Five Hundy by Midnight 234: Did You Call Me a Scalper?

Las Vegas podcast #234 includes:

  • Life After People opener
  • Logic behind the Silver Slipper sign location
  • Echelon is never going to happen
  • Wynn vs. scalpers
  • Harrah’s rumored to be taking over Planet Hollywood management
  • Cabo Wabo Cantina opens soon
  • Flamingo, Harrah’s and Imperial Palace offer early check-in and late check-out for a price
  • Sahara gets a new Rat Pack show
  • Aria slot details are moderately intriguing
  • Listener calls about solo dining, Cut at Palazzo, Mix, Lagasse’s Stadium, Goldfish 2 slots, Firefly, Planet Hollywood upgrades, Jaws slots, Society, bad fashion trends, wearing name tags, Foundation Room, Lotus of Siam, Kokomo’s, BLT Burger, Sin City Brewing, George Wallace, Ka, Monte Carlo and more
  • Trippies Nominations
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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16 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 234: Did You Call Me a Scalper?

  1. I just finished exploring the website for Hackett’s Rat Pack Show, and I have to say I’m really excited about it. I called in twice in the past with reviews for the Rat Pack is Back, and 2 of my major complaints about the 2nd time I saw the show appear to have been resolved with this new version.

    1) The brought back the Marilyn Monroe sketches, with I though were really missing from the other show.
    2) Dean gets sings his what I consider his signature song, “Ain’t That A Kick in the Head.”

    I’ll definitely be seeing the new show, I might even drive out for the opening in 2 weeks, and I’ll let you what I think. But based on the clips on the website, it looks like it’s going to be a much better show.

  2. I recently stayed at Encore and have somewhat of a newsflash/inside scoop…………………… Garth Brooks is coming to Vegas. You heard it here first.

  3. Hey Tim and Michelle,

    Lots of good food and toilet photos but none of you two. I am trying to put a face to the voices. Was that your photo on the podcastapalooza montage? The sort of john goodman meets kathryn keener romantic comedy couple?
    I know you can get the burnout but I love the podcast. it may be old to your but it is relatively new to me. i love love love it. don’t stop. don’t change the formula. it’s like a marriage. you just have to keep doing it over and over again for better or worse, til death etc….

  4. Perhaps you could combine the two one day, good food in toilet photos. Maybe after a heavy night out.

    Perhaps not.

  5. Ahhahahahahahaha!! Just discovered you two nutballs. (OK I wasn’t looking) This is pod # 2 for me, I listen while I evade working at my job. So, question: whilst you were rapping about mr Hacket Jrs show, the audio is so clear, that one can hear either a rinocerous shlurping from a water dish, or someone emptying out their rather large bong. So wtf is that?? Now I feel like comic-book guy criticizing an abnormality in Radioactive Man 22….. Keep up the entertaining, its appreciated.

    PS Have you heard that Garth Brooks is coming to Vegas..?

  6. Those rhinos are our dogs. You’ll become all too familiar with their noises if you continue listening or listen to past episodes.

  7. Heard somewhere that Garth Brooks was going to be in Vegas for a little bit, so after hearing about issues ont he podcast I called Wynncore and tried to buy tickets as gifts. Apparently my request required an amendment from Congress and a Presidential pardon. Ridiculous.

  8. I’m sure you guys saw the update that they are trying to put better(?) food in the flamingo…

    Hopefully they will continue to make the chocolate banana crepes.

    Thanks for another great show.

    Do you have any sites\info on sports book betting? We’ll be back during the world cup (soccer) and wonder if there was a morons guide to sports betting. Do I just go up before the game and say $20 on Germany? or do I have to tell them by how much etc? (I’ve never placed a sports bet in my life.. normally don’t stray from goldfish\baccarat\and roulette)

  9. I tried the nametag trick, and it *did* get me a lot of attention. Then again, maybe it was because my nametag read, “Hello, my name is Pinata Massengill”.

  10. Tim…. You mentioned on the podcast about a website about dining alone in Vegas. I have my first solo trip in 2 weeks and would be interested in the info if you have it. Love the podcast.

  11. Kire – My husband loves watching horse racing at home, but until last year we’d never watched in Vegas as we were unsure of how to place a bet.

    I just picked a quiet time walked up to the desk in the Mirage sports book and asked about how to place bets. The staff were really helpful explained all the different combinations of bet which have different names in the UK to the US, and we were off, absolutely loved it. It’s a really good way of spending a few hours and in the Mirage I think we got two drink vouchers for each $10 bet, each voucher was good for a beer or single shot of well drinks.

    I’m sure they’d be as helpful with football betting, just tell them what you want to do.

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