Las Vegas podcast #210 includes:

  • What’s With That House opener
  • Tropicana closes Paradise Tower
  • CityCenter fixes take a long time
  • Cosmopolitan drops Denizen name
  • Fountainbleau runs into money problems
  • Cher remains at Caesars
  • Listener calls about Casino Royale, Encore, Sahara, The Joint, Gold Spike, Stratosphere, MGM Grand, Nobu and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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17 Responses to “Five Hundy by Midnight 210: Everyone Wants to Get Rid of Cher”

  1. 1 joe sedita

    chris angel for ten years -what were they thinking ? nuther great show fivehundy

  2. 2 Chris from Las Vegas


    OK, you mentioned you didn’t want to talk about Perez Hilton, but if you watch The Soup from 4/24, you will find that Joel has given you a future Show Opener (watch for the Criss Angel part).

  3. 3 Tim

    I caught it. I saved the show on TiVo for that very reason. We love The Soup.

  4. 4 Drambuie Man

    The price is wrong, bitch!

  5. 5 Ken

    I can definitely confirm the quality of the stratosphere rooms. They are certainly simple aesthetically; however, they are super clean and the beds are comfortable. It’s a fantastic place to stay on a budget.

  6. 6 chris from irvine

    oh no not the trop!!!! as long as the keep the island tower open im good. hey also, im gonna be in town may 6 and 7th does anyone know where i can get a great deal on ka or zumanity? do they sell these shows at the tix for tonight place and for how much? thanks guys and gals!!!

  7. 7 Shawn from Clovis CA

    left this on the last podcast but no response, so i thought id put it here too and hopefully someone knows what Im talking about.

    Just finished listening to the live podcasts and again Loved em (cursing was a bit more than usual, but you do have the tag) and while listening to the podcast i kept hearing a recurring theme, smells, got me thinking what the hell is that smell outside of flamingo while walking north?? Anyways if anyone knows what it is please comment. That smell is ALWAYS there everytime I go. Love the podcast but wish it had more bargains, some of us cant afford BLT burgers or staying at the Wynn properties but still love going to vegas (got to get away from the 6 kids!!)
    cya and for the record I vote for Cheaptrick over Santana any day (a former lead singer was Greg Rolie who was also Journeys first singer)
    And Journey is my favorite band.
    post more pics of you and Michele please, and hope to see you at podcast a poloza II

  8. 8 donnymac

    The funky smell outside of the Flamingo is also present at the Harrahs valet, Caesars (corner of Flamingo and LVB) and down town when crossing between the 4 Queens and Golden Nugget. It has a real sewer gas type of aroma and I asume it’s fromt the poor drainage in the desert. Just my theory. Anyone really know why.

    Maybe I can find out in 4 days when I am there!

  9. 9 Randy in Whittier


    Is it wrong that I’m getting impure thoughts about the nerdy pinball chick?

  10. 10 Kevin from Cleveland

    What Randy said!

  11. 11 Tim

    Ha! I hope Kelly the P drops by and sees these comments. She’ll either be quite flattered or extremely frightened by her popularity.

  12. 12 Chris from Las Vegas

    Is this the least exciting casino promotion ever?? Driving home last night, I saw this and had to stop to capture it:

  13. 13 Michele

    I would love to know the story behind that promotion. Wow.

  14. 14 Jim from LA

    Is that promotion telling us that their bathroom sinks are horribly dirty? Or, that there guests’ mouths are horribly dirty?

  15. 15 Eric from Fuckin' Vegas

    The Suncoast is less than a mile from my house. I will stop by and find out what I can about this promo.

    As a side note, I get monthly promotions in the mail from the Gold Coast casino’s, and this doesn’t seem as out of place based on their previous promotions as one would think at first blush.

  16. 16 Chris from Santa Cruz

    Everything that Kelly the P says about Nobu is true. The food is tasty and yes, if you sit at the bar they do sneak up and surprise you…they’re like, ninja servers.

  17. 17 Kelly The Pea

    I suppose I’m flattered by the comments…that’s a happier choice. Thanks!
    Here’s the pinball hall of fame link for those looking for some pinball action.
    kelly the pea
    ps – I’m married.

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