Las Vegas podcast #215 includes:

  • Bad Girls Club opener
  • Review of The Hangover
  • Treasure Island brings back Gilley’s
  • Trader Vic’s closes
  • Tropicana’s new owners spend $100 million
  • Riviera hires Charo
  • Palms opens Barbie Suite
  • O’Shea’s gets Mental
  • Cirque du Soleil tickets from
  • Listener calls about Las Vegas burgers, confusion at Hooters, Lion’s Share at MGM Grand, celebrity sighting at Sapphire’s and more
  • Hungover for Vegas by Joe Sedita
  • Non-Vegas podcasting fun from Tim and Michele at Dyslexic Heart
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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25 Responses to “Five Hundy by Midnight 215: The Hangover”

  1. 1 Tim

    I just found out about this contest for Dinner in the Sky and Vinnie Favorito tickets and thought I’d post it here for anyone interested:

    If any of our listeners win, I expect a voice mail message from Dinner in the Sky.

  2. 2 Terry in SJ

    Hey five Hundy !

    I got lucky with vegas this weekend with below 82 degrees weather. If anybody cares I won $46 from the lions share machine. A paypal donation is on the way to five Hundy. Encore was cool. Switch is cool to watch the food ok.


  3. 3 Dan fron north of Toronto

    You neglected to mention that the purchaser of the Trop is a Canadian so soon to be opened is a Tim Horton’s and a poutine restaurant with Beaver Tails on the side.


  4. 4 Terry in San Jose

    Good timing for me! Listening to the podcast while still having my Vegas hangover and hearing my call. Awesome. Hope to do it soon!

  5. 5 BC

    Went to see “The Hangover” last night based on your recommendations. Great movie! Funny stuff and the plot really kept you guessing. Maybe you two could do a movie review podcast on the side (not to mention Dyslexic Heart).

  6. 6 Brian

    I was going to see The Hangover on Monday regardless, but the podcast amped me up even more. Wow. Just wow. I really can’t put into words how funny that was. I did anyway –

  7. 7 Troy in Las Vegas

    According to Tabloid Baby, Danny Gans shows up in Hangover.

    True that “Mental” is perhaps not the best name for a show BUT Luke Jermay is one of the top mentalists in the world. The show should be awesome and from what I have heard in the few days it has been open, it is. Will let you know.

  8. 8 chrisW

    Luke Jermay is on twitter (unsuprisingly)

    Also he has posted a few photos of his adverts at O’Sheas

    My favourite is:

  9. 9 shawn martin

    just got this from Yahoo! about Danny Gans, thought i would pass it on

  10. 10 Tim

    It’s on. Stay tuned for this story to get way more attention from us than it deserves.

  11. 11 Chris from Boston

    Hey guys – long time listener, first time commenter. We’re heading out to Vegas at the end of the month and the podcasts have been massively helpful and entertaining in planning. Two things:

    1) Does anybody have recommendations for good magic shows (other than Penn & Teller)?

    2) Since you guys are such fans of MEAT I had to pass word that Pampas Grill (Brazilian rodizio place in PH) has a “$40 off for dads all through June” coupon on their website. Pretty sure they have no way to confirm whether a guy is really a dad or not so hey, great deal. What can go wrong with endless skewers of meat?

  12. 12 Ken

    Went to see the hangover last night. I’d recommend it to those who enjoy laughing, las vegas, or both.

  13. 13 Tim

    1. Troy is probably the best person to chime in about magicians. He loves that shit.
    2. Mmmm. Meat.

  14. 14 Tim

    Wire Image has a page set up in advance of tomorrow’s Cheap Trick press conference at Las Vegas Hilton, confirming they’re doing the Sgt. Pepper’s thing. I’m surprised by the timing of this, as the band is on tour for most of the summer.

  15. 15 Darran


    If David Copperfield is playing at the MGM whilst you are there, would definatly recommend him.

    Lance Burton seemed, to us, to cater more for the family audience.

    Of course if you want to see pure magic, Santana is your man.

  16. 16 Darran

    As for Steve Wyrick. Well its been a few years now when we saw him. When we did, the show might have been ok if it was not for the bad atmosphere in the showroom – which made the dancers etc just seem plain cheesy.

    Suffice to say the audience was made up of approx 50 people, of which about half must have been locals & their children who were granted free access to the showroom so that they can eat their McDonalds ( cheesy in a different way ).

  17. 17 Troy in Las Vegas

    Mac King. Outstanding entertainment for a very fair price.
    If money is no object- Copperfield.
    Gerry McCambridge does a killer mentalism show and tickets can be had for free from his website.

  18. 18 Tim

    Cheap Trick is doing nine Sgt. Pepper Live shows at LV Hilton in September. Tix are $65. I wish they would add some shows in mid-October when I’ll actually be there.

  19. 19 Jeff

    I would 2nd Troy’s recommendation of Mac King.

    I have seen him twice and a third time when he had a guest magician while he was on vacation. Each show was great … definitely family friendly.

    If you do see Mac, you will never think of Fig Newtons the same way again!

  20. 20 Michael

    Tim, did you say you saw or heard Cheap Trick do the Sgt Pepper’s show before? If so, how was it? I may have to schedule a trip to coincide with their shows. Or they are just doing a regular tour stop with Def Leppard and Poison at MGM on 9/5. Already seeing them in Atlanta in Aug. but would be a fun to mix it with a Vegas trip.

  21. 21 Adam from Angelo

    Is there a list of the best “five hundy” approved bars? If not, there should be one.

  22. 22 Tim

    Any bar without a dress code is approved.

  23. 23 Darran

    A naked code then ? Moving on from Michele’s strip poker question , what bar would you frequent if there was a naked code ?

    Presumably one with warm stools ?

    Back from watching “Hangover”, yup good film. Best sequence being the police instructional class.

    Suprisingly full screening. All the more embarissing then when myself and Joyce are laughing when nobody else was, at some little Vegas in jokes between ourselves. Oh well.

  24. 24 John

    Loved The Hangover. Police scene is great definitely, EVERY scene in the movie worked, the jaded doctor at the hospital — loved how he seemed to enhoy dragging out the delivery of the medical report on the Phil character, checking to to see if there was any evidence of rape.

    One quick line just CRACKS me up though. Stu ( the dentist ) is standing by the window in the Villa at Caesars Palace telling her lies about meeting the proprietor of the winery in Napa whose name is ” Cesare Palacche.” His delivery of that line is pitch perfect. It’s the kind of joke where the timing has to be right.

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