Five Hundy by Midnight 227: Dogs and Kids Ruin Everything

Las Vegas podcast #227 includes:

  • Millionaire Matchmaker opener
  • Rehab get busted
  • MGM Grand opens CSI: The Experience
  • Peepshow extends Holly Madison
  • Zowie Bowie double teams Monte Carlo
  • Dear Tim and Michele returns
  • Listener calls about Ellis Island, gambling with/for Tim and Michele, Atlantic City slots, Jaws, restaurant week, Mesa Grill, Las Vegas weddings, Wynn Las Vegas, Top Chef Las Vegas, Stripsteak, Pink’s, Burger Bar, Ed Hardy douchecapes, Minus 5, Olympic Garden and more
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22 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 227: Dogs and Kids Ruin Everything

  1. We got married at Planet Hollywood in 2008. We had ~32 guests and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The service was great and the entire weekend was very low stress.

  2. Not only is FiveHundy the definitive source for all things Vegas, but every week I learn something new that has nothing at all to do with our favorite destination. This week it was ‘disposable pets’. Who would have thought? Probem with a guinea pig? Got a rodent gone bad? No Problem – it’s disposable. What a concept??? You guys are the best!

  3. At just under 9 minutes into the podcast, Michele says, “There’d be some cleverly-situated pasties involved” (with respect to staging Jubilee in Minneapolis).

    Not only would “Cleverly-Situated Pasties” be a great name for a rock band (with apologies to Dave Barry), it raises the question of what stupidly-situated pasties might look like.

    Kinda brings a whole new meaning to the Spinal Tap quote that Tim twittered recently about the fine line between clever and stupid.

  4. Reason to go to Excalibur – Baja Fresh is a fast food Mexican place that recently opened. It’s a chain and it’s not truly authentic (I live in San Diego so it’s not Taco shop authentic) but it’s tasty. They have excellent nachos with carne asada or pollo asada (or without but why would you ever go without?). I prefer Carne Asada since it is, after all, sweet meat from the heavens.

    It’s not a bar but you could get yours to go and wander down towards Dick’s Last Resort, order a beverage of your choosing and stare at the scantily clad stripper/dancer/entertainer/ho strutting around the stage surrounding the blackjack pit right there.


  5. The Nacho’s at Lucky’s (Hard Rock Casino) really hit the spot on my last trip. Large portion so you would want to split them. Mind you I ate these at 3am after drinking all day and not eating since noon. I remember there being a ton of soupy cheese on the bottom, and not the crappy yellow stadium cheese.

    FLAMINGO GO POOL update. Found out this week that 4 people from our group including myself all came home with rashes and bacterial infections from the pool. GROSS!! There were a ton of people in that thing and a thick layer of film floating on the top at the end of the day. Still , had a lot of fun!

    WEDDING UPDATE: Both mine and my fiance’s parents really hate the idea of a Vegas wedding. Not really their decision to make, but it does put a monkey wrench into our plans and takes the wind out of sails.

  6. Blondies is a great recommendation by one of your callers. When I travel with a group (4+) we go there to watch the early NFL games. The all you can drink deal is too late in the day for the 10am (Vegas time) NFL games. I’m usually not sober by 3 when I start drinking at 10am.

    Prices at Blondies are really good compared to bars back here and when going with a group prices end up being about $20/person for what ends up being all we can eat or drink.

    If I get drink tickets when I bet I’ll usually use them at another time. Mandalay Bay had the best drink service of the sportsbooks I’ve been too.
    I cannot wait until I’m in Vegas for football. Thanks for stoking the coals.

  7. How bout the dogs as “guest” at podcast-a-palooza? The show wouldn’t be the same without them…

  8. Wow, Tim, your tweet about Patrick Swayze’s death came in a full 30 minutes before CNN’s breaking news text message. Kinda odd that he died the same week that Michele rallied for “Dirty Dancing the Musical” on stage.

  9. OK – I don’t get it. Tim – I am a Twitter novice. I follow you (and Michelle) and I don’t know how to re-tweet on your tweets (I’ll make it my mission to figure it out). How do you have the physhic ability to know about celebrity deaths before the major media? You knew about Michael Jackson, Billy Mayes and Patrick Swazye before anybody else. How do you do that? You must have some special connection to a greater power. Does that explain all of your royals?

  10. Tim, you missed out the most disposable of pets . . . the gold fish. As a child I remember they were forever being flushed down the toilet and replaced by new ones. I think it was probably cheaper to get a new one than feed to old one.

    On another point, I saw my first Ed Hardy arsehole walking down the street at the weekend, I’m pretty sure we don’t have that crap sold over here in England yet, so I’m thinking customs missed a trick there, they should have arrested his arse for trying to import obscene materials.

    I’m a massive fan of nachos so really pleased to hear some good suggestions on where to go for decent ones. Can’t wait get over there now, a little over 4 weeks to go!! Keep up the good work guys, hopefully see you at the podcast-a-palooza.

  11. As a parent who wouldn’t think of taking my kid to Vegas, I had to weigh in on the guy who supported the concept. While I agree with Tim and Michele that he had some good points, isn’t the point of taking the family on vacation somewhere to enjoy the destination and not find creative ways to avoid certain parts of the destination?

    I’m sorry, but if I am taking my family there, I just want to relax and enjoy the city. I don’t want to deal with worrying about where kids have to walk through to access the pool and whether I can hire a babysitter so I can do something. Just leave the kids at home and take them to Vegas when they are old enough to enjoy it.

    My 9-year-old has a Vegas t-shirt and keychain and a promise to go there with me when she turns 21.

  12. Somehow my mail is being interpreted as advocating taking your kids to Vegas. That wasn’t the point of the mail at all.

    The point of the mail was that you CAN take your kids to Vegas if you’re willing to put some thought and effort into it. The entire family can have a fantastic time so long as you’re willing to deal with some of the tradeoffs. If that’s too much effort for you, byt all means, leave the kids at home or go somewhere else.

  13. several comments that are actually relevant to the show; nothing about hall and oates or the flamingo penguins. Here we go:

    -experienced the CSI Experience when it came to a local museum. Took the kid who was about 12 years old at the time and he enjoyed it. It was interesting in an educational sort of way. $30 is ridiculous unless they’ve done something really incredible to it. The actor is just some randomn person in a lab coat. Don’t waste your precious Vegas time on it, take the kids when it comes to your city if they like that sort of thing.

    -currently have 4 gold fish that have been alive for over two years…it is the ultimate flushable pet, but these don’t seem to die.

    -bought my wife a slightly used bird in January of 1990 and it’s still alive making a lot of noise and mess. Tim knows what he speaks and may have been referring to this particular bird. We’ve been told they rarely live past 15 years. Lucky us.

    -we’ve had quite a few random rodents, gerbils, mice, etc. The goldfish are more durable.

    I need to go and continue packing…not vegas this time, but…

  14. Saw U2 last night.. Stage awesome. Show O.K. not blown away like Vegas. Too big. Floor all GA at $50. Need $250 for good view. Bad hair cut on Bono.

  15. Tim and Michelle,

    Regarding your search for good nachos: I know that Margaritaville at Flamingo is sort of bland, maybe because of the ubiquity of the franchise, but I have a recommendation I’d like to share: Go to the upper deck, and order the “Volcano Nachos”! If I remember right, it’s about $10 – $13 bucks, and keep in mind, the serving size will feed two people! Use the extra money you’ve saved to order some fruity drinks from the drink menu and spend some quality time watching the crowds on the Strip below! Great view and great experience all for less than the price of a boring buffet! I recommend it highly!

    BTW, sorry for making 2 trips to LV without calling with a update/drunk dial.


  16. Hey Five Hundy:

    Two things. First, I took the advice of your caller and made a paypal donation in the amount of the video poker results from 20 hands. I had to use VP Genius, so they were virtual results, but a virtual $20 turned into a real $30 which is headed your way. It works out to about $1 for each month of the podcast that I’ve enjoyed. Keep up the good work.

    Second, an odd Vegas siting on the History Channel. There’s a show called “Pawn Stars” about a pawn shop in downtown Vegas. Some shots of the city, otherwise its a series about a pawn shop.

  17. Hi Five Hundy, I just wanted to give my thoughts on the Nacho conversation from this show. I know you two aren’t big fans of Margaritaville, but i have to tell you that I cannot go to Vegas without going there for their Volcano Nachos. They are huge, big enough to share with a few friends after many drinks. Here is a picture of them on my most recent trip this past June.

    Let me know what you think.


  18. hey Jaime,

    I think we all need to re-think m-ville after that picture. How much was it? I’m a strong believer in being hydrated hard core the day OF drinking (trying to do it after won’t do a bit of good) some greasy, make your system work kinda food (nachos certainly fits the bill)

  19. Al—

    I also highly recommend the Volcano Nachos. My husband and I had them as our first meal in Vegas last October. We hadn’t eaten at all that day from getting up at 4:30am Central and getting to Margaritaville at Noon Vegas time. So we were quite hungry and hardly made a dent in them when we were finished! No need to get the side of Salsa that they offer or add chicken to it. They are plenty as is. We each had a rum drink and margarita on top of it all and it was sooo delicious. Next time we get back to Vegas, it will be our first stop again. Highly recommend it.

  20. Hey Al, i want to say the Nachos were between $8 and $10. But dont quote me on that as i usually tend to eat them after a few drinks. But i know they are cheap enough and big enough to share with between 2 and probably 5 people (possibly even more) as a meal in itself.

  21. Hi Jaime,
    Those nachos look great! I know I’m posting this way after this podcast but if you check back on these comments I’d love to know where you got that hotdog with all the condiments in little dishes that were after your nacho pics. It looks really good!
    Thanks, Ruth

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