Five Hundy by Midnight 235: Strippers in a Box

Las Vegas podcast #235 includes:

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19 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 235: Strippers in a Box

  1. I go to Vegas allot, but going to Vegas and doing some unusally things (other then slot machines) so I was hoping that you guys might have some answers and advice.

    1. How long is the Boneyard / Neon Museum tour? I want to see if I can make it right before my flight out of town.

    2. Some family members want to go to a firing range. Anyone know what’s the best firing range?

    3. Any suggestions for the best NON-FANCY dinner in or around The Venetian? Non-Fancy meaning I am wearing Jeans and a T-Shirt but want good food.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Jim:

    In a previous trip a group of us went to ‘The Gun Store’:

    We rented a glock handgun and an HK MP5. Place was clean and professional. We were there at the same time that the Circus Circus security guards were getting weapons qualification training. I kid you not. We joked the entire time that if they would be given stuffed animals as prizes if they hit their targets. One poor recruit started firing before the instructor was ready and he got his ass chewed out.

    On Venetian:

    I’m always a fan of Thomas Keller’s Bouchon at Venetian. It’s a bistro where you can get really good food and still have it be casual.

  3. Jim from LA – I did the neon boneyard tour in November 2008, from what I remember the tour is about an hour and a half, my husband wouldn’t have stayed away from The Strip for any longer (he calls it the light bulb museum !).

    The staff are very helpful and I’ve sent them a few questions via email which they always answer quickly. Don’t know if the donation has changed but it cost us $15 and the tour was well worth the price, and I would happliy go again.

  4. If Michele’s dream combination of boos and entertainment came to fruition, wouldn’t it be the Boob Man Group?

  5. Capriotti’s is a Delaware-based chain that offers a wide variety of hoagies, including the phenomenal Bobbie — Thanksgiving dinner on a roll. Among their many Vegas outposts, they have a place in Red Rock’s food court.

  6. Greg W,

    You are so right on the money about Capriotti’s. That place is awesome for sandwhiches. Tim & Michelle I know you don’t see the point of eating chain food while in Vegas, and for that matter neither do I, but Capriotti’s is unlike anything else. I’ll put it this way. If you like Earl of Sandwhich you’ll love Capriotti’s. If you’ve never checked one out you definitly should. In addition to the Turkey sandwhich they have a Pastrimi sandwhich called the Capastrimi that is amazing. It’s got this russian dressing and tastes mouthwatering.

    Thanks for the Earl of Sandwhich recommendation. I’ve eaten there my last two trips!

    Thanks for the great podcast. Keep up the great work!

  7. I’ll happily eat at a chain if it’s something we can’t get at home. We shall seek out Capriotti’s based on all of these great reviews. Thanks everybody!

  8. The “strippers in a box” thing was copied from the “Voyeur Bus” that the radio show Opie & Anthony did in NY many, many years ago. Except their girls were topless 😛

  9. buchanner’s gold…I think I lost $50 just listening to that clip, but somehow it was worth it

  10. A conundrum:

    If Jon Gosselin can be blamed for bringing Ed Hardy out of the douchebag underground and into the mainstream, can he therefore be thanked for its cultural neutralization, thereby leading to a quicker demise?

    I leave it up to you brilliant social historians to sort this one out.

  11. Sounds like the pups liked their new treats, but don’t blame me for gross noises, I suggested the Bully Sticks.

    Glad you liked the picture I emailed you.


  12. Jim:

    Try First Food at the Palazzo\Venetian. Not fancy but very good.


  13. “Jersey Boys with Boobs”…wasn’t that the name of a Kevin Smith film a few years back?

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