Five Hundy by Midnight 217: Tiger-Based Magic

Las Vegas podcast #217 includes:

  • Big Bang Theory opener
  • Dateline NBC was a yawner
  • Fontainebleau gets visitors
  • Treasure Island gets piratey, less douchey
  • ND’s Club Fuego and Monte Carlo’s Brew Pub close
  • Sammy Hagar opens an airport bar
  • Susan Boyle rumors seem unlikely
  • Rick Thomas moves to Sahara
  • Palms gets a new headliner
  • Listener calls about the future of Trader Vic’s, Striphouse, Peepshow, summer tasting menus at MGM Grand, Wynn and Encore, July 4 in Las Vegas, karaoke, one more reason to hate Wynn’s Web site, Mandalay Bay, Lion’s Share, Crown and Anchor, Mirage, Treasure Island, Hard Rock Cafe, downtown Las Vegas and more
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19 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 217: Tiger-Based Magic

  1. Half way through podcast comments :

    Can’t believe I’m making a comment on Bros .. but what the heck. It is pronounced as Boss, with the r in. They were very big in the UK for a while. Big ‘whats’ I am too polite to say.

    Ass whipped at Pussy Cat Pit. Does that cost extra ?

    Las Vegas Vacation Traditions – last night gambling splurge. Always fun. Anything that has gone on before it in the week .. just tame.

  2. Darran’s quite right – Bros were huge in the UK ’87-’89, then flamed out. Full disclosure – I bought ‘I Owe You Nothing”, their sole UK number 1. “Bros” rhymes with “loss”. Additional trivia – Matt’s brother Luke ended up being a pretty creditable actor in such movies as “Blade II”.

    Michelle may be interested in the rumour that several members of the Spice Girls are getting involved in a reality show looking for “Spice Girls-The Next Generation”.

  3. Hey Michelle –

    Is there any chance that you can post the spreadsheet that you put together for the restaurants at the Wynncorp hotels? We are heading to Vegas in late August, staying at Encore and looking for dining options. Of course I could try pulling the same info off of the Wynn web site – but don’t know that I can handle the aggravation.

    I look forward to hearing your restaurant reviews from your upcoming trip.

    Thanks for the podcast. You two do a great job!

  4. Spice Girls – the next generation ? Herb Girls maybe ?

    Actually they have been playing Spice Girls concerts constantly on a couple of classic music tv stations. Can see Mel B was practicing for Peep Show years ago.

    I just know I am going to dream about Earl of Sandwich tonight.

  5. Tim & Michelle

    I s going to drunk dial but my battery went dead
    intead this is a drunk “reply”

    Charlotte NC

    Got into Vegas on Sunday
    Got a deal for 5 nights at 4 Queens from Charlotte for $277each. Because I was unsure about the 4 Queens , I called MGM and Harrahs witrh my card number and was offerred 3 rooms at Monte Carlo and 2 at Flamingo ..all comped !

    Biggest surprise was 4 Queens , Clean & Quaint .(Hampton Inn) Recommened everyone stay downtown , one night at least

    Fremont Street Great fun, “Summer of 69” celbration with old bands, Jeff Airplane , Mitch Rider , Rare Earth.
    $1.99 Shrimp cocktail at Golden Gate.

    Next day
    Lake Mead and Las Vegas beach
    Diablo’s sucks …terrible sevice
    “As always my wife saves the day with a $1200 win on Top Dollar slots !

    I charge my battery and try to call in update tommorrow.

    We love VEGAS !!!!!!!!!

  6. $277??

    do you mean $27?

    or $27.70.?

    Fivw things to do.

    1. Mon Ami Gabi

    2. Hilton slots expecially Twilight Zone

    3. Off Strip casino preferalby newest, did M and Aliente last trip

    4. All night slot play at Wynn/Pilazzo with comped nights at either.

    5. Burger at one of Stripburger or other.

  7. 4 could be early morning walk.

    5 could be the In N Out as well.


  8. The opening clip to this weeks show was very appropriate as I’m anticipating my trip to Vegas in August and I just spent three glorious (sarcasm doesn’t come across too well online) days at the allegedly happiest freaking place on earth! I have to agree with the opening clip though…….

  9. Jimmy, depending on where you are from the rooms were less than free. They paid you to come. 🙂


  10. 1. Hang out at Moorea.
    2. Play at the beach casino.
    3. Play the Lions slot machine.
    4. Play poker all night long.
    5. Drunk dial fivehundybymidnight.

  11. That’s really weird. Just yesterday I had a passing thought that I hadn’t heard any Tahiti Village commercials in a while and wondered why.

  12. ‘Tiger-Based Magic’ is the most awesome phrase ever.

    Does this mean that Criss Angel practices ‘Douchbag-Based Magic’?

    I thought the background noise for Kelly’s call in San Francisco was fantastic. If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to stand on the corner of Fourth and Market, it sounds exactly like that.

  13. Tahiti Village declares bankruptcy. Michael Jackson drops dead the next day. Coincidence? I wonder…

  14. I recently stayed at Golden Gate and I used to work at Fremont. It is pretty wierd, and cool, being on Fremont street in the very early morning when no one is there.
    LVB is pretty eiry at 7am on Sunday morning.

    Rick Thomas was last at Stardust before they unfortunetly blew that place up.

    Steve Wyrick is doing a Death Dive stunt in front of P-Ho on Fourth of July.

  15. Sorry Tim, I know I am limited to one post per podcast so I hope you will let this one slide…
    The place I may or may not work at, Hilton Grand Vacation Club / Flamingo, is at 100% capacity all this week.

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