Saturday Night Special: Five Hundy Live

This Saturday at 8 p.m. EDT, we’re going to record the next show or two. By popular demand, we’ll be streaming audio and doing our best to avoid distraction by any of you wackjobs in the chat room. Stock up on your favorite adult beverages and come back here on Saturday evening to be part of the fun.


16 thoughts on “Saturday Night Special: Five Hundy Live

  1. Captain Morgan or Sailor Jerry with Coke Zero has always worked well for me, but I’m not sure what my drink of choice will be on Saturday. Michele and I have both made the move to beer more often than liquor lately—Stella Artois for me, Fuller’s London Pride for her.

  2. Thanks for the advance notice. I’ll make a point to go get another bottle of Gentleman Jack as a reserve. I ran out last time around hour 4.

  3. Finally one I can listen to. However it may interfere with church.


  4. Hey! Love the show Tim and Michelle!

    Quick question, maybe for the show, I’m trying to do a weekend trip to Vegas from Minneapolis late next month or early June and I’m not seeing anything close to killer flight deals. Did I miss the boat? Where should I be looking other than Orbitz? Thanks so much!

  5. When these rare live shows happen, I always have trouble explaining to my friends why I’m not coming out to the bar with them on a Saturday night. I always get strange looks from them when I try to explain that I’ll be alone in my living room getting drunk and chatting in comic sans.

  6. Unfortunately I won’t be able to listen in on Saturday night, but on the plus side, it’s because I’ll be doing the next best thing to listening to FHBM which is, of course, actually being in Las Vegas. My dad and I are heading out this weekend for a 6 night trip, so the anticipation is definitely building.

    Speaking of which, I’ve never been into blogging or keeping a blog, but I recently set up a Twitter account and this trip I’m going to try keeping a live “trip report” of sorts during the trip. I thought I’d give it a try for friends and family who might want to know what we’re up to during the trip, and if nothing else, it will be nice to have something to look back to after the trip is over. That said, if any fellow FHBM fans might be interested in following my (low roller) gambling and dining Tweets, photos posted via TwitPic, and any other random observations, you’re welcome to follow along at .

  7. Unfortunately I won’t be able to listen live, hopefully Tim will have the tape delays version up on early Sunday morning or late Saturday night as I am taking the big dive, and then we head to Vegas for the honeymoon. Enjoy the show, its a beautiful disaster on tape delay as well so I can’t wait.

  8. Tim,

    Is there any way to archive the posts in the chat room? For those of us who won’t be able to join you tomorrow night, it would be neat if we could follow along with some of the chat room banter when playing the show back at a later time.

  9. wack jobs? whoever could you be referring to?

    I find the 3 shots of Admiral Nelson, a piece of lime, 2 ice cubes and however much diet coke will top off the glass is a nice drink for these events.

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