Five Hundy by Midnight 205: All You Can Yack

Las Vegas podcast #205 includes:

  • Living Lohan opener
  • Ruffin owns Treasure Island
  • Rhumbar opens at Mirage
  • Imperial Palace offers all-inclusive stays
  • Listener calls about Star Trek Experience, Palazzo, Encore, Lion’s Share, Las Vegas Hilton, Michele’s blog, Ka, Cher, Mix, Bally’s South Tower, Lavo, casino smells, El Cortez, Monster Circus and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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47 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 205: All You Can Yack

  1. While I am sold on the show, if my friends were members of Ratt, I would not brag about it.

  2. Trying to decide which of the dogs are the ugliest.

    Boy, you two don’t want any lookers do you? 🙂

    Anyway, the blog is great, makes me want to visit London even more, but not to replace Vegas.

    The Hilton is one of our favorite casinos. We find it freindly nd generouse and the Sportsbook is outstanding.


  3. Was reading in the papers last week that all inclusive holiday packages are extremely popular in the UK at the moment. Primarily due to the weakening pound against the euro and dollar, people do not want to get caught out with food/drink etc costing more than in the past. If that is true and its someones first time to Las Vegas I can see how they might get sold on the IP deal from a British persepective.

    Have not checked yet but wonder if the deal is available on the Total Rewards site for comped nights.

    Not that we are interested I will hasten to add, we do like the variety of eating somewhere different each day of the trip.

  4. IM conversation with wife:

    Jim – “Imperial Palace – $135 for two people all in —- Room, unlimited food, unlimited drinks.”

    Wife – “what is the catch? They put you on the top floor, and then we need to take the stairs all the way down. Remember those elevators are slow or don’t work!”

  5. Great show guys.

    You couldn’t pay me enough to participate in any deal the Imperial Palace is offering.

    That place is beyond a dump. I know it’s still popular amongst those looking for a great deal but there are just way too many negatives about the hotel for me to consider staying there for more than a couple of hours.

  6. I live in Oklahoma about 2 miles from a decent sized casino, Firelake Grand. There are also a few more large new casino’s in the area, such as Riverwind in Norman OK. I will agree that there are many more shit-holes…and those are the ones with the bingo halls. Just my two cents…

    Also, came across your site recently as I was looking for information on where ‘newbies’ should go in Vegas. My fiance and I are Vegas Virgins and would like to go later on in the year. What are your suggestions? Tim, I was also equally surprised to learn that I went to high school with you! Anyways, what are your suggestions for a first timer?

  7. Tim “I haven’t heard of anybody really getting that sick from Imperial Palace Buffet”

    Now you have!

    granted, it was quite a while ago (early 90’s?). I stayed there with my sister when we were both in college and didn’t really care what our accommodations were like. we ate there one evening and went out to play. I wasn’t feeling too hot and got worse as the evening went on. I didn’t have a single drink all night but spent most of the night curled up in a ball on the bathroom floor!

    I think is was broccoli and chicken but it really could have been anything. the place is crap!

    fast forward to 2008. My mother in law gets 4 buffets comped and wants to go eat there. Keep in mind that my mother in law grades a buffet by quantity of food, not quality. she hasn’t figured out that a lot of bad food is still bad. Anyway, I didn’t want to eat there. my wife didn’t want to eat there. I offered to pay if we went anywhere else to eat. my mother in law refused not wanting to waste the comps. I go and get a few things that look digestable and take a seat. my wife comes back with lettuce on her plate. nothing else. just some salad! she said she was scared to try anything else. I picked at mine for a bit and then she and I went and got something to eat about 2 hours later while her mother was playing slots.

    I’d actually take the all you can eat at Excalibur long before I accepted free food at the IP.

  8. If FHBM wants to sponser me, I am willing to sacrifice for the show and take the Imperial Palace Challange for as long as FHBM desires.

  9. Wicked at MGM. Didn’t MGM once have something Wizard of Oz themed ? Think it was before our first visit but vaguely remember reading something about it. Of course there is still the Emerald ‘City’ colour of the building.

  10. I suggest everyone go see KA at MGM as soon as possible.
    Just saying.

  11. Lance from Kentucky said “Free tickets are good anytime right?”


    Danny Gans still sucks even if they pay you to go.

  12. One of the other reasons it has been so crowded lately is there ’cause it is spring break. We have a lot of spring breakers here. There are also a few bing conventions in town. True to there are good deals out there.

  13. No one, and especially men, should ever wear flip flops unless they are at the beach. How about dressing at least semi nicely when going out on the town.
    Have some class people.

  14. I saw a video of a guy shitting off the roof of MGM once. Will try to find that for ya’ll…

  15. Where to begin…

    Dan: Insulting a man’s dogs is the kind of dickish move that could lead a podcaster to record a series of 81-minutes shows.

    Jim: My response to your wife would be “The catch is that you have to stay and eat at Imperial Palace.”

    Grandmamma: We did a show on first-timer tips a couple years ago. It may be a little outdated, but give it a listen anyway.

    Troy: It’s not a chatroom, my friend. Consolidate.

  16. Yeah, i can’t find it right now. Basically it was video of a guy climbing onto the MGM sign on the roof of the building and dropping a duece over the side of the building. I think it was on YouTube if anyone wants to look for it.

  17. Sorry. I make comments as I listen so I don’t forget. Will do them in Word and copy paste next time.
    I will go sit in the corner and punish myself now.

  18. Tim and Michelle,

    I can’t get into Anne Geddes pictures but could you make a plug for ?

    It’s very Vegassy artwork. If you look at the work long enough, for example Tulip Butts or Butterfly, you can get a good idea of the actual painting process.

    Who knows, maybe they will have a showing in Vegas, possibly at a classy place like the Western Hotel.

  19. Darran,

    MGM did used to have a bit of a Wizard of Oz theme. they changed it a few (wow, maybe 7-10 years ago by now?).

    When it first opened, the entrance from the strip had a large lion (or tiger?) head and you actually walked through the mouth to get in. apparently this is taboo in Asian cultures as many of the Asians are superstitions and walking through a lion (or tiger) mouth is bad luck. so, they didn’t go into the hotel. they changed this almost immediately upon opening. Just one of those cultural things that still managed to make it all the way through the design phase and into construction before they realized it was a bad thing.


  20. Michael,

    Thanks for that. Really wished we started going to Vegas before we did, missed out on so much I suspect.


    You are fine. We will just think of you as the Norm ‘twitter’ Clarke of the response board.

  21. Booked the Mirage for 90 bucks a night (Thursday thru Sunday) on their site for Mid June………..

    Hate paying for rooms, but figured the location/price/pool make it a good deal

    If anyone can find it cheaper let me know or advise to a similar place around the same price

  22. Yes Video Guru. that is the one I was talking about.

    As you are a Guru, do you think that is authentic? How can someone get away with that? Wouldn’t door alarms go off? Could this be a disgruntled security guard who had access to door keys and alarm codes?

  23. Booked Pallazzo for four nights in May – comped!!

    Tim: how can you say that a statement of fact is an insult. 🙂
    They do look adorable (BTW never seen an ugly cat) but they ain’t making any dog show.

    Wasn’t the MGM show The Wiz?


  24. For those who care. I still wish I had some free offers, but shit happens.


    Found the Mirage for even cheaper

    6-18 thru 6-21 (thu thru sun) from 90 bucks a night to 65 a night using the “volcano offer”.

    I found it from this website

    But the site below had all the link to promo codes

  25. First time I went to Vegas, MGM was in full Wizard of Oz mode. My wife and I thought “The Flying Monkey Bar” was the best name ever for a casino bar.
    That was back when there was an amusement park at the MGM as well, and one of the shows on the strip featured topless ice skaters. Good times.

  26. Both times I have stayed at the IP, I have not had elevator problems because I found the hidden banks. Use those main ones and you are screwed. Walk just a little further and you are golden.

    Oh, and Luxor is now in the all-inclusive game –

    • All You Can Eat, All Day, Every Day at MORE, the Buffet*
    (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Sunday Champagne Brunch included)
    • Two tickets to CRISS ANGEL Believe™ (Tuesday through Saturday evenings-balcony level seats)*
    • Two tickets to Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition*
    • Two tickets to Bodies…The Exhibition*
    • Two Nurture Spa Day Passes*
    • Two VIP admissions to LAX (Wednesday through Saturday evenings)*
    • Two VIP admissions to CatHouse (Club closed on Tuesday evenings)*
    • Room check-in at VIP Lounge

    Price was $210 from the dates I saw.

  27. You know if the loose the Criss Angel tickets they may be able to charge more.

  28. Just watching Man V. Food, and I want to know if Tim or Michelle have even eaten the meter bratwurst?

  29. It’s not even 9 a.m. Give it some time. We usually don’t have the new show up until early afternoon.

  30. I have notes ready to go, but we may have to wait a while to record thanks to the effects of last night’s tequila.

  31. Hope Michele is planning to do a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday ( ps, more tequilla this morning should solve the problem ).

  32. So looks like you dodged hate mail on Anne Geddes. Good for you.

    I wrote a bit on why I don’t like her stuff back in 1999 (basically the point was that she is packaging and selling infancy, which is creepy,full text here:

    Ten years later, I still get mail from people telling me that I am hateful and how could I not like babies, etc.

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