Las Vegas podcast #218 includes:

  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon opener
  • Life After People
  • Carrot Top and Lance Burton get extensions
  • Excalibur drops electronic poker
  • Station casinos drop seafood buffets
  • Treasure Island drops Social House
  • Mandalay Bay offers shark diving, post-dive snack
  • Matt Goss gets a second shot
  • Listener calls about Planet Hollywood, Trump, Mandalay Bay, Ka, dinner discounts, Stripsteak, Michele’s Wynn restaurant spreadsheet and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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44 Responses to “Five Hundy by Midnight 218: Second Chances”

  1. 1 Erullisse

    Thanks for revisiting the topic of Matt Goss and showcasing some of his music. I really like his voice, and as a new fan, I’m glad to see this guy getting a chance. I find that portions of his music do have an oddly beachy, soothing quality – which I personally find quite appealing since I live on the beaches of South Carolina – makes me want to grab another bottle of Tequila and a lime! In listening to his tracks, I thought there was a pretty good variety there, so I will continue to listen – and I’m even considering a trip to Las Vegas for the first time to watch this show. He’s certainly easy on the eyes, and I figure it’s about time I come see how ya’ll do it on that coast.

    Best to you and yours – Erullisse

  2. 2 Randy in Whittier

    I can’t believe people pay money to see Carrot Top.

  3. 3 Eric from Fuckin' Vegas

    I know this is not going to go over well with some, but Matt Goss FUCKIN SUCKS! No redeeming qualities whatsoever.

    This is the first Podcast I have used the Fast Forward Button on.


    I know I like some music that others around here think is like nails on a Chalkboard, but I don’t throw a shitfit like a whiney little bitch when someone says they don’t like it. To each their own.

    So, if you like that shit, great! It’s still shit though.

  4. 4 Eric from Fuckin' Vegas

    P.S. – I forgot to add the little winking smiley at the end of the above post so that people would know it’s all in good fun.

  5. 5 joe sedita


    New York is cool, but what can I say I love Vegas.
    The Rock-n Roll hall of fame is pretty damn cool-they got a whole Bruce Springsteen section and the John Lennon exhibit is fantastic.

    Lots to do in NYC, but no slots machines. I really miss Goldfish…

    Another great show-joe

  6. 6 Tim


    What the hell is wrong with you? I’m absolutely dumbfounded. How could you listen to the show for this long without ever using the fast-forward button before? That’s messed up.

  7. 7 Kire

    Pour 24 is another excellent beer stop and they will do tasters.

  8. 8 Dave Lifton


    My guess is that Eric usually does what I do when he gets bored with the show and takes a nap.

  9. 9 Andy from Des Moines

    Yes, the Excal will be converting back to live dealers, though from what I hear it won’t be as many tables as before.

  10. 10 David

    I think it was nice you gave Matt Goss another chance. I really like his music and thought you were very hard on him in the last podcast. He has great songs and is an excellent singer in my opinion. I imagine you have to be good to get a spot in las Vegas. So i think that speaks for itself how good he is.

  11. 11 Darran

    Hmmm have to be good to get a spot in Las Vegas …. that I think opens a whole can of worms.

  12. 12 Mike in Minneapolis

    I always suspected that Carrot Top had extensions. Now I guess it is official.

  13. 13 Troy in Las Vegas

    “…this (song) makes me wanna be on the beach sipping a cold beverage.” Michele at 18:20

    It makes me wanna be in a dark room with a gun in my mouth.

  14. 14 Randy in Whittier

    Oh & that Matt Goss segment was BRUTAL.

    I have no idea how I forgot to mention that the first time.

  15. 15 Dan fron north of Toronto

    The first two were deadly, especially the U2, but the last one was O.K. if you can stomach the show, which I can’t.

    The spreadsheet is very good. I tried to put it back to excel, but lost some of the items. Doesn’t matter unless we get a fall one as well.

    BTW Hunter has mentioned podcastappolooza twice on the Vegas Gang but no mention of you two. I assume you are going to be there?


  16. 16 Tim

    We mentioned Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza during show #208. Other than a tentative date, no other details have been established. We’ll talk about it more when we have info.

  17. 17 tadd

    dudes. I cant agree more with the other haters, those Matt Goss songs are so so bad. BUT, I hope youre happy when you find out that that Matt Goss is the Kevin Federline equivalent of Chris Gaines.

    If you need me i’ll be killing myself with Troy.

  18. 18 Tim

    Shit… I think half of our listeners just offed themselves.

  19. 19 Danielle

    I’ve only listened to part of the show (fabulous as usual), but I have a question that’s totally unrelated to this episode. I’m sure someone will know the answer for me. I’ve received free room offers from MGM/Mirage for several of their different properties. Will MGM/Mirage let you use multiple offers (for example, a couple nights at Mandalay Bay and a couple at Monte Carlo)?

    Also, I know that Treasure Island was still using the MGM players club, but are their room offers from MGM Players Club or separate?


  20. 20 Rob from Boston

    Okay, Matt Goss really sucks!!! I mean he really sucks!! Who is his target audience exactly? I am sure it is not all the Ed Hardy wearing douchebags that the Palms has inside. Way to go Palms!!!

  21. 21 Darran

    Next week …Mily Vanily.

  22. 22 Chris in Richmond

    Hard Rock must have realized that those Santana tickets are a little overpriced. I just received a mailer for ridiculously cheap rooms at the Hard Rock and 2 for 1 Santana tickets even though I’ve only played a grand total of $20 in free play…they must REALLY be hurting.

  23. 23 Red Rock Rick

    Whether Matt Goss sucks or not is a matter of taste but the defensive whining by his groupies (probably himself) makes his a douche in my book.


    “…I hope that you have been fortunate” (What do I say next? I’m blanking, come on Frank say something!)… “I do.. wish, that for you”

    That line in the intro always bothers me. There’s got to a better Sinatra sound byte out there than Frank awkwardly stammering. In fact I’ve got a $20 paypal donation ready to send as soon as that line is removed. Maybe others feel the same way and can pledge additional funds until it becomes worthwhile to Tim to revise it.

  24. 24 Tim

    It’ll take a lot more than $20 to get me to change the intro.

  25. 25 Richard from Lawrence

    Not to be cynical (god forbid), but, after listening to the pro-Matt Goss calls on the last episode, reading the pro-Goss posts here and combining that with Tim’s podcast comments about the persistiveness of the Goss web site guy, did anyone else get that feeling that there is some orchestrated pro-Matt Goss lobbying going on? I mean, how many fans could there be, total? And seems like most of them are showing up here.

    I don’t have an opinion on him one way or the other, but that outpouring of support just seemed a little weird.

  26. 26 Tim

    That thought crossed my mind as well, Richard.

    If it hadn’t been such a slow week for more interesting topics, we wouldn’t have revisited Goss. I’m glad we did, though, because of the reactions it’s getting.

  27. 27 Jim from LA

    I feel I should write something about Goss, since everyone else is. So, I checked out his acting credits and came up with the fact that he was a contestant on the first season of Hell’s Kitchen.

    Ok. There you go.

  28. 28 Brian

    What doesn’t make Troy want to sit in a dark room with a gun in his mouth?

  29. 29 Dave Lifton

    That is the greatest comment in the history of this podcast.

  30. 30 Rob from Boston

    Richard – I also thought the very same thing. If you listen to the first “fan” who called right after Tim read the message that he received from Goss’s PR, she said the exact same things. She even mentioned them in the exact order. Almost as if she was reading a prepared written statement.

    Kudos to you Tim and Michelle. You must be doing something right with your podcast in order for a performers PR to try so hard to persuade you in the other direction. They know people are listening.

  31. 31 AndyMN

    Has anyone been to the Treasure Island website lately? I’m not sure when they changed it but the new one is pretty good. It almost seems as though the resort is being re-themed.

  32. 32 Erullisse

    What the hell? I slipped back on here to take another peek around and can’t believe the shit being slung over Matt Goss – Some of ya’ll are making leaps of logic so terrifying I need a Dramamine after reading your comments. Two people make positive posts and it’s a conspiracy? Really? Who knew! I’m sorry – I didn’t realize that liking the music of Matt Goss relegated me to being a part of Matt’s PR group, a “groupie”, part of an orchestrated whatever the hell ya’ll dreamed up, turned me into the chick who called this station or made me a fucking douchebag (Damn – when did those aliens sneak into my house and take over my body?? Shit! And I didn’t even know it – sneaky fuckers!) Just to set my personal record straight for all ya’ll brilliant speculators, I’m a normal chick who went on Matt’s website after being linked to it by a friend, checked out the Twitter and My Space links, saw the notes about the podcast being “harsh” thought it sounded interesting and googled the thing to listen for myself . . . Wow – what a novel concept! Someone can read, use the internet and GOOGLE shit too? Hot Damn = a multi-tasker!! I personally like the guy’s music, and don’t see why that’s such an unbelievable concept. It isn’t going to appeal to everyone, so if it strained you that bad to listen, get out the brain bleach and go for it – but really – your need to spew poisonous vitriol like vomit is beyond me – but then showing common decency, using polite language and showing normal intelligence looks to be far beyond several of ya’ll too. I hope he does well in his show – and I sincerely hope some of ya’ll get a life.

  33. 33 Kire

    Just saw the hangover…. all I have to say is wow….

  34. 34 Tim

    We mentioned the TI Web site changes in show #217.

  35. 35 Phil Guest

    I always liked the fact that Treasure Island switched away from its traditional pirate theme just before the “Pirates Of The Caribbean” movies came out and went like gangbusters at the box-office. Seems it’s only taken them six years to realise their mistake…

    And Tim, you’re 100% right. The old Treasure Island sign was fantastic. The TI is just a fuckingly bland videowall.

  36. 36 Mark

    You guys have been suckered. You played a call from a woman who claimed to be a Matt Goss fan right after the guy who worked for Matt Goss. She was no “Matt Goss fan.” She had the same exact points as the suit. She clearly worked for Matt Goss also.

    Poor Michelle said “I like her tone, she makes me want to give him a chance”


    Anyway – awesome podcast. Be in Vegas mid Oct at CP. If it matches your trip, beers on me.

  37. 37 Randy in Whittier

    Rick, change the intro?!?

    Are you fucking serious??

    That intro (especially the Sinatra sound byte) is part of what makes Five Hundy so damn awesome.

  38. 38 AC in Whittier

    Matt Goss blows! Sounds like he’s gargling his bro’s balls…..Arrrrrrrr Arrrrrr….gargle gargle…..

  39. 39 Chris From Las Vegas

    Frank Sinatra is not stammering in that sound bite. If you watch the video performance of that Sands show, he takes a drink between “been fortunate” and “I do wish…”.

    Just pauses to knock back a little Jack.

  40. 40 Chris from Las Vegas

    Matt Goss has become the new Hall and Oates of Five Hundy.

  41. 41 Neil from Scotland

    Now I’m no Matt Goss fan (or employee) but I don’t know if you guys appreciate the massive teen following Bros had in the UK and Europe, in the late 80’s (as big as Duran Duran five years previously). Their fans were christened “Brosettes” by the UK press and were very intense, to the point of obsessives. (Stalking etc.) Thankfully Bros were fairly short lived and they sound cheesy as hell now.

    “When Will I Be Famous” gets played a lot at 80’s nights over here. (Brits like their irony…) Probably the best US parallel I can make to Bros famewise, is Tiffany.

    I hope his show does well. The better it does, the less likely a Bros reunion tour is!

    ps – I’ve just remembered a strange thing Bros fans did. They tied plastic Grolsh beer bottle lids to their shoelaces. Fuck knows why, but it sure made us laugh at the time.

  42. 42 Jim from Philly


    Nice job on the Wynncore spreadsheet. No Sinatra??

  43. 43 Michele

    Jim– the spreadsheet is just a list of the places with the summer tasting menus, and unfortunately Sinatra isn’t participating. I would like to try it someday, though.

  44. 44 Jim from Philly


    Ahh.. got it.

    I think you and Tim would enjoy Sinatra very much. A must do for Frank fans. My wife and I had dinner in early June. We were celebrating our wedding anniversary. We were seated right by the windows overlooking the patio and given a card written on Sinatra stationary wishing us a happy aniversary – nice touch. Very friendly staff. Teriffic meal.

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