Five Hundy by Midnight 239: Fanny Packs, Crocs and Cat Butts

Las Vegas podcast #239 includes:

  • Amazing Race opener
  • Wyrick Theater closes
  • Rub BBQ closes
  • Beyonce rumors heat up
  • Aria opening coverage (soon)
  • Tao/Lavo VIP pass deal and Hitzville Motown ticket deal
  • 2009 Trippies voting is open. We’re nominated!
  • Listener calls about the Las Vegas Marathon, Crystals, Fremont Street Experience, Mix, Bar Vdara, Mandarin Oriental, Wang Lei, Wazuzu, Paris, Christmas in Vegas and more.
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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29 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 239: Fanny Packs, Crocs and Cat Butts

  1. Coupla’ of things about the Amazing Race finale-

    I had the same reaction Tim did about the Monte Carlo clue. There was screaming at the television in our house.

    For those who didn’t watch this season, the hissy-fit at Love was brought to you by Miss America 2004. I kid you not.

  2. Michelle,

    Maybe this could be the call to arms to the Five Hundy Army, half marathon in 2010!

    We’d need to start training soon, though.

    I’ll do it if you do it. 😉

    Consider le gauntlet thrown for ALL listeners. I wonder if we could get half a dozen runners, if Michelle will pick it up or let it lay.


  3. One hour and Five minutes and I don’t get to hear the closing song!

    Why do you think we listen? Its only for the final tune. LOL

    Totally agree with the Airfare, looking for late Feb and prices are up about $50 each.

    Also agree with your Paris evaluation. Caesars doesn’t cut it. Love Paris except for the Tourists at the elevator entrance. Love Buggy’s bar at Flamingo in the midwest morning, 5am Vegas Time-7am Elvis Time, leaves lots of Ho watching, two time zones away.

    We go see Garth at the Bank in Owasso on Tuesdays, it’s closer, saves that round-trip, he lives about 7 miles from here… nice ranch, much bigger than Wayne’s. Of Course, Owasso isn’t any Vegas!

    Next trip CES, all the toys we want to own, before we can. Not to mention the Porno Show! All the things Tiger owns.

    Will call from Vegas.

  4. I just looked up the Mandarin Bar dress code and found you must be dressed: “Stylish Casual”

    Apparently MO is so exclusive they can make up ambiguous ways to dress…

    Any type of “casual” in my book means jeans and t-shirt! I’m leaving the slacks at home and saving money with carryon luggage. Sorry MO

  5. This is from Wyrick’s official website:

    Las Vegas, December 11, 2009 ~ “We would like to clarify the misinformation in circulation regarding reports that the Steve Wyrick Theatre has closed. The Theatre is temporarily dark, but it is expected to re-open and resume full operation before the end of the month. The unannounced closure was due to unexpected circumstances. Our goal and intent is to retain our current staff and continue to provide live entertainment from the Steve Wyrick Theatre located in Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood,” commented Steve Wyrick, Headliner and Owner, Steve Wyrick Theatre.

    Mr. Wyrick has been performing in Las Vegas since 1997, and has successfully operated his magic/illusionist stage show at the Steve Wyrick Theatre since January 2007.

  6. Donald Trump was just asked on Larry King to comment on City Center, and Donald said it is a “total catastrophy.” That is not surprising I guess.

    Trip Report:
    I went to Vegas a few weeks ago. I stayed at Mirage for the second time. I love the location and I think is the best value for the money. I think I got a good deal, including 3 nights for the price of 2, plus $50 off.

    I saw The Lion King which was great. The performers are very good. If you like the movie you should like the show. We ate at BLT Burger and CPK in the Mirage. Both were great meals at good prices for Vegas, and great service.

    It was asked on the podcast if anyone would prefer Wynn over Encore. From only walking through the lobbies, these were my impressions. The Encore lobby is more elegant and beautiful, but to me the Wynn had more of the “Wow factor,” with the visuals, but maybe I didn’t see everything.

    We road the Deuce for the first time. It may take a little longer to get where you are going, and there may be some odd people around you, but for a $7 all-day pass with no tips, that could easily save you $50 a day in cab rides and tips.

  7. I’m curious: at what Vegas show tier level would you rank the Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza?

  8. Hey Everyone. I think I’m leaning toward staying at Wynn over Encore. First reason is just the size Wynn and the dining options are greater. Also, I would be closer to the rest of the hotels in terms of walking distance. I do like a somewhat busy and larger casino and the last time I was at Encore, it was pretty dead. Also, where is this construction for the beach club taking place? Is it affecting anyones stay? Do you agree with my comments. thanks everyone.

  9. Oh, forgot to mention. I only played at Encore during my last trip which was April 2009. I played there for about 5 hours total playing a little blackjack and texas hold em bonus. I average $25 a hand. With this play they sent me an email offer of $99 per night at either property and a $75 resort credit for staying 3 nights. Unbelievable. I’m a Total Rewards member and can stay at at ay of their properties except for Caesars for free. Even Caesars was free a couple of nights but one of the nights during my stay was $140. I have stayed at Caesars my last 5 trips and I;m really tired of the place. Anybody agree? I’m also kind of tired with the selection of Harrahs properties. Any thoughts?

  10. It is pretty amazing that Wynn seems to be adjusting his rates to reflect the poor economy. I checked rates to be curious at Palazzo/Ventian/Megacentre and their rates are astronomical and did not seem to budge whereas Wynn has reduced significantly. Does Megacentre think they are that much better? Which do you rate higher Wynncore or Megacentre?

  11. Whew! Well that was a bit of a nightmare.

    Had a go at booking some Viva Elvis tickets for March. As a European the online booking was a total no go. Firstly when choosing tickets random dates were ‘sold out’ one minute and available the next. Then only certain prices were available on certain dates. Aghh!

    Finally got the four tickets I was after. Great, I thought, nearly done. Nope, payment page would not let me leave ‘State’ unfilled, despite registering our country as England. Thus they did not want my money.

    Oh well, in the end gave up and phoned the reservations desk. Have to say the lady I spoke to was very helpfull and within a few minutes had those tickets booked. What was interesting was all price points were available for the day I was after ( which was apparently ‘sold out’ online ). Just have to wait until March 15th now!

    As for Wynn vs Encore. Agree with Steve. My initial thought would be at least Wynn would be nearer to the rest of the strip. Do enough walking in Vegas as it is!

  12. Tim, dont give up on that dream. Lionel Richie playing MGM in Jan. Maybe he will want to stay.

  13. Steve…I assume you’re the guy looking for Wynn vs Encore…

    I’ve stayed at both and both rooms are equal, obviously what Tim said takes precedent, newer is better.

    If you are planning on staying on site (eating, gambling, general hanging out) and not exploring go with Encore as a walk around the whole complex seems intimidating but in the long and short of it its not all that bad once you know the ins and outs (think MGM Grand)

    If you are doing more strip-ploring go with Wynn, when I stayed at Encore we were all over the place, and that last stretch of a walk either through Wynn or up the Blvd was brutal. Through the mall, the casino, the encore mall, encore casino adds up in terms of repeated walks (couples times a day) Then once you’re actually back home the walk between the two isn’t all that bad (see above)

    Can’t go wrong with either, but gotta think big picture. Also constantly check the reservation pages on and also places like travelzoo, I lucked out and a week before my last trip I found an unbelievable rate code called up and got it added to my reservation and it cut my room costs in half. Enjoy

  14. Thanks for the comments TC. Really helpful. It is all the walking that I’m afraid of. Are your reasons for choosing Encore only because it is newer and the room is a little bigger? Thanks. Getting super excited as I’m going in 5 weeks. Never stayed at a Wynn property whether now or back in the Mirage/Bellagio days. Always thought he had the best thought he had the best places.

  15. Steve, we chose Encore over Wynn the second time because it was new and sexy, it was also our honeymoon and we were treating ourselves to something real nice nice. Good Luck with the choice, its a tough one

  16. Hi, First of all only panty-waisted little girls listen to Lionel Ritchie. Sorry Mr. D. It had to be said. Secondly the only thing more ridiculous than running a marathon in vegas is suggesting the same to all us degenerates who tune in here. Sorry Eric. So do you think they hire athletic type porn slappers to chase the runners? You know we all need to band together and come up with a plan to discourage these slimy bastards. (no, not Eric, the stripper card guys) I have a purple Barbary Coast jacket up for grabs to anyone who comes up with a great vengeful act that wont get me arrested to pull on those titty purveyers. I hate them more than Lionel Ritchie. I hate them. (time to take my meds…)

  17. Manila -quick trip report.

    Hi I am still alive and have been in Manila,Philippines since 10-16-09 on business . Still here and going strong till i head back end of Dec.
    I did go to a Casino here (they are govt run) that was attached to a Hotel.
    It was three floors. Flr 1 was table games including a few I did not recognize. Floor 2 was split with table games and the other slots. I think floor three was mostly slots. It was pretty fun even though they kept my money. All the slots are cash in , then they give you pesos when you cash out so you get a ton of coins to deal with , not fun.

    happy holidays-joe

  18. Dave:

    Let me get this straight: You hate the people who hand you free pictures of naked women? I think it’s clear who the true panty-waisted little girl here is.

    Long live the porn-slappers!

  19. I think I’ll let Lionel respond on my behalf:

    (daadaaa…….. whoa whoa wowo)
    People slapping porn all in the street
    See the porn cards all in their feet
    harassment is good wild and sweet
    Let the slapping play on
    (play on, play on)
    Feel the rage in your heart
    And feel it in your soul
    Push the porn slapper in front of the deuce
    We’re going to party
    Liming, fiesta, forever
    Come on and sing my song! (slappa slappa)
    All night loooong……….

    That was awful, I’m very sorry for my entire career. LR

  20. It was the last song played and a huge success. How can anyone hate someone whos sings Brick House. BTW have you been sending nasty e-mails to the New Brunsick MP with his partner on the Xmas Card?

  21. I like scott brison, I hate 80’s crooners, and porn slappers, AND vacation marathons. Wait, booze marathons are OK, sex gambling… OK just the running types I’m not OK with. Lionel Ritchie marathons are a definite no go. Same sex couples are AOK. Oh, ya, add “hate the Leafs” to the list, just for Dan.

  22. Nice to see you got the reference. Even someone from the bitter west has some class. Look out for the leafs. They are hot. As was Lionel Richie.


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