Five Hundy by Midnight 240: C is for Christmas

Las Vegas podcast #240 includes:

  • Nick Swardson opener
  • Sahara closes two towers
  • The Rose Cocktail Room’s chances don’t smell very sweet
  • Boyd ups offer for Station
  • Steve Wyrick is in denial
  • Freaks and Ice close
  • Steel Panther gets regular Strip gig
  • PH Towers and Casino Royale expansion set to open
  • Monte Carlo gets a Cupcakery
  • Weird Coliseum rumor
  • New themed slots
  • 2009 Trippies voting is open. We’re nominated!
  • Listener calls about Aria, Peppermill, Hash House a Go-Go, Sahara, Silk Road at Vdara and more.
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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24 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 240: C is for Christmas

  1. Michele,
    If you get your “lady card” taken away, then they’ll have to come take mine next. I have never (and never will) see the show or movie. I simply cannot stand the obnoxious high-decibel shriek that is emitted by women (and some men) when they talk about that show. I respect you even more for not watching it! However, you should take a look at Jersey Shore! Talk about a slow motion, flaming train wreck careening uncontrollably towards a nitro glycerin plant.

  2. Several comments:

    I reported the TI on my trip report.. They do not give you the new player money if you are on the system i.e. an MGM member.

    Monkess slot is at the Pallazo. It is a varaition of the hot hot sper spin slot and has been there forever. Mabe there is another one.

    To be honest, I have watched some of the Sex in the City shows and found them amusing. Interestingly enough, there is one show where one of the girls new boyfriend loves to walk around nude and sit on her white leather chairs. Very funny.

    Cannot beleive the Michelle withe her shoe fetish wouid not love Carrie’s love of the Manolo Blahnik shoes. The funniest scene about them was when one of the characters was pregnant and her water broke on top of a Carries new pair of shoes.


  3. hey i forgot if i called in about this or not. outside treasure island in the middle of the strip on the island there is a sign saying something about “gilleys treasure island” its like a construction notice sign. anyone got any infos??? i need me some cold beer and dirty girls

  4. Shortly after purchasing TI, Phil Ruffin said he would be bringing back Gilley’s. He continued paying the licensing fee after New Frontier closed so he could reopen the bar if the opportunity arose. I haven’t heard an opening date for the new location.

  5. Hey I just wanted to wish everyone out there a very Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and Happy New Year! May all us who listen to Tim and Michele’s great podcast win jackpots on our next trip to Vegas!

  6. Just to clarify, there is definitely enough dislike and hate to spread to the timeshare magots AND the porn slappers. No one should have the exclusive position for our disdain. I guess it could be worse: panhandlers, buskers, squeegie kids, and skateboarders are absent on the strip. I’ll keep the porn slappers, if they’ll ban those pesky fat texans, and those drunken malcontents with the leaf jerseys. 43 more years boys!

  7. Super Bowl Parties: Tim’s advice to call or e-mail your slot host is the best move, if you want a spot in the sports book. If you get a seat, it means you are a high roller at the sports book, more so than anything. It sounds like a great idea to watch a superbowl in a sports book, but unless you are someone who wants to bet the updated prop bets, it’s not a place to eat and drink and get crazy! Quite often its a bunch of hard core sports gamblers who sit in front of raging crowds behind them. I say reserve a spot at a sports bar or restaurant for a set fee that gives you unlimited drinks and food! This costs about 150-200 for a place with decent food.

  8. I disagree.

    There’s nothing like a Super Bowl party thrown by your favorite casino to feel like you are wanted.

    The food is plentiful. The big sreens are great and the people are happy.

    We love them.

    Of course, there is nothing like any Sunday at a Sports book like the Hilton or Emeril’s Stadium.


  9. Hey Tim & Michele,

    Good luck with the storms. Sounds like your area is being hit pretty hard.

  10. OK, I keep saving up comments for my first call, but it would now take up like a half hour, so I’ll post this here:

    I don’t know about the Super Bowl, but for March Madness a lot of the casinos set up temporary sports books in ballrooms. Last year Orleans had a HUGE space set up, with multiple large screens, a betting kiosk, and food and drink available for purchase. Fremont, Binions, and Golden Nugget have also done this in the past.

    One curious thing is that it often seems to be a spur of the moment decision. In past years we’ve called around a few days before the tournament and nobody seems to know what the plans are.

    Tim and Michelle….long time listener, will be first-calling soon to comment on 1) downtown skank dealers (i.e., “pleasure pits”, etc.), 2) a spirited defense of downtown in general and the El Co in particular, and 3) evil sports book machinations re: free drinks and workarounds.

    Thanks, love the show, etc.

  11. Thanks for your comments, mattbob. We look forward to your call.

    Merry Christmas, everybody.

    In lieu of Paypal donations this week, listeners are invited to shovel my driveway in support of Five Hundy.

  12. I was in Vegas last week…. Where the F…… in MGM is this F….ing Lion Share Machine I keep hearing about. I asked an attendant and she looked at me like what the hell are you smoking!!! I am going back Feb. 8th….. I am feeling Lucky!!!!

  13. I was at Aria last week. You are going to love the selection of slots. All brand new machines. Lots of bright lights and loud noises. I played a couple different versions of Top Dollar (a fav.). I won too!

    Merry Christmas.

  14. Nobody seems to dare post a picture of the Aria casino slots.

    Can’t wait until May.


  15. Sex in the City is one of the worst shows of all time. I, like many dudes, watched it to get laid. And I don’t know if it worked. I mean, I think I got laid and all a couple times, but I don’t know if it was because I watched that moronic show. Either way, I have no excuse.

  16. Aria Review:

    Went there yesterday.

    Don’t take a taxi. I highly recommend that you drive. Beyond that, I highly recommend that you drive there in a Rental Car. And even beyond that, I highly recommend that you drive it in a Rental Car where you’ve made sure to get the insurance. And even beyond that, I highly recommend that you drive it in a rental car where you’ve gotten the insurance, in a mildly buzzed state of euphoria.

    Because if you drive it sober, in your own vehicle, you’re fucked.

    Driving The City Center area is as if the downtown Los Angeles freeway system were to have a bastard child the McCarren Airport while fistfucking LAX.

    And the inside of the Aria is like the M Resort fucked the Palms in the Amsterdam Airport.

    Yeah, there’s a lot of fucking going on.

  17. Thanks A, Dan and Matt for your two cents re:Superbowl in Vegas.

    I’ll be looking for one of those Ballroom Parties (preferably on the Strip)as I want to enjoy it like the party it should be.

  18. Here are a couple of Youtube videos of the “Sex in the City” slots. I played them at Caesears and the Venetian and they are quite fun. You can get some pretty good hits on them. (this person put video music to it. which they had captured the slot sounds) (This one is 30 secs. real short)

    In between Vegas and Atlantic City, I view the YouTube videos of people taking pictures of their bonus rounds and other wins on various slots. If you are interested in seeing a particular slot just type it in the search for Youtube, i.e., Wizard of Oz slots. There is also video poker. It is nice to see of the machines I haven’t played to see what the bonus rounds are like. Also the best videos are done by “VideoPappy37”. He is pretty good at filming his slot adventures.

  19. Just booked a comp at the hioton for the Big Game. Nw watiing for the flights to come down a bit, or convince Mauren to do a red eye.


  20. Hope everyone is having a great holiday. I’m in Vegas for a New Years Eve party. Going to see the Sandy Hackett Rat Pack Show tonight, so I’ll have a review call afterwords.

    *random rant* – i’m done bringing bodywash to hotels. I have yet to stay in one with sufficient water pressure in the shower to rinse them off. Sticking to bar soap…*end rant*

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