Five Hundy by Midnight 233: Sounds Like Home

Las Vegas podcast #233 includes:

  • Dateline NBC opener
  • Garth sells out
  • Mist at Treasure Island closes
  • Daniel Boulud at Wynn announces closing
  • Hooters offers wings without the pesky hot waitresses
  • Trip report about The Pub at Monte Carlo, M Resort buffet, the restored Silver Slipper sign, Society Cafe, Sinatra, THEhotel L Suite and other Las Vegas stuff
  • Trip photos and more trip photos
  • Listener calls about Cloud Nine Balloon Experience, Penn National, Lion’s Share, Slots-a-Fun, Time Machine slots, Venetian’s smell and more
  • Novel Handbags
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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18 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 233: Sounds Like Home

  1. Can someone point me in the direction of a podcast about Las Vegas that deals with us regular people and what we like to do in Vegas. I’ve looked at the photos from above and decided I can’t relate to these “beautiful people” from this Five Hundy podcast. 🙂

  2. Forget about the Rainman suite! We now have the Tim & Michelle’s suite.
    That is where I want to stay at someday.

    Thanks for the Lion’s Share update and reports fellow listeners! It makes me feel good to hear because I am wimp I like to cash out if I have a significant profit to cash out like $50. If it sounds like if I dont, I will probably lose it and the $20 I put in to start, because it is all hand out pay now. Yeah, who cashes out for $3 or less on a $1 machine? I actually saw somebody do that on the Lion’s share and sat there waiting. It bummed me out because I wanted to play it one more time for the road earlier month but I didnt want to wait.

    Hey, are there any tips on playing Sigma Derby? Betting on the long shots seems like fun … for a while until your roll of quarters is gone.

  3. On tips on playing Sigma Derby:

    I like to do a mix of bets. Put one quarter on the long shot. Then take a look at the rest of the odds. Most of the time I will put in a quarter at the 4:1 and 8:1 bets. I will usally avoid the 2:1 bets because it’s boring to bet on the sure thing. The 2:1 or 3:1 races are made up of pairs of horses. If I don’t bet 2:1, I’ll see which horses are involved and then will bet a 6:1 on one of the horses in the pair. Example: horse 1 and 4 are 2:1 favorites, so I’ll pick a 6:1 bet that involves horse 1 and horse 2 since horse 1 is shared.

    Of course, one could argue that I’ve just over-analyzed a beer & pretzels gambling game.

    The only rule I have is: put a quarter in on the longshot. I’ve personally hit a 80:1. My wife and my friend have both hit even higher than that. I think it was something like 150:1

  4. Addendum to Sigma Derby rules:

    Every once in a while when the game becomes boring, I will stop, loudly declare “I wanna feel like a winner!” and will proceed to put one quarter on every single horse combo available.

  5. Wasn’t Megan taking pictures around the room? Or was that a Jack-and-Coke induced hallucination? (which wouldn’t suprise me, I know I ate at BLT burger after the event, but I don’t recall how I got there)

  6. Thanks, Chris!

    I will try your system next time. It sounds like it makes sense after a few beers.

  7. Hand someone a camera and tell them to just start snapping. It’s always interesting because you can never figure out why they chose what they chose to actually take a picture

  8. I imagine they put those neon signs in the middle of the road there as that is where the Neon Museum is going to be.

  9. Here’s how I think the sign thing is planned. Las Vegas Boulevard from Sahara to the Settlers Fort (which, I think, is where some early Mormon settlers built a fort when they came to Las Vegas in the mid 1800s) has been declared a “Scenic Roadway” (or something to that effect) by the US Government. This qualifies for Federal funds for restoration and beautification of that corridor. Items that will preserve the historic heritage and nature of the roadway. The Neon Museum (Boneyard) is at the North end of that roadway, and the City of Las Vegas is, for the firts phase, placing the restored signs between the North end and Downtown to get the most attention early. Eventually, in about 15-20 years, the entire median between Sahara and the Neon Museum will have restored signs placed at some interval of about 3 to 6 blocks apart.

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