Five Hundy by Midnight 229: Long Live Stupak

Las Vegas podcast #229 includes:

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19 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 229: Long Live Stupak

  1. Dave’s video report is awesome ! Thanks Dave.
    Amazing research by you guys as ususal. How do you find stuff like that Bob Stupak song ? Another great show.
    Countdown to Philippines for me. If anyone has any tips please let me know.
    I think one of the best Vegas values is this podcast. Always entertaining and informative.

  2. He even has a pic with Marty Allen . Who can say they have that ?
    Anybody see what happened in the Manila, Philippines today ? I can’t wait to go…

  3. Yo, Aubrey, I’m really happy about your body issues and Imma let you finish but Holly Madison has some of the best boobies OF ALL TIME!

  4. I’m going to be in Vegas the week of Oct. 12. Is that when you’re going?

  5. As always, great show. And love Dave’s video report. I’m a Baltimore native so the opening shot of Charm City was a nice touch.

  6. Sorry to hear about Stupak :(. Does anyone know what the story behind the huge scar on his mouth is?

  7. Stupak had a near fatal motorcycle accident in the mid-90s and broke nearly every bone in his face. He had quite a bit of plastic surgery.

  8. Maybe Aubrey was upset that the photos weren’t going to be heavily airbrushed like her spread in the March 2009 issue of Playboy?

  9. Dave’s video report was incredible. Would love to see more of those in the future.

    Great work.

  10. To the gentleman looking for an Italian place, previously I have dined at al Dente in Bally’s its a reasonably priced place and the food was pretty good, that’s if you’re looking for a red sauce Italian place, not like a Bartolatta type place…whatever kind of fancy name that kind of italian is.

  11. OK. Never stayed at either and have the opportunity coming up. So, I ask: Which is better Venetian or Palazzo?

  12. Brilliant Trip Report Dave! The departing shot of the Strip brings tears to my eyes…I must get back there soon or i will go insane!
    The pool at Mandalay Bay looks great too, might stay there one time.

  13. Steve Wynn is boring? What about when he slapped the hooker and detained her by bear hugging her?

    Porn slapper are paid the same way “free club pass guy” is paid. there is a PIN on the cards they hand out. When services are purchaced or when a club is visitethe person who is assigned to that card gets a kick back. That is why you shoudl not buy or pay for those free club passes from the guys standing on the streets. On the other hand, if your doorman, bellman, valet etc gives you a pass, a little thank you gratuity is apreciated. He saved you a ton of money in entrance fees after all.

    A quick Google Image search with filter ‘off’ for “Aubrey O’Day topless” will reviel the pirate photo. I guess her attornies didn’t do all that good of a job. In fact, I think I will ‘borrow’ the photo from some where and put it on my blog.

    I never got paid from so why not try again? 🙂

  14. Just watched the Aubrey O’Day youtube and I have a question. Who the fuck is Aubrey O’Day?

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