Five Hundy by Midnight 224: McSexy with Cheese

Las Vegas podcast #224 includes:

  • Atomic testing video opener
  • Palazzo sports book become Lagasse’s Stadium
  • Planet Hollywood announces America’s Got Talent Live
  • Pink’s Hot Dogs opens
  • KISS develops Cirque-style Las Vegas show
  • Purple Reign adds Hooters shows
  • MGM Grand announces Prima
  • Listener calls about Planet Hollywood, Earl of Sandwich, Delmonico, Paper Heart, hotel wraps, tiki bars, The Rat Pack is Back, Sigma Derby in Tahoe, Isla at Ti, Mon Ami Gabi, Paris Las Vegas restroom recordings, Wynn breakfast buffet, Nobhill, Luxor, Cathouse, Sirens of TI, the monorail, Main Street Station, MGM Grand West Wing rooms, Bellagio rooms, Yellowtail, Ed Hardy shirts, Ka, Paris Red Rooms and more
  • July trip photos
  • Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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17 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 224: McSexy with Cheese

  1. There was a place in the PH mall call Cheeseburger that was a pretty good Tiki\Hawaiian restaurant.

  2. We saw KISS in a 5,000 seat arena. They are perfect for Vegas, except for one thing, as musicians they suck. As a nusincal friend of mine says, Gene Simmons play the bass with a pick.

    Love the Earl of Sandwich.

    great pictures.


  3. The reason KISS shows are filled with pyrotechnics and other bombastic visual effects are to distract you from the fact that they are subpar musicians.

  4. I don’t think you appreciate the subtle musical qualities of Lick It Up or Detroit Rock City.

    You do have to appreciate the marketing savy if nothing else.

  5. I LOVED KISS and have seen them many times back “in the day”-the first time in 1979 with Cheap Trick opening for them in Detroit!! But I think it is really dishonest of them to wear their makeup and never acknowledge the fact that Ace and Peter Criss are no longer in the band. I personally feel that I have given them enough of my money over the years. Good luck to them but I will not plan on seeing them in Vegas.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Vegas show in development doesn’t actually feature the band performing live.

  7. my girlfriend was very excited to show me her new shirt this week. Friday night I go to pick her up and she comes out of her place in a New Ed Hardy t-shirt with a $150 price tag. I dumped her right there. True story.

  8. To be honest with you the new drummer was the best singer of the four. Paul Stanley’s voice is shot and Simmons never could sing, but the show itself was worth the price of admission, of course we were comped. 🙂

  9. Sorry for the double posts…
    Yes, I have heard the KISS show in developement will NOT have any of the current members of KISS actually performing.

  10. I didn’t actually know what an “Ed Hardy” shirt was (or who Ed Hardy himself was), until after this podcast, when I looked it up.

    Yeah. Anyone who wears that crap is probably a douche.

    That’s some of the worst looking crap I’ve ever seen. I’m happy that, here in the semi-rural Northeast, I’m somewhat culturally isolated from that garbage.

  11. I thought Terry Fader won the second season of America’s got talent, correct me if Im wrong but I thought a little girl won the first year?

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