Five Hundy by Midnight 208: Doing It Live (Part I)

Las Vegas podcast #208 includes:

  • Important Things opener
  • Rehab Web site
  • Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza 2
  • Dubai and MGM make up
  • Star Trek Experience opening delayed
  • Bobby Slayton moves to Tropicana
  • Encore books headliners
  • Serendipity 3 opens at Caesars
  • Listener calls about poker, Flamingo, Encore, Sin City Bad Girls at LV Hilton, Imperial Palace love tubs and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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23 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 208: Doing It Live (Part I)

  1. Damn, I missed it! Too bad I was out having Vegasy fun instead of sitting at home dreaming of it, though. 😉

    One little request? Could you give us a little more heads up if you’re going to do this in the future please? Like maybe a note at the end of the prior show, “Coming up next time, we’re doing it live on Date X.”

    Either way, you folks rock. Listening now.

  2. Last night’s live podcast – especially participating in the chat – was a lot of fun. We only planned to listen to the first few minutes out of curiosity but ended up listening to both podcasts. You were both wonderful sports considering the (good-natured) flaming you received. Honestly, it was the next-best way to spend a Saturday night other than actually being in Vegas. Hope you do it again soon.

    Based on everyone’s joy when we saw something change on the video stream – maybe on a future trip you can take some pics (or short video clips) of the stuff you’ll end up discussing (like food and drinks, new attractions, or small interesting things you notice), then queue them up on the screen as you discuss them. I can’t imagine that it would bother listeners who download the podcast later who can’t see them, but it would provide added value to those of us who are participating live.

  3. @ Tim,

    But, you see, that would require that I actually do something and would void any opportunity that I might have to complain about not being able to participate. Damn you and your forethought and logic! 😉

  4. Can you come to my house, pour drinks for me and make sure the people we are entertaining leave before you start the show next time? 😉

    Bummed I missed it. How dare people sit in my living room, drink my alcohol and have fun when I could be chatting with you guys!

  5. Hi guys.

    Hey Tim, I can’t download episodes direct on my iPhone when I goto ‘get more episodes’ directly on the phone. Could it be that every episode shows as 35 minutes long?

    Also, the podcast takes forever to down load when I get it via iTunes.

    Brilliant podcast, and not a complaint, just wanted you to know.

    Looking forward to listening as we will be hitting Vegas in June after an 18 month break!!

  6. Lunched today at Palms. They were moving a large amount of cash across the casino floor on a dolly, evidently heading out to a Brinks truck. It always creeps me out because the guard always has his hand on his gun and finger on the trigger when they do this.

    Makes me think someone is about to do something very foolish. Also, I have to hold back from jumping those blocks of cash!! 😉

  7. What “important things” is the opener from? It is so familiar but googling it didn’t help. Thanks!

  8. So Harrah’s is trying the same Atlantic City trip (May 17-20 from MSP) on us. Our deal is $329 for the two of us, flight, ground transportation, and room; and I’m just a Platinum. Showed up in the mail today. Not going since I still work for a living. And the fact we were just in Vegas for 11 days has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. … well, maybe a little.

  9. Having participated in the last chat and missing this past one (which I listened to today), I can say that the former is definitely a much better way to experience everything.

  10. Cher closes residency on December 20th. So if you want to see those dresses now is the time.

    But who will replace her ?

  11. FYI, for anyone who is interested. Mirage has just put up Love tickets for 40% off. My fiance’ and I just got tickets for $65 a piece. Here’s the link. We’re heading out in less than three weeks and we can barely contain ourselves. Vegas, baby!

  12. Ant and Claire Bear,

    go to the iPhone internet browser, bookmark Five Hundy web site and download directly from the web page. It easier and faster.

  13. Where can I get that song “Hungover for Vegas”. Loved it and want to put it on my iphone.

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