Five Hundy by Midnight 238: Coming to the Stage Next… Aria

Las Vegas podcast #238 includes:

  • Build it Bigger opener
  • More on Harrah’s attempt to acquire Planet Hollywood
  • Binion’s announces hotel closure
  • Barry Manilow moves to Paris
  • X-Factor pondering move to Las Vegas
  • Aria opening coverage (soon)
  • 2009 Trippies voting is open. We’re nominated!
  • To “the” or not to “the”
  • Listener calls about Paris, 2012, Minus 5 Ice Lounge, Encore, THEhotel, Gordie Brown, Wynn, Vdara, The Crystals, Monte Carlo, Peepshow and more.
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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17 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 238: Coming to the Stage Next… Aria

  1. I’ll be staying at the Paris soon…booked my room using the internets. hope I win playing the video poker

  2. X Factor.

    Ok, cant believe I’m making a post about the show, but it has sucked me in this year.

    It is roughly based on the American Idol/Pol Idol format. The main difference being that the contestants are split into categories ( girls, boys, groups, over 25’s ) with each category having the same number of contestants. Each Judge is given a category to mentor and champion.
    Thus leads to lots of snide remarks between the Judges ( sometimes distracting from the actual acts, but it does make it entertaining ).

    Reading through the various articles which have been published on the Vegas move ( think I posted a link to one of them in last weeks comments ) Ceasars Palace has been muted several times as the base for the shows.

    Fox will be showing the US version in Spring.

    The pay per view thing is in regards to an international show, once the XFactor has been rolled out to several countries – the winners of which will then compete against each other. Vaguely remember them trying this with Pop Idol several years ago ( Christmas Special ? ) … was not good.

    There, now you can answer any X Factor questions in your local pub quiz.

  3. I think the female caller who talked about putting on bets for a friend was mixing up her podcasts.

    I think she is referring to a recent(ish) episode of the Strip podcast. Steve Friess said it had crossed his mind not to put on a bet for a friend. Steve did put the bet on but Miles ripped into him for even thinking of not putting it on. So hopefully that is cleared up.

    As for the X factor (sheesh …..). X factor was pretty much a Pop Idol rip off with more money going to Simon Cowell as it is controlled by his company. The Pop Idol producer sued and it got settled out of court. I expect Cowell is planning something similar for the US. You poor bastards!!!!

    Every year my wife and daughter monopolise the tv on a Saturday night to watch this crap and now it actually extends onto Sunday night too. FFS

  4. Tim,

    You truly did not give this movie enough justice in your description during the show. Not only is it Buscemi-Tastic , but it involves the very talented and very little person Peter Dinklage. This movie (vegasness aside) has the potential to be a very good movie.

    Tc from Boston

  5. Glad to hear back about the proposal! My husband and I were really worried. It was funny because it got my husband and I talking about when he proposed to me, and I had a very bad day and was a raging bitch, and he still wanted to marry me. Funny stuff. We also threatened my mother several times that we would go to Vegas and get married. My dad offered to pay. 🙂 Happy engagement and congrats!

  6. Hi,

    Does anybody know what part of the Fashion Show Mall that the M Hotel & Casino shuttle picks you up at. Thanks everyone, since I heading down to the big LV this weekend.

  7. Lou,

    Thanks for the info regarding the M Resort shuttle. Only two more days for me and I will be in the big LV.

  8. Maybe Harrah’s is getting help from Terrance Watanabe buy P Ho. Who is he ? He’s the guy who paid 5.6% of Harrah’s Entertainment’s gambling revenue last year (about $127 mill) – He lost so much money that they invented a new Total Rewards level just for him (“Chairman”). The WSJ has a very interesting article on him and his troubles with Harrah’s here

  9. here’s the most shocking part of that article to me:

    ‘casino rules and state law stipulate that anyone who is clearly drunk shouldn’t be allowed to gamble’

    disgusting, disturbing; glad I’m a quiet drunk

  10. Hi Everyone,

    FYI, M Shuttle pickup at Fashion Show Mall is the Northside Valet (near Capital Grill Restaurant) according to the M Resort.

  11. From the ‘How to Manage a Casino 101’ textbook:

    Casino rules and state law stipulate that anyone who is clearly drunk shouldn’t be allowed to gamble.

    Definition of “clearly drunk:” If the player is on the floor in an uncounscious state and cannot be aroused, it’s possible that he or she is clearly drunk. If the player is slumped over a slot machine passed out pressing the ‘Play Again’ button, refrain from moving him or her until all credits are played and then move the body to a discrete area until he or she can be revived to play again.

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