Lion’s Share, Golden Nugget, Sigma Derby, steakhouses and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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13 Responses to “Five Hundy by Midnight 203: Back to Normal”

  1. 1 clz

    By versus buy. 🙂

    Love the show!

  2. 2 joe sedita

    i don’t have anything to say…

  3. 3 Dave Lifton

    Here’s the direct link to the episode of my friend’s podcast that Tim was talking about.

    Thanks for the plug, Tim!

  4. 4 Darran

    Sonny & Cher. Yes I’m afraid you are correct. She does sing “I Got You Babe” with a video of Sonny.

    In fact if you like Sonny this will be a show for you as he features quite prominently in video clips sketches etc as Cher goes for one of her not quite so quick dress changes.

    Show was ok I think in hindsight. It was like watching a selection of live well produced pop videos intersped with video ( though some of the video I think was specially shot for the show ).

  5. 5 Darran

    Though out of all the shows from last trip have to say Ka stood out as the best for me. Having a narrative throughout the show really did give it the extra dimension a Cirque show needs.

    Yes, I may have been drawn over to the dark side – a Cirque Lover. Thats two now – Ka & Love. Still now sure about ‘O’ and Mystere though. To me they were just odd.

  6. 6 ChrisW

    In my (limited) experience, British casinos suck. They are invariably small with a small selection of table games and slots. Also they are restricted by law in what they can offer – so no Vegas style ‘comps’ etc.

    There were plans to introduce a few “super casinos” around the country but this got squashed due to politics.

    Where I live there are probably 10 casino within a 30 minuted drive but I only really go to 1 and even then I always think “this ain’t vegas”.

  7. 7 Brian

    A thing I forgot about Penn National was that they have self-serve soda stations, which was nice. I think I read they have them at M Resort too.

  8. 8 joe sedita

    OK i have something to say now-I agree with Darran , Ka is a great show.
    Mystere is a great deal for the price.
    I hear mixed reviews about La Reve, but I thought it was a great show.
    Amazing Jonathan is a great show I don’t hear people talk about too much-you can get cheap tickets at the Half Price places. He is really funny in person.

  9. 9 Kire

    I was made aware of these two meat related sites lately…. might be of interest to you two..

    Thanks for another good show… it was definitely better with Michelle back.

  10. 10 Chris in Las Vegas


    MGM Grand is sending out an offer mailer about the tour you mentioned with Cheap Trick.

    Sept. 5! That’s a ways off! Did you get the offer? I will email it to you if interested.

  11. 11 Tim

    I got it, but I wouldn’t make a special Vegas trip for that show.

  12. 12 Darran

    One new thing I forgot to mention ( well new to me ) was the free pull slot machines outside Casino Royale – win $100.

    Well the wife won the $100. After initial excitment realised it was for free play on a single bank on slots. To get anything out of those machines you had to reach a large amount ( can’t remember exactly – something like $2000 ) to win the $100.

    Well suffice to say we didn’t. But speaking to the poor person on the next machine, apparently she had been playing for 90 minutes on her $100 and was beginning to lose the will to live as her total kept going up and down ( nowhere near the $2000 needed though ).

  13. 13 Aileen aka Mama

    Haufbraühaus is pronounced Gabriel and is now one (on Mar 8). Haven’t been listening, but that is the fault of some f’n plug-in issue on my end. I still talk about you like you are a friend. Hoping to return to Vegas in Feb 2010. What happened to my beloved Star Trek? I go away for a minute…Thanks for the soundseeing tours; wish I could hear them! Grr. I hate computers.

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