Five Hundy by Midnight 214: Go-Go Dancer

Las Vegas podcast #214 includes:

  • Melrose Place opener
  • Caesars almost gives away some sweet suites
  • Questioning Fountainebleau’s future
  • New craps record
  • Mirage hires Jeff Beacher
  • Crazy Horse Paris features Carmen Electra
  • Listener calls about wrapping the banana at Qua, FAO Schwartz, The Palm at Caesars, Vegas Club and Plaza, Pinball Hall of Fame, Bellagio, Rainforest Cafe at MGM Grand, The Rat Pack is Back, Mirage issues, El Cortez and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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25 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 214: Go-Go Dancer

  1. I’m fine with cutting lines at buffets, shows etc. This was a friggin’ poker room. Somehow it didn’t seem right. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I was at the top of the waiting list for 20 minutes before I was bumped. I did cash at two tourneys at the Flamingo and did well in a cash game and was coming back for more when they pissed me off at the desk.

    Anyhoo, be sure to sit at the bar or the higher tables with bar stools to take advantage of the happy hour prices at Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba. We sat at a table and were charged full price.

  2. @Meredith – I saw the ‘Rat Pack is Back’ last December, and called in with a review on episode #197 (Michelle made fun of me for “manipulating the knobs, searching for the showers G-spot” at THEHotel lol).
    I LOVED the show, and I’m going to see it a second time this coming weekend actually. It did a good job of making me feel like I was back in the 60’s, watching a vintage vegas lounge act.
    Their Dino wasn’t bad, but I would say that the Sinatra impersonator is easily the strongest of the four. I don’t want to dissuade you, it’s a fantastic show and I really think you’ll enjoy it.

    There are other Dean Martin tribute acts in vegas, but I have not seen them ye

  3. Thanks for another great show. I love the new format with the drunk dials at the end. 🙂

  4. Re: “staycation” vs. “holistay”: I gotta go with staycation. I have loved that term ever since I heard it used in a 2005 episode of the Canadian show “Corner Gas” (one of the best sitcoms ever, IMHO).

  5. Is it true that Harrah’s is now reserving 1/4 of their Women’s rest rooms stalls for their female Diamond Card holders? : )

  6. The word I got at the Pinball Hall of Fame is that they are moving close by to the Liberace museum, not into the same space.

    The Liberace museum is not closing down.

    It does face dwindling attendance, though. The director recently stepped down. The Liberace foundation give hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to music students every year, and the collection is worth a look it would be a shame for them to close.

    Check it out sometime when you’re there, buy a souvenir, support a worthwhile cause and enjoy some old Vegas at the same time.

    Also, I saw MGM Crazy Horse Paris when it was Le Femme, and the show was really good. Real dancer bodies and real dancing. Some hot stuff in the show.

    I forgot to mention that Lloyd at Burger Bar in Mandalay Bay still kicks ass. His beer list is just great. I had a dunkel heffeweiss which went great with my burger and fried jalapeno pickles.

  7. I agree with Tom in SoCal about the Rat Pack show; I saw it in April. The Dean Martin was good but not great. The Frank Sinatra was very good. I found the Joey Bishop character to be really funny; corny like in the old shows but with some modern references mixed in. The Sammy Davis Jr. was also good but not great. They did tend to interrupt one another just like in the video clips I’ve seen and seemed to genuinely make each other crack up, so that made the show seem authentic.
    One thing I recommend is earplugs… we were in pain from the amplified (but very capable) band. They must assume the audience is getting up in years and can’t hear very well! Oh, and we kicked in an extra $10 each at the door, to get a private booth… didn’t want to have neck cramps from the awkward seating arrangement of the tables.

  8. The Rat Pack is Back is a great show.
    Have seen it a half dozen times. Go see it.
    If I am not mistaken, the guy who plays Frank made it far along in the tv contest show “The Next Best Thing”

    Las Vegas airport- Why would anyone think everything would be open 24 hours there? The ticket gates are not open 24 hours. I was there recently wandering around at 3:30 am for my flight out and it is all quiet and closed down.

    How do the air conditioning systems know when people leave the room?

  9. Definitely thumbs up on The Rat Pack is Back.

    Everyone who hasn’t seen this gem needs to do so next time they’re out in Vegas.

  10. A coworker who is coming to Vegas with us in the Fall said they wanted to see the Lion King but it has been canceled (mid/late Sept) is this true, any speculation on what will fill the space?

  11. Your coworker is full of shit.

    Lion King just opened. It hasn’t had time to fail yet. Tickets for all of September are available via Ticketmaster.

  12. I wasn’t shocked that McCarran closed down – only how early it closed – 9:30 on a Friday night ? There were still a fair amount of people coming and going at that time. I expected the food courts and Starbucks to close around 9-10pm but the bar ? I seem to remember them being open later in previous years and I was told (by one of the poor Southwest flunkies) that it was a direct response to the slowdown in traffic that the airport is experiencing.

    To answers Tory’s question – the slot machines are open and staffed 24 hours a day or so I was told by a very board slot attendant at 11 pm, so there is always someone in there ie no need for the ac system to know when people leave the room.

    As for the Rat Pack is Back – I loved it and what’s more, my buddy who wasn’t really a fan of the Rat Pack enjoyed the show as well. Of course we were the youngest people in the audience and I’m 40.

  13. Oh my god! I think I dated Michele long ago. How else would she know my very sucessful pick-up line: “There’s the pole.”

  14. “To answers Tory’s question – the slot machines are open and staffed 24 hours a day or so I was told by a very board slot attendant at 11 pm, so there is always someone in there ie no need for the ac system to know when people leave the room. ”

    The A/C question was in reference to the caller who was saying the A/C turned itself off whenever they left their hotel room. (I.P. I think he said.)

  15. For Troy in Las Vegas

    Yes, the A/C in the Mirage will shut itself off when you leave the room. I have stayed at the Mirage twice this year and have mild temp rooms. This is in the remodeled rooms only. It uses sensor technology to know if you are in the room or not. I have no idea how it works while you are asleep. Stupid idea.

  16. Disclaimer: I am a geek.

    It probably figures out if you’re in the room or not via an infrared sensor somewhere in the room, probably in the main room near the bed. Look for a small white thing mounted on the wall somewhere. You can probably trick it into thinking someone is in the room by moving a lamp next to the sensor and leaving it on. Your average 60 watt bulb will put out enough heat to trick the sensor.

  17. Your kidding,

    Does a large breasted dippy blonde come with the room.

    We saw the Rat pack at Rama last year. The Sinatra and Bishop are great. Martin and Davis not so.

    I found the Martin character hurtfull.

    Have you tried Ricky Martin (the son) in concert? I listened to an interview with him on thestrippodcast and he sounded like fun.

  18. Is it me, or is the Bellagio not what it used to be? Seems like it needs an interior facelift. I think a caller mentioned something like this…I agree. If you spend 1.5 billion on a property, at least change the felts on the gaming tables.

  19. There was also some type of error on the Harrah’s website for Harrah’s rooms a few weeks back. We already had comped rooms for 5 nights in October. I usually check frequently to see if anything better comes up comped because these are usually just normal rooms. Anyhow, for a couple of days all of the suites came up comped. I was able to cancel my original rooms and book a Deluxe Executive Suite comped for 5 nights. This was several weeks ago and at this time I still have the suite showing up in my reservations. I figure the worse that could happen is that they bump us back to our original rooms. There were also quite a few threads on this and the Caesars error on the message boards. Seems like a lot of people tookadvantage of the situation. I don’t remember seeing the suites ever even show up in the online reservation system before now.

    And Harrah’s also has that air conditioning sensor thing which I HATE.

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