Five Hundy by Midnight 226: Nightclubs and Bars

Las Vegas podcast #226 includes:

  • Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels opener
  • Thoughts about Terry Fator
  • DJ AM dies
  • Prive still doesn’t quite get it
  • Mirage announces B.B. King’s Blues Club
  • Aria gets The Deuce Bar, Luxor gets The Douche Bar
  • The Strip gets a Hard Rock Cafe
  • Elvis Cirque show gets a name: Viva Elvis
  • Carmen Electra returns
  • Coast shuttles relocate
  • What Women Want Pass from
  • Listener calls about Mandalay Bay, magicians, Red Rock, Lion’s Share, Tuscany, Blackjack Switch, Luxor’s light, Firefly, LaBayou, Big Shot, Wynn, Encore, Peppermill, Rehab, Imperial Palace karaoke, Venetian smell, Jaws slots and more
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16 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 226: Nightclubs and Bars

  1. Quite the accent on your friend from Maine.

    You have to mention Dyslexic Heart. I missed episode 2 in July.

    Does it really tell you what women want?

    Good show.


  2. Love Love Love the fellow from Maine’s comment about why you shouldn’t bring kids to Vegas! I wholeheartedly agree!!

  3. I think I figured out why Luxor has been cursed with the losing hand that is Kris Angel…

    Modern day Curse of the Pharaohs!

    Odds are when those douches decided to de-theme the Luxor, they removed the Hieroglyphic panel which was keeping the curse at bay.

    The hotel is just going to keep deteriorating until they appease the Ancient spirits by restoring the Egyptian theme. Only then can Kris Angel be cast back into the nether world from w’inst he came.

  4. Listening through Whitney Houston’s new album – out of boredom scanning the sleeve notes noticed it was recorded at Palms, Vegas. Which suprised me as did not know that they had that sort of set up.

    Three things come to mind. Firstly, that it would be an ideal link for her if she wanted to have a residency ( if her voice is still up to it ! ) after her current tour. Secondly, anyone know of any other artists who have recorded their albums at the Palms ? Thirdly, does this mean that Podcast-a-Howeveryouspellit will be released as a limited edition box set ?

  5. Just got back from fast and furious 48 hours in Vegas with the fellas.

    Haven’t listened to the new installment yet but if someone was talking about kids in Vegas, I’ve got to concur. There are few things more disturbing than either seeing a 7-year-old sauntering through the casino at 1:30am or seeing parents pushing a rickety umbrella stroller through the casino, crammed with a passed-out kid who is 5 times too big for the contraption, their knees jammed up under their lolling chin. I don’t know who I feel worse for, the parents or the kids. My kids will not see Vegas until age 18, if not 21, by God.

    One final insight from the trip: if the low limits at Strip joints like Casino Royale and O’Shea’s are attractive but the lack of available table space at night squeezes you out, try Imperial Palace. All the mildewed basement atmosphere with three times the number of tables.

  6. I like the idea of adding a small club to the Mirage that can do small club bookings. I think because of the tower deluxe rooms, blt burger, and Carnegie deli its become a solid plan B for me. The mirage has an essence of trying really hard, but not being ridiculous. It just feels like a property that’s smart. I think its clearly one of the luckier properties, they lost Sig And Wah, and replaced it with something cool, their room renovations were smart, and worked, and the volcano sucks less than last time, but is, c’mon SO vegas, and they were smart not to blow that. I think 30 years from now it will be still standing.

  7. Going to Vegas next month (Oct. 3 weekend – Staying at the Venetian). I’ll do a phone report, and try my hand at the Lion’s Share down the street. Maybe I’ll do both at the same time? “Blue Man” and Phantom are the pre-arranged fare. Other than that, I’ll be looking for the best drinks, and plan to spend Sunday watching the Giants game on Sunday.

    My wife doesn’t approve of gambling or drinking, but I do, so she doesn’t get a say! She likes shopping, so I think the Venetian is a good compromise. 🙂

    I had to show my wife the unfortunate Ed Hardy trend in Vegas (on-line). She’s a fashion geek, so now that I planted the seed we’ll see how many Ed Hardy dweebs she’ll pick out. Maybe she won’t notice my third martini.

  8. Ignore Lucy from Des Moines – The Horseshoe in Council Bluffs is miles ahead of Harrah’s North Kansas City. First of all, the ‘Shoe is all on one level, and the poker room is bigger and prettier, however I’ve had better results in KC. Thankfully the citizens of Missouri saw fit to get rid of that stupid $500 every two hours loss limit, so the action may be even better now. I’ll find out when I swing through in mid-October.

  9. Help!

    I’m experiencing an issue with my iPhone, and wanted to see if anyone else here has experienced the issue, and hopefully has a fix…

    Every time I try to download an episode of FHBM directly on to my iPhone, it ALWAYS fails at about 80%. Other podcasts download just fine, but every week I end up having to download it into iTunes and sync my phone up to copy it over.

    It’s driving me nuts! Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  10. Tom: I’m going to be doing some behind-the-scenes site upgrades this weekend. I’m hoping that fixes the iPhone download issue.

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  12. SDF:
    Interesting… I hadn’t noticed they had those pages.

    I’m not sure if you’re point is that you think that is why they are de-theming, or if you think that being more friendly toward gays is why Luxor is cursed? lol, hopefully not the latter. Michelle like her gays, and she’ll pounce on you 🙂

    But in any case, I am a huge fan of the themes, so I hope the trend stops and reverts at some point.

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