8 thoughts on “Today’s Gambling Lesson

  1. Tim,
    That’s cool that you were able to make a video podcast on your latest trip. I had no idea you looked so much like Clint Howard, though.

    Great tip about machines that are “ripe for the pluckin'”. Nice product placement, too, hope 7-11 paid handsomely for their mention.

  2. That dude was wearing the same outfit I had on for most of my last vegas trip.

    I wonder if that Big Gulp was comped for his play at the 7-11.

  3. That is the definition of awesome. I’m pretty sure the part with the vintage machines was shot in the Gamblers museum that used to be at Tropicana. He was really whispering there probably because he was filming illegally. Is there more of those videos on youtube? Sounds like he made a series.

  4. Maybe one day they’ll come up with some sort of ticket in, ticket out system where gamblers will no longer have to handle those coin cups or dirty coins…

  5. I knew it! The “experts” always told me that these machinces operated by a random number generator. Liars!! U need to play at 2 or 3 in the morning to hit the big one. Thanks slot guy!

  6. I miss the Stardust.

    I’m certain I will lose less money on my next trip; I have been sticking five nickels in the quarter machine. Stupid me!

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