Five Hundy by Midnight 237: A Rare Exclusive

Las Vegas podcast #237 includes:

  • Beyonce opener
  • Harrah’s confirms move to acquire Planet Hollywood
  • Carl Ichan bids on Fontainebleau
  • Exclusive: Hash House A Go Go prepares for new Imperial Palace location
  • The Rose Cocktail Room coming to Mandalay Bay
  • More entertainment changes at The Riv
  • Michele’s Sinatra tasting menu review
  • Listener calls
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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24 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 237: A Rare Exclusive

  1. I know you guys aren’t big Viking fans, but you have to be getting a little caught up in BRET-A-MANIA!


  2. As a Packers fan, I apologize to fans of all the other teams for having to endure all those years of the media slurping Favre. Now that he’s off my team, I can see just how sickening it was for all of you.

    If Harrahs screws with Earl of Sandwich, heads will roll.

  3. Had breakfast at the HH a GG a couple of years ago. Crazy servings. Should have just had the hub cap sized pancake. fits the IP.


  4. As for the guy calling about the FSE being 4 feet long and powered by gas lamps in 1906, I think someone was making a joke that nobody got.

  5. Whoa! Roach Clip got comped a free dead hooker under the bed? I had to pay for my last one.

  6. The guy who thought everything was GREAT was using a play on words to describe the experience of being on Fremont Street in those days and those few lamps would be the only show of lights which were quite the deal at the time.

  7. hey tim & michelle, yes mark is correct, the 4 foot long fremont experiencei was a joke that nobody got. next time i’ll have to have the rim shot sound effect when i call. but you were correct we had a great time.

  8. hey Michelle, that’s okay i still love the podcast. but yeah it was a joke because we hate the fremont experience. not only is it lame and they stopped the cowboy from waving but they keep showing the same videos over and over.
    it amused me to think of a 1906 version with singing cowboys intercut with can can /saloon girls in black and white silent movie footage projected onto a little archway.

  9. After listening to this last show, I’ve come to the conclusion that I should never drunk dial again.

    At the start of the trip I mentioned that I’d give a review about staying on the Wynn Tower side indead of the standard Wynn resort side. What I want to say is too long to go into a phone call, so I’m going to type it on the fly. Please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors on the way.

    This trip was my first time staying on the Wynn Tower side having previously stayed on the Wynn Resort side and also at Four Seasons. The Wynn Towers have a reputation as having excellent service, above what you’d normally get on the resort side. It’s also marketed as ‘exclusive’ which is just short-hand for ‘expensive’.

    So is there a difference in staying on the Tower side? Yes, but the differential between the Resort and the Tower is not as great as you think it should be. Once you leave your room and go into the main casino floor, everything is the same, so you have to think of it in terms of room, service, and finally the intangible ‘atmosphere’.

    The room: what you’d expect. Clean. Well appointed. The rooms on the Tower side tend to be larger and more expensive, but they weren’t better than a King on the Resort side.

    The service: surprisingly, the service was about what you’d get on the Resort side. Yes, there is a human concierge you can visit on the Tower side, but I didn’t notice a remarkable difference in the otherwise excellent service you already get at Wynn. Maybe I didn’t ask enough of the service and I didn’t have any particular diva like requests, but service felt the same. I was expecting perfection given the rates normally charged and it just didn’t happen. There were two incidents, one involving misleading info from a concierge, the other pertained to slowlness in getting dishes clear from my room.

    The only real difference between the Tower and Resort sides of Wynn is in the atmosphere and feel. The Tower side was quieter, more intimate, and with less people hustling and bustling about. During my entire trip, I think I only ran into a single person waiting at the elevator core. All the other times I was the only one going up or down, so it felt a lot more private and secluded. I like that sort of thing, so this was a noticable difference.

    Overall, I liked the feel of the Tower and its less crowded, boutique feel. Could I get this someplace else? Yes. At Four Seasons the rooms are worse and you’re at Mandalay Bay which is a consolation prize compared to Wynncore’s food and casinos. But you can still maintain the boutique feel and the excellent level of service for sometimes 1/3 less than what it would take to stay at Wynncore Resort side.

    Would I stay on the Tower side again? Could I afford stay on the Tower side again? Yes, and probably not. This last trip I had 50% off of the published room rate making it within my means. For full price? Unless I win the lottery, probably not again.

  10. Quick Viking comment. A few idiots behind me at the sports book in the Venetian on the 6th of December. One was a Viking fan. I have nothing against Viking fans (there are plenty of them around here). I have something against induhvidual idiots, regardless of their affiliations or assorted identity crises. The Vikings played the Sunday night game against the Cardinals. He re-booked his flight and paid $150 so that he could watch them (lose). Of course, like all sports book idiots, he thought everyone cared.

  11. Tim, thank you so much for playing Steel Panther. I’d never heard them before but after listening to the podcast I went out and got their CD. Frickin’ awesome!

    Oh yeah, great show!

  12. Watching ‘Las Vegas’ today and saw Metal Skool/Steel Panther performance (Sam goes to work for Shooters) and I recgonized them after hearing this podcast. My husband almost drove off the road laughing at that song. Another wonderful addition to my iTunes library, courtesy of Five Hundy. Have a great Christmas you two!

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