Venezia Tower Reservations? Not from The Venetian.

I learned long ago not to spend too long trying to figure out why Las Vegas hotel operators make the decisions they do or my brain may explode. The latest interesting strategy comes from The Venetian, where customers are no longer able to book rooms in the Venezia Tower online or by calling the reservation line. When Five Hundy listener tpet tipped me off to this development, my first thought was that the tower was temporarily shut down until the economy improves and there’s more demand. Not so.

A friendly Venetian reservations rep told me Venezia rooms are still available but only from The Venetian’s casino marketing department or Expedia. She had no idea why management made this decision or how long the new policy will be in effect. Sure enough, a quick check of Expedia’s Web site yielded Venezia Tower suites for at least the next several months.

Way to serve your customers, Venetian!


6 thoughts on “Venezia Tower Reservations? Not from The Venetian.

  1. It’s funny LVS brass believes they’re at the same level as Wynn and that they deserve the same daily rates. Aside from having total abortions for websites, they have little in common.

    I so don’t get the whole Venetian thing. Every time I’m there, I just want to be somewhere else.

  2. Wow. I’m a returning guest to the Venezia and I have to say I find that pretty rude.

  3. Perhaps they are reserving the suites for comps only?

    We have stayed at the Pilazzo comped three then four nights our last two trips. They have been very generous to us and we only play relatively low level slots (Maureen may be a mid-player but I am definitely low).

    In addition, they are the most aggresive casino operators when it comes to tournaments and free rooms.

    I know they have a lot of rooms available and it seems amazing that they may be using them all but it is possible.

    Anyway, we loved the suites in the Pilazzo and will go back again.

    BTW don’t take the Srip view, the Wynn casino and golf course view is much better.


  4. This would indicate that they have wholesaled out all their rooms and taken a flat fee rather than risk having unsold rooms. Its unfortunate because if you book through Expedia usually a casino will not comp your room. Its generally best for a gambler to book driectly with the airline and directly with the hotel rather than to accept a package deal from Expedia or other travel aggregator. The travel aggregator makes its money on capturing the air traveller’s hotel and rental car revenues.

    Is this a sign of fiancial trouble for a high end place or simply a way to cut costs by lopping off all the time and effort needed to actually market rooms at a favorable price mix.

  5. When I called to confirm a bunch of reservations that I made (thanks to a super $69.99 per night Club Grazie member promo valid through 9/11/2009), I was told that the Venezia tower is reserved for Club Grazie members and conference guests. Just recently I stayed there and after many trips, finally got a room in the Venezia tower that included the TV in the bathroom and DVD player in the living room; however, I had to request a bathrobe.

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