Five Hundy by Midnight 204: From Hilton to Hooters

Las Vegas podcast #204 includes:

  • The Root of All Evil opener
  • Cosmopolitan may become Denizen
  • The Light Group pursues Monte Carlo
  • Freaks opens at O’Shea’s
  • Voices replaces The Scintas at Las Vegas Hilton
  • X Men opens at Hooters
  • The Comedy Stop at Tropicana closes
  • Listener calls about Encore, Marie Osmond, Lion’s Share, Macau, Venetian, Las Vegas Hilton, Excalibur, Mystere and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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21 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 204: From Hilton to Hooters

  1. Meat Candy…not a bad way to put it.

    Just for clarification its a type of Jerky, but its not as dry.

  2. Just listened to my first podcast of your show. Really enjoyed it! Looking forward to many more!

  3. Has anyone here seen the “wrap” that’s currently on the Luxor? It just looks like long strips of white tape that’s been laid out with a tiny “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign in the middle.

    I actually thought it was adhesive for a wrap that was coming, but it’s been like this for almost a week.

    What is it?

  4. Tim-

    Thanks for the article! Now I can kind of see what it’s supposed to be. Although now it really just looks like a big target on the side of the Luxor to me.

    I wonder if someone paid them enough, if they could have ANYTHING posted on the side of the pyramid? Like, if I had enough money, could I put up a wrap that says “Criss Angel is a douche”? (counts change in pocket)

  5. I think Brian Ibbott should get drunk and call every week, whether it has anything to do with Vegas or not.

  6. OK, which is worse:

    1. The one price for all day at the Excalibur buffet

    2. The new “All for One” promotion at the IP where you get all your meals at the buffet and Teahouse included with your price.

    You do get free drinks at the IP for your stay too, but that leaves you the option of either drinking so much to make up the difference for the food you won’t eat or eating at the buffet and not being able to drink because of the food poisoning. Plus, I can get free drinks when I gamble so they are pretty much just daring you to take this deal and eat at the buffet. I think you have better odds at Casino War.

  7. At 10:00 am Friday, a fire struck the Empress Casino in Joliet which is about 25 miles SW of Chicago. According to reports, it started in a area that is currently under a $50 mil renovation. It appears that it did not hit the actual casino, rather the main entrance and restaurant/lounge areas. And more important, no reported injuries. As of typing this at 2:30 pm, I cn still see thick black smoke from my window.

  8. I hesitate to type this, as I am sure I will hear plenty for saying so, but I ate at IP’s buffet last year, and it honestly wasn’t too bad.

    Obviously not my top choice of a meal, or a buffet, but it was free and it wasn’t awful.

  9. Hey, just stumbled upon your podcast and website this week…what an awsome show, love the casual nature and of course, the topic. Listened to three or four episodes already. I love Vegas myself (and also Atlantic City)! Any, can’t believe that i hadn’t heard of your podcast before but subscribed. Looking forward to listening and even perhaps calling.

  10. One of favorite things about Five Hundy: calling the voicemail line is like putting bits of your trip into a bank, which you get to withdraw later and enjoy, one drunk-dial at a time.

    Sounds like I had a great time! (And yes, she was a model. But not a supermodel.)

    And I think I’d better re-label your phone numbers on my phone. Although those other calls not seeing the light of day might not be too bad.

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