4 Responses to “Liveblogging Dateline NBC: Vegas Undercover”

  1. 1 Terry in SJ

    ROTFL!!!! Thanks everybody! Keep this in mind next time you play Ho not a Ho game in Vegas! Or even Pimp not a Pimp game.

  2. 2 AC

    Did anyone notice in the beginning they showed the Hooker/under cover officer with no protection (blur) over her head. The later in the show she had the blur…..Someone getting fired!

  3. 3 Drambuie Man

    No mention of the creepy guy in front of Bally’s asking hookers where “Countryland USA” is at 5am?

  4. 4 BC

    I thought Michele’s “Boom. Roasted.” at 9:54 was the funniest comment of the night.

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