Five Hundy by Midnight 209: Doing It Live (Part II)

Las Vegas podcast #209 includes:

  • Beverly Hills 90210 opener
  • Alcohol-fueled banter about Las Vegas and listener calls about Atlantic City, Harrah’s, Big Elvis, Mirage volcano, Imperial Palace, Price is Right at Bally’s, Snackus Maximus, Santana vs. Cheap Trick, Fremont Street entertainment, Golden Gate, Hard Rock Hotel, Star Trek slot machines, Gold Spike, The Pearl at Palms and more
  • Las Vegas is Waiting by Kevin Bowe
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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10 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 209: Doing It Live (Part II)

  1. Sorry i left the chat early but thanks for playing my calls! Arizona casinos SUCK! lol

  2. All I was saying was that Santana is an actual rock band (not faux-rock like Elton John). So if you’re looking for more rock in Vegas let’s treat this as a positive rather than indifference.

    I guess I didn’t really realize how big of Cheap Trick fan Tim was until this show. Fair enough.

  3. Tim-

    A quick nod of respect about being a die hard fan of a band. I have seen The Cure 30 times, have everything they’ve done (to the point of rare Spanish only release 45rpm singles), and know way too much about them in general. Sounds like you are similar with Cheap Trick. Although we can find ourselves defending our heroes to the point of overkill at times, I would rather be a hard core fan than a lukewarm one.

    Respect to you for proudly touting your fav! Much like Michele and certain meat products that must now go unnamed… 😉

  4. I’m loving the Tinted Windows CD. Poplicious!

    Side note: Cheap Trick isn’t even my favorite band. You should hear me get fired up about the groups I’m into even more than CT.

  5. Just finished listening to the live podcasts and again Loved em (cursing was a bit more than usual, but you do have the tag) and while listening to the podcast i kept hearing a recurring theme, smells, got me thinking what the hell is that smell outside of flamingo while walking north?? Anyways if anyone knows what it is please comment. That smell is ALWAYS there everytime I go. Love the podcast but wish it had more bargains, some of us cant afford BLT burgers or staying at the Wynn properties but still love going to vegas (got to get away from the 6 kids!!)
    cya and for the record I vote for Cheaptrick over Santana any day (a former lead singer was Greg Rolie who was also Journeys first singer)
    And Journey is my favorite band.
    post more pics of you and Michele please, and hope to see you at podcast a poloza II

  6. Back a few years ago, I spent a month staying at the Golden Gate for a shoot here in town. The guy who complained about not having a window facing the street doesn’t know it, but he got one of the better rooms in the place. I had one that was facing the street. 3 words for you, Freemont Street Experience. With speakers mounted just outside the window, and all the of the lights, I would have GLADLY traded no view for quiet in my room.

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