Five Hundy by Midnight 222: Beautifully Presented Melons

Las Vegas podcast #222 includes:

  • Nitro Circus opener
  • Rio closes Sapphire Pool
  • Louie Anderson, Donnie and Marie get show extensions
  • Mariah pulls a Beyonce
  • Tour deals from
  • Trip recap, including reviews, thoughts and observations of Peepshow and Human Nature, Botero, Payard, Serendipity 3, Mon Ami Gabi, Ellis Island, Fireside Lounge, Stripburger, The Griffin, 777 Brewpub, Sidebar and Sin City Brewery
  • Listener calls about Dirk Arthur, M Resort, Mirage rooms, THEhotel, Circus Circus, Alliante Station, Lion’s Share and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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19 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 222: Beautifully Presented Melons

  1. There’s much I don’t know and there isn’t space here to list it all, but one thing I do know is that a well placed banana can be every bit as classy as beautifully presented melons. I’m not sure if that makes you both right or both wrong, I’ll leave that to professionals like yourselves to sort out.

  2. Ya know, it’s not considered animal cruelity to lock the dogs in the bathroom for an hour while you record 🙂

    But seriously, looking forward to Podcast-a-palooza. Always looking for an excuse for a Weekend trip out there. Plus it would be nice to finally meet you guys.

  3. Can I assume that slot play summaries will be next week? Did you record any play?

    Good show. glad y ou liked the Mon Ami Gabi breakfast. We are going to try it next time.


  4. I’m a bit late with this comment as I’m catching up on about 2 months worth of shows.

    My husband isn’t a regular listener (shame on him) but as a keen craps player I knew he’d be interested in the story about the record breaking roll at Borgata. When he heard it there were a lot of F bombs, as well a wish to have been there to see it.

    His longest time shooting was last November at TI (on our last night) where he rolled for over 30 minutes before 7-out, and yes, he did press his bets. One guy earned so much money he gave my husband a $100 tip before leaving the table (I hope it was a FHBM listener).

    Also I’ve heard a couple of things about Café Ba Ba Reeba and can recommend it, all the tapas we had was great (although the lobster paella wasn’t really worth the money or the wait). You can also get vouchers from, although on the website it looks like you have to have a US postal address, but having checked with them you don’t.

    Having been to Vegas every November for the last 5 years we may not make it this year. It’s good to catch up on the podcasts and get my Vegas fix without actually getting there.

    Keep up the great work for those of us who can’t get there. I love the sound seeing tours – it feels like I’m there when I here familiar things.


    Can I just check – is anybody keeping track of the lion share jackpot I’m sure it’s lower now than it was late last year!

  5. Okay, first of all I understand that the beasts were exceptionally excited this week but after 200 plus shows why one earth do you still not only record next to the water bowl but leave water in it while you’re recording? It’s as if you don’t expect the dogs to actually drink out of it this week!

    Secondly, I saw the strippers/dancers at Excalibur last time I was there and have these comments.

    I thought it was kind of silly. The dancers were up on teh stage and they even have a pole. But, you’d have the typical douchey looking guys stopping in the walkway to stare but you’d also have Aunt Edna from Des Moines stopping to take pictures. Grandma Pearle and Grandpa Bill were just sitting at the machines oblivious to her. Nobody playing the games gave a crap so I don’t see how it really increases play at the machines or tables near them.

    To make it worse, there was even a girl getting to various stages of undress while still keeping it legal in the poker room. this was just weird. she was sitting on a bar stool kind of moving to music only she could apparently hear. every so often she’d remove something, a scarf, then a glove, then finally her dress only to reveal a small skirt or something. not a single person playing poker was watching yet there she was for several hours!

    For me, if I want to see this I want to do it in a place with more privacy, lower lighting, and as seedy as the Excalibur may be, I want to be in a place even seedier. Atmosphere is everything when looking at scantily clad ladies and the seedier and darker the place is the more attractive they look!

  6. The water dish is in a different room, but our house isn’t all that large and the mics pick up everything. Empty water dish = whining dogs.

  7. Don’t change a thing. I, for one, love the dog’s contributions. It’s one of the many endearing things about the show.

  8. I agree with Mark, the podcast wouldn’t be the same without the dogs. I look forward to hearing them every week chasing each other around!

  9. The Dogs are part of the show and make the podcast what it is. Two everyday people who love Las Vegas and take the time to share their passion with the rest of us who love Las Vegas and this give us a chance once a week to daydream we are there.
    I wouldn’t change a thing……. Any pictures from this trip?

  10. Epic drunk dials…had me rolling. Fantastic stuff. I love the “Last Calls.”

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