Five Hundy by Midnight 236: The End of a Very Short Era [Repost 2]

Las Vegas podcast #236 includes:

  • 21 opener
  • No more strippers on wheels
  • More problems for Prive
  • Goodbye Dan Marino’s, hello Mad Onion
  • Celine isn’t pregnant
  • New Year’s Eve fireworks return to the rooftops
  • Mirage gets a tattoo joint. Yawn.
  • Planet Hollywood announced PHantastic Pass promotion
  • Listener calls about Bette Midler, Jersey Boys, Lavo, Sahara gambling, Stratosphere, Jaws slots, Andrew Dice Clay, IP’s Elvis exhibit, Peepshow, Frank Caliendo, Palazzo, Wranglers hockey and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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13 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 236: The End of a Very Short Era [Repost 2]

  1. Getting into the spirit of the upcoming holiday, I’m thankful there were no calls from your French sex superhero. He kinda creeps me out.

  2. I’m with you re: Viva Elvis. Its a definate see on our next trip.

    Just checking out the Aria site, seems the previews are 12/18 to 1/28 which are 25% off the ticket prices of $99-$175.

    If you go before us, look forward to hearing a review!

  3. Minus 5 is cool, but it would be a lot more fun with LOTS of people. It’s a tiny space (for obvious energy reasons) and you can’t bring anything in (no purse, digital camera or phones-apparently screens will crack because of temperature variance, and the bartender told us it wouldn’t make them any money either). It’s so cold for 2 reasons, 1)the cup you drink out of is made of ice(you can find molds for ice cups and shot glasses online) and 2)vodka doesn’t freeze. Well, good vodka doesn’t freeze. I made the mistake of going in August in shorts and paid a lot for the “experience” and 2 drinks, then left. I was more irritated that I shaved my lags and now couldn’t tell. So, you can recreate the experience by standing in your backyard when its minus 5 (what else), in Ugg type boots, a heavy coat and gloves next to the snow/ice status of Elvis (Elvis is a must to truly experience it) while drinking out of a cup made of ice, or drinking your libation from the tits of an ice luge sculpture. Yes, an ice luge where your shot must be sucked from boobs. If I were to have gone with several friends, I’m sure it would have been something to stick around for…but those shoes aren’t going to buy themselves.

  4. down with prive!
    i just got back from a trip and went to prive. it was open bar for ladies from 11pm to midnight. my gf got me a drink and the bouncers saw and made me buy the drink. lol. o well. but down with them!

  5. i was the drunk one who called four times. yes the seats for peepshow were great! front row of seats(not tables) dead center in front of the stage.

    The prive wristbands were supposed to be for free entry and for free booze until midnight for both my gf and i i was told. we got up there and fed us a line of bullshit about no free entry but free drinks still so i paid for us to go in under the impression that we would both still get free drinks. the gf did and i didnt thats y i went after hers lol! but its just a ploy for them to get people in their club and make money.

    the stripper truck had the four girls on it but they were not really doing anything when i saw them, just leaning against the window talking to each other not even looking on the strip.

    oh, and the cab driver i didnt tip……its cause he was an ass and had a bad attitude when i was just trying to talk with him at the begining of the trip. then he gave me false information and i had heard enough.

    keep up the good work guys!

  6. Though I may or may not have agreed with the reason for ‘not tipping’ the cabbie, I will say that tipping is an ‘option’. If it were mandatory it would be part of the fee. If you are unsatisfied with the service – that is your right as a consumer not to tip. A tip is not an obligation, even if it is customary.

    Anyone who is unsatisfied with their service – don’t tip. However, there is something to be said for tipping your bartender very well with the first drink no matter how watered down it is. Your next pour will likely be better.

  7. We lost our Diamond status in March09 after 3 years. At first it really sucked because we had been spoiled with the Diamond Lounge and especially the Diamond check in. We usually stay at Flamingo and it was really nice to use Diamond check in, not to mention the separate line at restaurants. But we are pretty much over it now. We still continue to get good offers for tournaments etc. and are usually able to book 5 comped nights on the website without any problem. Maybe one of us will hit it next year but I doubt it because we have now been trying out other casinos which is a good thing.

  8. Another great show, guys. A lot of really valuable information (especially my girlfriend left for Vegas the next day – so I gave it to her to listen to on the plane. One more convert!). When I told my girlfriend that the strippermobile was no more she got very upset. She’d really be wanting to see it.

    Glad to hear you were listening to, and commenting on, the calls again this week. not a fan of the Last Call segment because it is Tim & Michelle free. I enjoy the banter.

    Again, awesome show. can’t wait for the next one.

    Colin from Toronto

  9. FYI…..just got back and our count of Ed Hardy t-shirts this time around was only 5….although 2 of those were on women! Down considerably from our trip in August! The trend will be gone SOON!!

  10. The Unofficial Guide To Las Vegas (2010) Author: Bob Sehlinger has finally received a major update. Interesting to us that are Vegas obsessed, it was the classic travel guide going back to the 90’s but received just sparse updates over the years, it’s really been updated for this latest release and worth browsing at your local Borders or Barnes N Noble, if you’re a vegas junkie like me you’ve been buying it every year regardless of the lack of updates, This year they’ve added about 60 pages and revamped most reviews. This is awesome bathroom reading for a vegas lover and their new takes on things in this recession vegas from bringing kids to tasting menus are fresh and well thought out. It’s a fun book!

  11. also– this edition contains a remarkable description of aria, of the like I haven’t read anywhere. Plus an in depth look at Mandarin

  12. Love the show as always .. just a small update .. according to the oracle of all knowledge .. Wikipedia .. Chelsea Handler is still banging the boss .. which still explains a lot.

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