Five Hundy by Midnight 220: Happy Hours are Here Again

Las Vegas podcast #220 includes:

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18 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 220: Happy Hours are Here Again

  1. I so so many long hauls every day it is ridiculous. It is always the same thing, the Ethiopian driver who pretends not to speak English cheats the Japenese tourist who does not speak English. They pay $30 for a $13 fare from the airport to Flamingo. Just sad.
    And when I ask the English speaking passangers if they want to turn the driver in, it is always, “No. It is not worth my time” and so they get away with it.

  2. Just watched a rather dated 59 things in Vegas with the cast of Vegas amongst others..

    Things have changed sine 2005.


  3. Soory 50 things with Norm and Steve Cyr and others. Interesting show

  4. A few items of note regarding the long hauling…

    If you can, hotel provided airport shuttle service is the way to go.

    I personally know a cab driver here in Vegas that’s been talking that story since it broke.

    The 63/63 split is a little deceaving in that it is possible that some folks are going to destinations that are not on the strip (ie. any of the Station Casino’s properties). Yes, I know that is the minority, but there ARE people that stay there that take a cab from the airport.

  5. The only time we used a cab was at New years and I asked the driver to take Swenson to the Hilton where we were comped, and he said he wouldn’t go any other way. I think that is better than just saying don’t use the tunnel. We also land at Terminal 2 which also makes it easier.

    Had the burger at the Mesa Grill but the blue cheese burger at the Strip was the best I have ever had.


  6. Ive heard ya’all talking about The Hangover but I havent seen anyone say when it was going to be released to DVD so according to it was In Theaters: June 5, 2009
    and due out On Video/DVD: Estimated for November 2009 Sorry if someone else reported this info, i havent seen it.

  7. I got long-hauled a few years back – $35 from Terminal 2 to Bellagio. Ever since then the first thing I say to the cabbie when the pull up is “can you take the Strip route?” So far only one driver has refused. In that case I didn’t even get in the cab, just waited for the next one.

    Great show, guys. Hope you have a great time in Vegas.

    Oh and Michelle, I make Vegas spreadsheets before I go too. You’re not alone…

  8. I was just watching Friends, “the one in vegas” and when they did an ariel shot of the strip, I noticed a Steam boat in front of Harrah’s, this shot was from 1999. It looked like the showboat boat, but i thought that was further down or even off strip. Can anyone remember what that boat was. I know i should’ve bought that book “vegas then and now” maybe next time. Thanks guys and keep up the good work Tim and Michele and hope you two are having/had a great time.

  9. Shawn,

    “It opened in 1973 as the Holiday Casino. When it first opened, the front of the building was a steamboat motif. This caused some to confuse this casino with the off strip Showboat. The property was renamed Harrah’s in 1992.
    “In 1997, Harrah’s renovated the property, removing the old theme and replacing it with a carnival party theme. ”

    I vaguely remember the steamboat theme from my first trip to Las Vegas… seems very old-school now.

  10. go to vegas once to twice a year and never been asked about the tunnel, and being so excited to be in vegas I have forgot to tell the cab no tunnell, twice both times I was long hauled. So I think the 63/63 split is accurate, I was really pissed last time, stayin at the Luxor and get long hauled, didn’t tip the driver at that point told him he made his tip in the tunnel. Fare was 13 and some change, without the long haul it is usually around 7 to 8 dollars.

  11. Thanks BC, I shouldve thought about going to Wikipedia. Ive been to LV many times, but don’t really remember that theme, I did stay at the old showboat and I knew it wasn’t on the strip, thats why I was confused. Thanks for clearing that up!

  12. Hey, I’m sure I’m way late to the punch, but you guys went one night early.

    Here’s the press release with photo’s about Hef’s appearance @ Peepshow.

    I just heard about this today from a friend in another department who told me he was on a trip the same weekend you were there. He said the place was packed, he had fifth row comped tickets though ??. What’s interesting about your twitter note (not sold out on a friday night) is that its obvious they packed this thing for the Hef reality show– either that or a lot of people got the “complementary tour of westgate”

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