Five Hundy by Midnight 223: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

Las Vegas podcast #223 includes:

  • After Midnight opener
  • Neverland Station speculation
  • Garth Brooks rumors persist
  • New Tropicana logo
  • Cirque’s upcoming Elvis show
  • Gambling with Tim and Michele: Jaws edition
  • Listener calls about Wynn’s service, Lion’s Share location, Emeril’s, Olives, Mon Ami Gabi, Zumanity, Mix, getting free stuff, great nachos and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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19 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 223: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

  1. That was fun! We need more gambling with Tim & Michelle, so that means more vegas trips are needed.

  2. It’s good to see that Vegas hasn’t totally corrupted you both. OK so my French isn’t brilliant, but what “Pierre” de Paris (Pierre from Paris) was explaining was that he doesn’t need to do the 20 dollar trick. He does it by asking politely….and having the lovely Elsa flash some “décolleté” (cleavage!).

    He then goes on to explain how to pronounce the the restaurant names of “Japonais” at Mirage and “Chinois” which I believe is in the forum shops.

    and in honour of your show he plans to make love to the lovely Elsa tonight “a la japonais” (japanese style) and “a la chinois” (chinese style). The mind boggles!

  3. I love listening to HAMMERED Michelle in Vegas.

    I was disappointed in the Jaws machine myself.

    Elvis and Cirque? I love the Elvi, but seriously, Sucksville is inevitable.

    That’s the shittiest fake French accent of all time! I love it! Nice to hear him again.

  4. Loved that Tim had the $20 and Michele the $10. For some reason that always seems to happen to us as well , Joyce with $10 and myself with $20. Just the way those dollars come out of the wallet. Honest.

  5. observation…while if I go to the respective websites of the players cards I have, there’s plenty of open offers. However, its now been exactly one month since I have received an offer in the mail or by e-mail. Speculation from friends at work is that they may not be marketing to us in so-cal for a bit. But, after the past few years of being inundated by US Mail and E-Mail with offers at least several times a week, it feels strange. And also, checking the mail isn’t fun anymore. Anyone else?

  6. Just listened to the podcast.

    Please increase the ‘pro dog sound’ listener tally by one. Zoe has better contributions than some of the callers.

    Thank you.

  7. Just finished the podcast. Another great one. I understand the confusion with the Jaws slots. I blame it on Aristocrat. They do have a few machines that are confusing. But I always win with them. If I am right they have Mr. Cashman and I always come out on top. Any way here is a link that tells more about the Jaws slots.

    By the way if anybody is interested. The new update for Vegas Mate is on Itunes now. This one has so much more and is worth every penny spent on it. Congratulation guys for making the app even better than before.

    Love the podcast ya’ll

  8. The woman who called about the nice hotel … I think she was referreing to the “Staybridge Suites” … haven’t stayed there myself but have heard similar positive reviews about the high quality hotel, quieter w/no casino, off strip.

  9. Just had a browse through your photos – Stonehenge Slot ? Thats a new one on me. Any good ?

  10. Our friends used to have faux bachlor and bachlorette parties monthly and yes, it is a good way to get free drinks.

    My spies tell me the Elvis / Cirque show is looking really good.

    Mix lounge opens at 5 p.m.
    Cover: Weekends $25, Weekdays $20, THEhotel Guests $10 and local ladies are always free.

    The all you can eat sushi buffet at P-Ho called Todai? They charge extra for drinks.

    Tip is included in drink orders at Hollywood Theater at MGM.

    I wanna join a BJ club. That sounds hot. I wonder if the Green Door has a BJ Club?

    The Staybridge Suites was indeed recently renovated and had a marque on the top that said “Bond” which got me all excited as I thought it was gonna be a James Bond themed place.

    Yes, traffic is TERRIBLE these days as the 15 freeway is torn up to put in a ‘no exit’ lane, City Center is messing up LVB and both Flamingo and Trop are torn up for utility work.

    The hotel I work at has been very near or above 100% capacity this past week.

  11. I read troy’s post and decided to actually call one of the casino hosts about my crappy walk to the mailbox with no offers. They’re pretty booked with the NFL about to open. I forgot that there is the hilarious 4 game pre-season. Also, she frankly said that the bookings through Halloween are solid. Ironically two hours later I had three offers e-mailed to me, the two night @ Mandalay that people have talked about here and there, and an interesting Paris package including 200 in free play and 2 free buffets. So, I think the marketing has slowed down, but if you call a casino ho they won’t ignore your call. I feel like a man again today.

  12. Did anyone else notice how “Gambling w/ Tim” sounds nothing like “podcast w/tim” I think Tim cranks the bass on his voice for the podcast to impress the ladies alah 1980’s Barry White. Either that, or Michelle was actually gambling with some other dude. Great podcast yall…enjoyed it as always. BTW, I gambled the number you gave (19) me at the local casino…not so much…just part of the enormous amount of money I lost that night….sorry.

  13. Love the dogs!! Please tell them to keep up the hard work.

    PS I have always thought it funny that when you have your gamblin’ with Tim and Michelle segments both of your accents are much heavier.

  14. I love the view from the outside couches at Mix, particularly right at dusk. I’m not sure what time they start charging the cover Troy mentioned but because we are violently allergic to “the scene” at nightclubs/ultralounges, we always go to Mix early, generally close to 6pm and they usually aren’t charging cover at that time. The place is fairly empty, outside seating with a great view is easy to get and you only need to be able to withstand the agony of paying $16 for a cocktail. But the view is worth at least a drink or two.

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