Five Hundy by Midnight 212: Drink Up

Las Vegas podcast #212 includes:

  • Awesome Adventures opener
  • Monte Carlo teases Hotel 32
  • Future of Barney’s at Palazzo in question
  • Encore adds more shows
  • Menopause may return to Las Vegas
  • Casino Royale expands
  • Planet Hollywood, Hooters, O’Shea’s and Mandalay Bay want you to drink
  • Listener calls about Las Vegas in music videos, skanks at Wynn, Sin City Brewing Co., Bally’s, Bellagio, Penn and Teller, free shuttles, Vegas cabbies, Sterling Brunch and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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12 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 212: Drink Up

  1. Why do I get the feeling the girls at the candle sales convention make Susan Boyle look attractive.

  2. According to Wikipedia (the OFFICIAL “Jefferson Starship” website was down), the following are part of the current touring band:

    Cathy Richardson – vocals, guitar, harmonica
    David Freiberg – vocals, guitar
    Paul Kantner – guitar, banjo, vocals
    Mark “Slick” Aguilar – lead guitar
    Chris Smith – keyboards, synthesizer bass
    Donny Baldwin – drums, percussion, backing vocals

    Guests (who may or may not perform on Fremont):

    Marty Balin – vocals, guitar
    Diana Mangano – vocals
    Darby Gould – vocals
    John Ferenzik – keyboards
    Tony Morley – drums

    …I know that Grace Slick retired years ago and said she’d never appear onstage again (she said something like there’s nothing more pathetic than geriatrics hobbling up on stage). As for the percentage of original vs. fill-ins, I have no idea how JS is going to get around that…

  3. Regarding Dixie’s DAM Bar: I recall reading when Hooters opened that NFL legend Dan Marino owned the two restaurants that weren’t branded Hooters, and his initials are D.A.M., which he always puts in the restaurant name.

  4. Re: the Pontiac Fiero: for its debut, the booth babes at the car shows would strip off the body panels to demonstrate the Fiero’s innovative use of bolt-on fiberglass body parts. This led to the widespread belief that Fieros would be easy prey for chop shops. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) the chop shops really weren’t all that interested in a crappy plastic Pontiac.

  5. My top 5 music acts that could pull off an extended stay in Vegas like Celine, Elton, etc. List is compiled on the basis of wide fan base, large song catelog, longevity, and showmanship. (This list does not necessarily reflect my musical taste…however…I do like most on the list)

    1. Madonna

    2. Dave Matthews Band

    3. Eric Clapton

    4. Lionel Richie

    5. Michael Jackson

    …talk amonst yourselves…discuss

    DISCLAIMER: I don’t think any of the above artists would consider such an engagement anyway. This is purely a “fantasy list”

  6. Four comments:

    1) Virgin America is the shit. I will now drive the extra 45 minutes to SFO to fly VA. It’s the limo plane! Dark, changing colors, a good buzz when you land at LAS, what more can you ask for?

    2) Ow ow ow ow. The slot machine noises are great but they blow out my ears. The voices on the calls requires a certain volume level, followed by high, sharp coin clanging. Please turn down the volume on the coin noises between calls. They don’t need to be that loud. (Or am I just getting old?)

    3) You need at least two more slot noises. You know, toss it up a bit.

    4) So for two years I’ve come to expect the ending music to be the end of the show. Now you use the same music twice. Please consider using a different piece of music for the end of your commentary and another for the end of the show. Yeah, some of us are Pavlovian and easily confused…

    – C

  7. Free Shuttle.

    A little trick, getting back from the Rio to the strip. After the shows come out we found the line for the shuttle was loooooooooong.

    Simplest and quickest solution we found was to just cross the road to the Gold coast and use their one instead. No line!

  8. My Wife and I always end up next to odd eaters at Vegas Eateries. Here is a short list of my favorites

    1. French High Roller and his wife making googily faces at each other all night at SW Steakhouse

    2. Southern Red Necks rocking lock sleeve Harley and Bud T Shirts in Daniel Bolud

    3. Asain family dining at Botero while the mother held and infant the whole meal…literally the whole meal

    there are more I just figured I would keep it quick

  9. Yes you have discussed the demize of Airplane. Jefferson Airplane was so cool and then it went all downhill…nuther cool show guys-Tim did you get my ‘Cold Beer’ ? Thanks for all the support to you all.

  10. Hopin that the fellow podcast fans can help me out. I’m flyin out to Vegas on the 18th. The plane lands at 10am. The woman isn’t getting there until 5 pm on the 19th. So I basically have a day and a half to cause a little trouble on my own. I need suggestions as to what might be fun to do out there solo for a day. I’m gonna play in a poker tourney or two, but OTHER than gambling. Any suggestions??

  11. For those who have enjoyed the Blue Man Group at Venetian/Luxor. Just a quick mini review on the Rock Star tour we went to last night. Sufficiently different from the stage show to warrant going to. The only bit which seemed torn out of the Vegas show was the gumball routine.

    Good to have the vocals on the songs by ‘guest’ singers, added another dimension to the music. The whole crowd were up for it and following the ‘Rock Star Movements’ ( though perhaps not so much on the behind the head leg stretch ). A little short for a concert ( no warm up and concert was only 90 minutes ).

    Music and sketches were split 50/50. Best bit …. the gas chamber for over enthusiastic lead guitarists.

    Definatly recommended.

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