Five Hundy by Midnight 213: Tassels and Merkins

Las Vegas podcast #213 includes:

  • FBI Files opener
  • It’s official: Menopause is back, Smokey Robinson presents Human Nature at Imperial Palace and Holly Madison joins Peepshow
  • The Comedy Festival gets canned
  • Excalibur offers strip poker tournaments, sort of
  • MGM Grand and Stratosphere offer all-day buffet passes
  • Cirque du Soleil $25 second ticket promotion
  • Listener calls about Casino Royale parking, Blue Man Group, M Resort, O, Las Vegas douchebaggery and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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24 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 213: Tassels and Merkins

  1. I need to book LOVE tickets ahead of my 6/7-6/11 trip. Is there somewhere I can do it that throws some money FHBM’s way? Short of that, where does one turn to not pay full price, a la the Mirage website?

    Can a brotha get a deal?

  2. This is a very, very grave situation. Cut rate vegas strip hotel, bikini show, plus hold-em means we will reach douche-bag critical mass.

  3. El in AZ: The link in this week’s show notes takes you to the best deal currently running. Buy the first ticket, get the second one for $25. And of course, sponsors some episodes of the podcast, so we’re always happy when listeners throw some business their way.

  4. Remember that feeling you got the first time you walked into the Bellagio when it first opened? That’s the same feeling I got when I first entered the “M” Resort.

  5. Most Stripper-worthy skankorama places in Vegas right now? Palms and Hard Rock Cafe.

  6. I called for the $25 deal today and got shut out of my date for later next week. If you try this promo, book WELL in advance if you can. Even though it didn’t work for me, thanks for the tip!

    Next, I’ll try the $20 trick at the Bellagio when I get there.

  7. Excal is an all-PokerPro electronic tables room, so this is an attempt to draw in people who would otherwise be with the youngins and eye candy across the street at MGM, where the action is remarkably better.

    This reminds me of sexy blackjack and other such things meant to entice people to forget the 6:5 payout. I look for 3:2 regardless of the looks of the dealer, much like I look for loose, stupid poker players rather than strippers in the poker room.

  8. Way back in episode 116 you two schooled me on the merkin after I called in with a report on Crazy Horse at MGM.

  9. The award-winning Merkin Concert Hall can be rented as a fully equipped performance space … (snort!)

  10. Tim, thanks for the tip on the Cirque buy one, get a second for $25 deal.

    Like Bob, I was initially shut out of my target dates, but after 17 minutes on the phone with an incredibly helpful and cheerful lady, I had some success. At first she offered two seats in the same section, but not together. The reservation system wouldn’t let her book them that way though. After awhile on hold, she came back and sold me a pair of seats (together) in Section 206… At the sale price! I’m psyched to take my wife to this show a buddy and I enjoyed a year ago.

    Thanks again for the tip!

  11. Santana on Idol…now he’s really a big deal and ready for the Hard Rock!

  12. The thing about Santana that you seem to be missing is that he is regarded as one of the best guitarists in the world and other great musicians will often show up to guest star with him. Last time I saw Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bonnie Ratte, and Tito Puente all came up on stage and played with him – then he had all of them play together with his band for the second set. I have heard of Eric Clapton, Aretha Franklin, John Lee Hooker, Clarence Clemons, Phish, Everlast, Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, Dave Matthews, Steven Tyler, Kirk Hammett, Sean Paul, Sheila E, Gloria Estefan, and Mickey Heart all showing up unexpectedly to play with him. The bottom line is that your not sure what your going to see – only that it will be an amazing show.

  13. Mrs. Troy in Las Vegas went to see Santana last night. She said it was awesome.

  14. Hey, in regards to the Cirque deal:

    the dates my wife and I will be in Vegas were coming up as sold out on the site. Like Eli, I called and was able to book the tickets (with the special).

    Thanks Tim!

  15. To El and Anthony,

    If you left your tickets at Will-Call get there early and be prepared to wait a long time. Believe it or not, I’ve had to wait up to an hour. An hour in vegas in line is like 3 days in the real world.

    They have an old fashioned system, they find your reservation then PHONE (yes phone) the vendor that sold your tickets to make sure your credit card transaction was in good standing, then they issue your tickets. Plus this is one of the most comped (bc it is so good) shows in town so those people show up. Ive had good luck getting to the box office 20 minutes ahead of time, but otherwise I’ve always had to wait.

    Just sayin’

  16. Hey Al,

    Thanks for the head’s up. Anyone know if its possible to pick up at will call early in the day? I booked Love, btw. Not sure if we are all talking about the same show.

  17. Hey Anth,

    I’m talking about LOVE. Sorry for not being clear about that. The box office is open at 10 am… But like I said, the way they issue tickets is so crazy… I’ve seen the Love show four times and always picked up will call, mostly because my trips to vegas are spur of the moment. Even if the line looks short it will be a wait, the average transaction time is about 8 minutes. Its worse then the DMV. I recommend getting there at about 9:30 if you want it fast. If not, tag team the line, one in your party hits the e-bay slot (just to your left) while the other waits. The people that work in the box office are really nice and its definitely worth asking if you can get an upgraded seat. But, because they deal with one billion vendors its a bit like a commodities pit at the box office, so go knowing that and it won’t be such a bummer. Love is fantastic, and I like to get there about a half hour early to socialize with the other people in the audience and enjoy their amazing drinks. This show, hands down has the most impressive concession service. They serve 32 oz cocktails. Nuff said.

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