Five Hundy by Midnight 230: Don’t Make Me Unfollow You

Las Vegas podcast #230 includes:

  • Hammertime opener
  • The Comedy Festival gets axed again
  • Wayne Brady cancels Venetian shows
  • The Tropicana entertainment lineup continues to change
  • Taste of Wynn finally opens
  • What does Las Vegas smell like?
  • Tim rants about Twitter
  • East Coast Gambler’s list of casinos on Twitter
  • Places to comfortably dine solo
  • Listener calls
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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26 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 230: Don’t Make Me Unfollow You

  1. I saw Ed Hardy shoes in Macy’s window the other day. I was tempted to take a picture of them and send it to Michele. I wondered if it would put her off shoes forever.

  2. Regarding eating alone, eating at a Bar is an excellent recommendation.

    Some more recoccomendations.

    Bar Charlie at the Palazzo, if you want high end.

    BLT has a bar which overlooks the big grill where they make the burgers.

    Diablo’s Cantina, excellent Bar good food plenty of tv’s and a view of the strip to look at while dining.

  3. Mr. Lucky’s in the Hard Rock certainly isn’t high-end, but it has a lunch counter in front of the kitchen and waitress station that’s perfect for single dining. Plus, it has a cool vibe, kind of a retro diner theme, it’s not expensive at all, especially for Vegas, and it’s open 24/7.

    Speaking of open 24/7 (love your segues Tim), and moderately acceptable for single dining is the Victorian Cafe’ in Bill’s. They have cheap, quick food. Steak and eggs for $5.99 FTW.

    Caveat: I’m single, have been for years, so I’m quite used to eating alone. I’ll do it anywhere, whether socially acceptable or not. So take that into consideration.

    @fivehundy if I ever #followfriday, you may whack me (from @zzjitterzz)

  4. Dave – They still make Crocs, and those haven’t put me off shoes yet. The Ed Hardy footwear is on the same level of unnecessary and fugly (if it looks anything like the shirts). I’ll just shudder as I walk past them on my way to the good stuff.

  5. Tim/Michelle – Thanks for the shout out and nice words this week!

    On the solo eating tip; I either eat at a table alone early using my iphone to keep my eyes off of lurkers. It makes it feel less awkward to be pre-occupied. Also, from what I’ve seen, most steakhouses will feed you at the bar.

  6. Like Jeff said, BLT is a great dining alone option. I’m usually in Vegas alone for work and the times I’ve eaten there I’ve always found space and it’s a pretty laid back group at the bar. Another good option, while not upscale, is the ESPN Zone at New York New York. Bar is on the right as you walk in the main entrance. Nice staff.

    Tim – next time you’re in DC let me know. I’ll take you to lunch and show you a few places to grab a Vegas-style drink while you’re here.

  7. My wife won’t let me go to Vegas alone so I can’t comment but I would not care if I was because it’s Vegas. My wish list for places to eat alone, if I could go alone would be:

    1. Cafe Society-I love Encore
    2. Mandalay Bay buffet-small but great quality and I like how Mandalay Bay smells.
    3. Joel Robuchon-I could only afford one plate anyway and it is near my favorite show Ka.
    4.Nine Fine Irishman-the food is ok but overpriced, I just go there to drink anyway.
    5.Paris Buffett-I can gawk at the cocktail waitress after I eat and not worry that my wife notices.
    6.Switch-last time I went I did not bring nice enough clothes to get in-I quess I could just gamble in Encore and try to pick out the high class call girls.
    7. Earl of Sandwich-It’s just good.
    Another great show-j

  8. My issue with Ed Hardy is that I am a biker and some of my shirts have skulls on them. I don’t wear them in Vegas so people don’t mistake me for a douche.

  9. Tim, I think you pretty much nailed the “Smell of Las Vegas”:
    – cigarettes
    – cheap beer
    – axe body spray

    that’s pretty damn accurate.

  10. Whilst watching some Vegas programming last night have introduced a new game, “Guess the Year”. Things to look out for include what wraps are on what buildings, what casinos are in shot, what slot machines are in the casino and fashion trends ( in the older programs! ).

    The show was pretty dire, except maybe a burger taste test segment. Comparing McDonalds, In and Out Burger and the $5000 Fleur De Lys Burger. Predictably the $5000 burger won.

    Have no idea who this Ed Hardy guy is. Related to Thomas Hardy ?

  11. Some of my favorite solo dining spots in Vegas —

    Oyster Bar at Penazzi inside Harrah’s — It’s right on the gaming floor so lots of people-watching; the staff chats with you if you want; TVs for diversion and good clam chowder, steamed clams over pasta and a wicked blackened shrimp Caesar salad.

    Bar at Stratta inside the Wynn — Bartenders are friendly plus TVs for diversion and the pizzas and pastas are really good. Both times I’ve dined there alone, I’ve ended up talking with other single diners. Even shared a pizza with one gal.

    The bar at Emeril’s Table 10 at the Palazzo — Drinks are good — try the CosmopoliTEN — and the bar service friendly. The seared scallops were perfectly cooked and not as complicated as some of his food.

    Like Michelle, I take pics of my food, too, which usually acts as a conversation starter with other diners, bartenders. Also, I find any restaurant with patio seating — even if said patio faces indoor walkways like the ones at the Forum Shoppes, Miracle Mile, etc. — is great for solo dining because I can sit back and just do some world-class people-watching.

  12. I don’t like eating alone, but I don’t mind drinking alone. When I drink alone, I prefer to be by myself.

    Vegas smells like stale beer, spilled tequila, despair, and most importantly fun.

  13. Will be in Vegas for the big palm’s event. Can’t wait to meet you guys! My friends will be so busy betting football that they will not even know that I am gone for the podcastapalloza. See you in Vegas.

  14. Great podcast as always. Which one of the Hardy boys was Ed? Was he played by Shawn Cassidy or Parker Stevenson?

  15. I have been to Vegas solo 4 times to meet up with bands that I work with at the Viva Las Vegas and Rockabilly Rave fests. If I’m not with the bands I have to eat a few meals on my own. Buffets seem to work pretty well for the solo diner, since you’re not really dealing with a waiter/waitress and everyone around you is busy eating or going back n’ forth to/from the buffet line. The bar at BLT Burger, Burger Bar and Isla at Treasure Island are all great too. My last trip, I ate at Isla and played video poker during my meal – I got lucky and won enough to pay for my meal and a couple of margaritas!

  16. Haven’t listened to the show yet, but I just got back from Vegas last night 🙁 We found the best bartender at Harrahs. The bar in front has a bartender named Ernie who works until 4pm. He’s the friendliest bartender ever and is very generous with the free drinks while playing video poker, you don’t even really need to play much, just put money in.

    We also went to The Pub at Monte Carlo and my husband had the fish & chips and said it was the absolute best fish & chips he’s ever had. We also tried Pearl at MGM. They have 2 tasting menus, a special Fall Tasting menu for about $49 and the Chef’s tasting menu for $69. We got both and it was amazing. Everything from the tiny starter through the dessert was soooo good. We’re definitely going back there.

    Still bummed I couldn’t be there for podcastapalloza. You guys are awesome!!!

  17. Thanks for all of the suggestions folks! I’ll be writing them down and trying a few of them out this upcoming trip.

    Tim & Michelle:

    I’ve eaten solo at SW Steakhouse at Wynn, and yes, I do believe that when they put the order in they note that it’s a single person at a table. I noticed that timing of the food delivery was much faster than what you would normally expect if there was a second person there.

    The reason why I noticed this is that I once at e at Delmonico Steak House by myself at a 4-top and ye-gods the food came out slow. The restaurant was also nearly empty so it made for the triple-threat of awkward.

  18. Is there anything they won’t try to sell you in Vegas? Usually I treat myself to a cigar or two or three when I am in Vegas. So whenever I smoke a cigar I do get a strong Vegas feeling.

    My dining alone spot is J Pop sushi inside Mandalay Bay. There is a counter with two large tv to watch the big games. And yes the sushi is very good but expensive.

  19. For dining alone options, try Mesa Grill and sit at the bar. Hopefully, Effen is the bartender. He’ll keep you company and, if you’re interested, he’ll teach you all there is to know about tequila.

    Also, try sitting outside at Mon Ami Gabi. There’s plenty of people-watching to keep you entertained.

  20. My favorite place to dine solo in downtown Las Vegas is at the bar in the Golden Nugget’s steak house. At Vic and Anthony’s you can order off the full menu that has great steak and seafood and the best thing is you can always get at least two ultra premium wines by glass. Most restaurants might have a nice low end Cabernet at the bar, at Vic’s you can get a glass of Quintessa or ZD by the glass. This is great if you don’t really want to order a full bottle for yourself.


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