Streaming Show Tonight

Thanks to everyone who dropped by for tonight’s live chat and streaming shows. We’ll do it again soon.


8 Responses to “Streaming Show Tonight”

  1. 1 Stevie G

    Thanks, Tim, for properly using EDT as opposed to EST.

    Pet peeve of mine.

  2. 2 rickyd from jersey

    I so want to hear the show live and chat …. but my wive is draggingme to a bar to knock down some tequilla. Maybe I can stream on my phone.

    Peace, RickyD from Jersey

  3. 3 vegas wife

    What a drag, I showed up right at the end just in time to hear pay pal donations.

  4. 4 Darran

    vegas wife, still going on .. two shows being recorded.

  5. 5 vegas wife

    I realized it was a break between the two thanks,

  6. 6 Travis of Travis & Michelle

    Sorry I missed it…can’t wait to hear it!

  7. 7 Drambuie Man

    Vegas Wife> Quiet! Men are talking sweetie!

  8. 8 Minnetonka Grant

    Oh foo! wish I could have participated. I had to go have ‘fun’. I’m looking forward to hearing it, albeit belatedly. Did I just use the word ‘albeit’? Crap. I really need to go back to Vegas again to relax.

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