PH Towers: The Montecito’s Magic Returns

One of the few things I miss about the TV series “Las Vegas” is seeing where The Montecito would appear on The Strip each week. From season to season, episode to episode and sometimes even scene to scene, the hotel’s location varied. Although many of the exterior shots placed The Montecito on the south end of Las Vegas Blvd., shots from Big Ed’s office placed the resort across the street from The Venetian and Harrah’s.

Well, the magic of The Montecito is returning in the form of PH Towers. This new hotel/timeshare sister resort of Planet Hollywood is scheduled to open in November. While I’m anxious to check out the suites, the Celebrity Buffet and the pool area, the most impressive feature is PH Towers’ defiance of the laws of both space and time.

For almost three years, construction of PH Towers has taken place on land behind Planet Ho. On the resort’s Web site, both a map and a room photo showing Bellagio and Caesars across the street confirm this location.

Additional photos on the site, however, indicate some of the resort’s rooms are located just north and south of The Venetian. These rooms include not only fantastic views of The Strip, but apparently views from at least three years ago. Do you miss Stardust (RIP 2006) and New Frontier (RIP 2007)? Thanks to PH Towers, they’re back.

Few details about the Anywhere/Anytime Strip Suites have emerged, so I’m not sure what other views are available. Michele is hoping for a room overlooking the rotating shoe at The Silver Slipper, while I’d just like to see the “Future Home of Countryland U.S.A.” marquee one more time.


14 thoughts on “PH Towers: The Montecito’s Magic Returns

  1. I’m surprised that they aren’t offering any rooms with a view overlooking the Aladdin…maybe the Boardwalk is available.

  2. Shouldn’t the Palazzo and the Wynn\Encore be in the Venetion photo instead of the Stardust?

    What is that between them?


  3. The constantly changing location of the hotel in “Las Vegas” used to drive me nuts (and CSI is just as guilty of it as well…). Glad to know I’m not alone in noticing these things. Great post!

  4. Actually, I’m wishing I didn’t suck at photoshop, cause I’d love to stick the old Harrah’s Riverboat facade in one of those windows.

  5. i’d like a room with a view of barbary coast, stratosphere, and the sands. vegas magic!

  6. Has anyone else heard steve wynn had lunch with Garth Brooks? Remember since Mr. Ganes passed he does have an empty showroom available

  7. Just a relatively tiny note on the topic of the “Las Vegas” TV series… During the opening sequence, watch the dice throw at the craps table. Have a look at the edges/corners of the dice on that are thrown (they go to an extreme closeup).

    Anyone who has thrown dice in modern day Las Vegas has never had the stickman send him or her a set of dice with edges like that. They real ones are in fact are quite sharp on the edges.


  8. That funny! I thought you were kidding when I saw those pictures but I followed the link and saw the great views for myself. They’ll be able to charge a high premium for those views.

    Great stuff. Just found your site and like it.

    Thanks for the laugh

  9. The PH Towers By Westgate is a new Las Vegas hotel that is gaining popularity by the minute. This hotel consists of two towers that are the neighbor of the Planet Hollywood Resort And Casino.Cant wait to see what the future holds for this hotel.

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