Five Hundy by Midnight 216: They Just Seem a Little Weird

Las Vegas podcast #216 includes:

  • Iron Sheik opener
  • Wynn’s Web site sucks
  • Fontainebleau files for bankruptcy
  • Cause of Danny Gans’ death revealed
  • Garth Brooks rumors heat up
  • Mel B leaves Peepshow
  • Planet Hollywood announces Pink’s
  • Cheap Trick announces Las Vegas Hilton show
  • Dateline NBC takes on Las Vegas
  • Listener calls about The Rat Pack is Back, Mon Ami Gabi breakfast, Star Trek Experience, booking cabanas, gambling in Tunica, Mirage volcano, Gold Spike and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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12 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 216: They Just Seem a Little Weird

  1. Yay! Venetian charged me TWICE for my suite. So now I get to waste my lunch hour tomorrow calling their accounts receivable dept. Good times.

  2. Hello Tim & Michelle,

    Thanks once again for the great podcast. Just wanted to comment on the call you guys had in the beginning re: the individual who had issues using their debit card to check into the Venetian.

    People may want to think twice before using a debit card to check into a hotel. I’ve heard some hotels put a hold on your funds for deposit purposes and sometimes don’t release them until after you have checked out.

    Thanks again for the great podcast!

  3. Tim,

    To fuel your Spice Girls fetish with a “where are they now” seeing as you had not heard about her in a while. Emma is currently doing a ‘feel good songs’ Saturday afternoon show on our local radio station! Yep, we were suprised to hear her voice when tuning in on our way to the cinema.

  4. Debit Cards:

    Also in the case of some rental car companies, if you use a debit card they check your credit score before they will rent you a car, in addition to the huge hold many companies put on your debit card, always use a Credit Card for the holds at places like hotels and rental cards. Then switch over to the debit

  5. I found a way to newter Wynn’s site so you don’t get annoyed with music… you’ll still get annoyed other ways 😉

    I use firefox with Ad Blocker Plus and added* to the list of blocked stuff. So my browser won’t load any audio from the wynn site. I’d rather approve sound if there is something I really want to hear from him.


  6. When people know that they are busted…why don’t they just tell Chris Hanson to fuck off when he asks them to sit down? They act like what they say to him will help set them free.

  7. Thanks Tim! I am currently backpacking Europe and needing things to listen to while on trains.

  8. hey guys great show-i am in nyc till july 10th -diggin it, no vegas till jan-see ya hungover for nyc joe

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