Five Hundy by Midnight 225: Now With More Jade and Ivory Antiquities

Las Vegas podcast #225 includes:

  • Bad Girls Club opener
  • Monte Carlo signs Frank Caliendo
  • Barry Manilow move to Paris Las Vegas rumored
  • Prive reopens
  • Encore plans for Switch Beach Club
  • Treasure Island replaces Social House with Khotan
  • Sahara gets a tattoo joint, Riviera already has oneโ€”who knew?
  • Slot club and other casino promotions
  • Listener calls about Earl of Sandwich, Mirage, Jaws slots, Lion’s Share slot location, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, slot clubs, The Rat Pack is Back, Top Chef Las Vegas, Sin City Bad Girls at Las Vegas Hilton, Ka, Lance Burton, Town Square Mall, casino wraps and more
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15 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 225: Now With More Jade and Ivory Antiquities

  1. Thanks for another great show. ๐Ÿ™‚ Only four more Episodes before we land again in Vegas. Please keep the great show coming.

  2. Why do I picture Marmaduke going crazy tearing up the kitchen while the podcast takes place?

  3. Sorry to hear that you’ve yet to be impressed by any magic shows. I’m pretty sure you guys mentioned before that you never got a chance to see Seigfried & Roy perform, which is a shame. Best magic show I ever saw, and don’t expect to ever see a better one.

    Also, Tim, I believe the word you were searching for was “Masturbatorium”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. There is also a tattoo shop in Miracle Mile.
    You should check out The Mentalist at P-Ho.
    Fuck Top Chef. There I said it. Oh and fuck Smith and Lewinsky.
    Who is giving lip to The Rat Pack is Back show? I don’t recall hearing any.
    People who are afraid of heights may be scared during KA? WTF? How about staying in your…uh…stationary seat?

  5. I’m playing your show now Monday mornings before we open shop– all the guys here express agreement on an observation made: DO NOT SLOW WALK TWO WIDE WHILE HOLDING HANDS ON THE STRIP. Unless, you and your partner can magically break into an Usain Bolt sprint and decapitate a time share salesperson. Slow hand-holding strolls are for the beach, the boardwalk, and the 1960’s.

  6. Anytime people are someplace they are familiar with, they walk faster than those around them.

    I think this is what makes non-locals think “city folk are always in a rush”. I am not necessarily in a rush, but I know where the heck I’m going and would rather get there quickly instead of stare at you and your wife’s fanny packs.

    This bothers me in SF the most, but in Vegas too.

  7. I had to finally ‘google’ Ed Hardy…WTF? I must be too effin’ old for that shit

  8. That guy said he had a drink in all the casinos BETWEEN the Venetian and MGM. Since they’re both on the east side of the strip I’m guessing they didn’t cross the street. That means Casino Royale, Harrah’s, IP, O’Shea’s, Flamingo, Bill’s, Bally’s, Paris and P-Ho. That’s 9. Maybe they got one drink and shared it, accounting for her increased drunkenness. I’m just trying to add some plausability to it. Something I would certainly never do, but not out of the realm of possibility.

  9. Here are two codes for free copies of my iPhone app, Vegas Mate.

    They are first come, first serve:


    Redeem in iTunes or the ‘App Store’ app on the phone.

  10. On the east-side the drinks are cheaper, if you pay for ’em. Is the Casino Royal the only place on the strip with beer for a buck?

  11. Love the podcast. Tim has me wondering. Does the following listener exist? A die hard Minnesota Viking fan who has a massive Ed Hardy wardrobe, and listens to nothing but Santana & Matt Goss. The caller = podcast gold

  12. Hunter – thanks so much for the free codes. I snagged one and have been playing with the Vegas Mate app since yesterday and love what I see. Can’t wait to try it out in Vegas in 8 days! Love your podcast as well – looking forward as always to the next installment.

    My favorite part of the latest podcast was the howl of one of the dogs as Michele led them outside. Thank you Tim for not editing out Zoe and Otis – we love them.

  13. Hey Tim and Michelle–I think it was this podcast that you mentioned the Witchdoctor Drink from the Voodoo Lounge. I’m just writing to thank you for the inspiration–I made it this weekend for a gathering, complete with dry ice, four types of rum, and six types of alcohol all told. Dinner companions were suitably impressed.
    The Podcast is great. Keep it up.

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