Five Hundy by Midnight 211: Goodbye Danny Gans

Las Vegas podcast #211 includes:

  • The Soup opener
  • Danny Gans dies
  • Las Vegas headliner deals may change
  • MGM Mirage and Dubai World rekindle their romance
  • Casino Royale updates its Web site
  • Hart and Huntington Tattoo moves to Hard Rock; John Huntington Ink opens at Palms
  • Imperial Palace gets Human Nature
  • Blue Man Group ticket upgrades from Best of Vegas
  • Listener calls about Encore and Wynn; Suncoast’s latest promotion; things to love about Las Vegas; booking multiple hotels; guitar drinks at Imperial Palace; Ghostbar; swearing on the podcast; Botero; Golden Nugget upgrades; Michigan and Pennsylvania casinos; Primm and Reno casinos; and more
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21 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 211: Goodbye Danny Gans

  1. Great show this week. You handled the Danny Gans story very well. It’s a really shitty situation, regardless of anyone’s opinion of his show. We’re heading out there next week with some friends to celebrate our graduation from law school. I’m hoping that, if the Strip collectively decides, we’ll be there when they dim the lights in tribute. That’d be pretty sweet to see.

    Speaking of our trip next weekend (awkward transition), does anyone know if there are any casinos that have European Roulette (one zero) tables out on the main casino floor, as opposed to just the high roller rooms?

    Oh, and I absolutely agree with David from Lafayette. The anticipation leading up to a trip is almost as exciting as the actual trip. We’re at t-minus 6 days and it’s freaking awesome!

  2. wouldn’t Tim’s wearing of the ‘flaming shirt’ only be ironic if he were actually on fire?

    He wears it because he likes it… admit it!

  3. I like the running phone calls at the end of the show!

    Two suggestions… first, edit out the rambling. I only say this because my wife and I are going to Vegas at the end of the month and I plan to call. I give you full permission to use just a portion of my call and edit out the stupid stuff.

    Second, get rid of the BEEP! Where did you get that from, the beginning of The Rockford Files? (awesome show!) How about a winning slot machine sound effect instead? Or the sound of a porn slapper? The possibilities are endless!

  4. About my call…Encore/Wynn “complaints”…I torture myself by reading, and if you read those there are several complaints about the walk and the pool, I know not everyone reads that site and I don’t recommend it by any means because 9 times out of ten they are LVS people trying to knock places down who have never even stayed at places. I’m sorry but the solution to every problem can’t be “At Venetian I got better service” but I digress.

    The running of the calls at the end was great. I’ll probably be calling in this weekend from the strip.

  5. Pretty sure the new food court at Casino Royale is gonna be behind the casino in what used to be that single story parking lot. There is currently construction there with piping that looks like what you would expect at a restaurant.

  6. I concur, you guys both handled the Danny Gans situatioin professionally. As far as playing the calls that you didnt really have a comment for at the end, i feel that is fine but what I didn’t like was that dang LOUD beep between the calls, if you could somehow get rid of that I would have no problems at all with the new format, and I also believe that you are correct about the guitar drinks, it is outside of Imperial Palace not inside.

  7. I thought about commenting on the shitty beep… then as I listened to the phone calls, I worried that they would run together so much that you wouldn’t know who was saying what.

    (lots of work for Tim) You could edit out the beep and add an unusual noise (maybe a Santana Guitar lick or something) to announce to the listener, it ain’t the same person talking. Nah, it would be easier to just say “And now a call from Jim in Tulsa”

  8. Please, please please, PLEASE get rid of that loud beep between calls. It absolutely kills any Las Vegas mojo one may have going while listening to this great show.

    Please, please, please?

  9. As im sure you figured it is Hart and Huntington. I heard P!nk say on some show that cory and her were never divorced officially so they are still legally married?. Like I said before good new format but that beep not sure what you can do with it.

  10. Love the new format. It’s like a firestorm of Vegas calls hitting you all at once. Just adds to the energy. I suggest replace the beep with a one-second slot machine sound. You know that clinging sound when you win? That would work great. Or something similar.

  11. Has anyone heard Little Bribes by Death Cab for Cutie? It is a Vegasie song that came out about a month ago….Sorry if this has already been mentioned.

  12. If you could rip the slot machine sound from the beginning of the Katy Perry video posted the other day that would work in place of the beep just great.

  13. suggestion #1: instead of a beep, how about the sound of a phone ringing and someone saying ‘Yello’

    suggestion #2: add the beep to the comments area so when I hit submit, I hear the beep signalling me to move on to something else.

    on second thought, one of these ideas is really dumb; don’t use that one.

  14. What Mark said…rip that sound from the Katy Perry video. That’s perfect.

  15. Fun Fact: Everyones favorite slot machine makes a cameo in Vegas Vacation as the Griswold’s walk thru MGM on there way to the KENO area….fun stuff…the jackpot was 1.4mill at the time….

  16. I’m not a huge fan of the calls at the end of the episode, but that’s just my opinion. Maybe it was the beeps. What I miss is Tim’s great (and sometimes hilariously awkward) segues between calls. It’s one of the highlights of the show for me. But that’s just my $0.02.

    I have, however, enjoyed the MST3K-like commentary/callbacks Tim & Michelle have added to some of the calls (most notably during the live podcast/fuckapalooza).

  17. Just listened to that Death Cab for Cutie song. I think it’s awesome! Thanks!

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