Five Hundy by Midnight 221: Teasers Galore

Las Vegas podcast #221 includes:

  • Late Late Show opener
  • Harrah’s wants a ferris wheel
  • Prive shuts down
  • Chinois too
  • Sugar Factory = Celebutard Candy
  • Nathan Burton and Anthony Cools get extensions
  • Comedy Stop moves to Sahara
  • Foundation Room opens to everyone
  • Cabo Wabo Cantina opens this fall
  • Hard Rock opens new tower
  • New rooms coming at Golden Nugget, Monte Carlo and PH Towers
  • Hotel32 rate analysis
  • Recent trip report about Wynn, Caesars Palace and Planet Hollywood
  • Listener calls featuring Holly Madison and about Spice Market Buffet, tasting menus, Social House, Las Vegas Hilton, Gold Spike, Human Nature, Criss Angel, Steve Wyrick, Cirque’s Elvis show and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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22 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 221: Teasers Galore

  1. SO BUMMED about hearing about “Chinois Fusion”! A few years ago, I took my wife, and before-hand had arranged to have a private cooking lession from the Executive Chef Terence Fong (you can do this at most Puck’s restaurants- just call way in advance and see when they’re offering the classes). He was SO nice and it was a pretty big kick cooking your own meal during an open time at the restaurant; sorry to see them go by the wayside…

  2. From what I could gather, the 2 for 1 burgers at Flamingo are if you show your “pool receipt” after 5pm.

    So I guess you have to buy a drink at the pool (or Sin City Brewery?) and get a receipt and bring it to the Burger Joint for that deal.

  3. Every time I listen to your shows I realize that I must meet you guys, but we are in Vegas Oct 30 to November 7 so we will miss you again. Would love to switch to earlier but my job doesn’t allow it,

    Thanks for the podcast under 80 minutes. Not sure if it only me that likes them that way but thanks anyway.

    Can’t wait till the next one, what with all the teezers dropped.

    Really surpised at the treatment at Caesars. Obvioulsy they don’t recognize famous people all of the time. Your comments must cost them 10’s of customers. 🙂

    Great show and worth the wait.


  4. Not surprised about Chinouis.

    We ate there on a reservation and were the only people in the rooom.

    Had the best Chinese food ever, H & S soup, dumplings, one entree, sparkling water plus tip.

    Best $100 Chinese meal I ever ate.

    Only $100 Chinese meal I ever ate.

    Little pricy. 🙂 But it was Vegas after all.


  5. I’m sure all Tim and Michele wanted was good service and if you had provided that to them they wouldnt have said anything. If you were a listener of the podcast, you should’ve recognized their names. Hopefully you didn’t get in too much trouble. And i’m sure you are a great VIP rep otherwise you wouldnt be over there, maybe you just had a bad day or something, bounce back and ‘get er done’

  6. Way back at the beginning of June it was wall to wall promotion of Beyonce at Encore, including on the small tv screens dotted about above the slots in the casino, so at least a 2 month lead in. Also on the Encore TV channels there was only information about Wynn, nothing about Encore itself, you could only find Encore stuff in the guest directory.

  7. For me, it’s all about the little throwaway lines and comments that makes it great.

    “Clown View Room”

  8. Why would Wynn promote Encore if Steve and Elaine are getting a divorce and she reportedly is getting Encore and he is getting Wynn?

  9. Wynn is a publicly traded company. Simply giving Encore to Elaine in a divorce settlement isn’t really an option. I’m curious where that was reported.

  10. Am I the only one that loves and is super excited about the fact there is now a miller lite truck outside? Mmmmmmm Miller Lite.

  11. With Podcastapallooza II coming up, I realized I somehow missed hearing the original last year, so I download it and listened yesterday. Yep, Tim, you really did yell the entire podcast. I’m am hopeful that you will do the same in 2009, if for no other reason than as an homage to Billy Mays.

  12. I looked it up and cant come up with anything concrete. I know I heard it somewhere, must have been that other podcast. Sorry.
    BUT this is official: Donny and Marie two more years–I know michele will love the idea of that wrap being on for two more years!

  13. Mariah Carey residency at Palms ?

    Now, there is a guest for the Podcastapallooza. You reckon she will agree ?

  14. Perhaps if you get Hunter to do his best Eminem impression you might have a chance ( Owen Wilson just will not cut it this time ).

    Yep, slow day.

  15. Late listening to last week’s show but better late than never, right? Anyway we had a kind of douchey check-in experience at Caesars last month ourselves. The guy at the counter mocked us for trying the $20 trick, then offered us a better view room for $30 more a night, then “called his manager” (I don’t think anybody was on the line) to get us upgraded from Forum to Palace towers. Meanwhile our friends checking in right next to us got the upgrade easy peasy with no hassles. Everything after that was fantastic but an annoying way to start a vacation.

  16. I know this is a few weeks late and a little morbid, but….

    I think all the publicity around town for Beyonce’s 4 night run is simply this. Wynn Properties had marquees all over town promoting Danny Ganns and with his passing, there was no need to further promote his show. With all that adspace already budgeted and paid for, I’m sure they just slapped Beyonce’s promo’s right over the top. This also gave them a couple months to recoup and figure out what new direction to take with the advertising.

    Just a thought….

  17. Add me to the list of those with a “douchey check-in experience.” Mine was even more embarrassing, as it was at the lowly Monte Carlo back in June. All I wanted for my $20 was a Strip-facing room on a higher floor. It’s not like I was asking for one of their old-ass, tired suites… Or even a Monaco suite.

    The guy told me “we don’t do that here,” then gave me a room overlooking – literally – an alley and a CityCenter wall.

    Called the front desk and ended up with a pool view room with minimal hassle. But I guess the front desk tip can go horribly awry if you get someone in a bad mood or who takes it as some sort of personal affront.

    On an unrelated note, glad Tim & Michele had at least an okay experience at Serendipity 3. We had the Worst. Service. Ever. there.

    Stripburger made up for it though. Great food. Great service and a killer people-watching post there on the corner, across from the Wynn.

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