Five Live

Thanks for joining us for our fifth anniversary show. We’ll be posting it on Sunday.


25 thoughts on “Five Live

  1. New bottle of Sailor Jerry’s ready to be opened. check
    Lot’s of mix in the house. check
    Extra ice in freezer. check
    Some tasty treats bought. (not the dog chewing kind) check
    New comfy leather chair to sit at the computer. check
    New keyboard and mouse. check

    Think I’m ready.

    Happy New Year everyone!

  2. Congrats on five years, I enjoy the show.

    Here’s a random unrelated question I wonder if anyone can answer. I was looking at my pictures of the Vegas sign, and I noticed that all the coins behind “Welcome” have the date of 1922. I don’t know if that has any meaning. I’ve searched for “Las Vegas 1922” and haven’t found anything.

  3. I have to spend that afternoon at my sister-in-law’s celebrating Christmas with my father-in-law. I’magonna need to drink and talk about gambling and hooters when I get home. Thanks for filling the void.

  4. We will be back from our New Years party and looking forward to it.

    Now if I can just figure out how to run both computers. 🙂

    Dan and Maureen

  5. Woohoo!

    I am in the US from 1st Jan so will be able to listen at a reasonable hour instead of the middle of the night in rainy UK.

  6. I have an old plastic bottle of Admiral Nelson just looking for an excuse to be finished off…I’ll try to catch the show too.

  7. I know it’s cold in the Twin Cities, but it’s only 31 in Vegas ….. a little cold to take that morning stoll down the strip and gaze at the joggers and hookers. With that said, I wish I was in fuckin’ Vegas, rather than Jersey.

  8. Guess I’ll just have to go to AC and gaze st the joggers and hookers on the boardwalk ….. just not the same!

  9. The Five Hundy Guide to Las Vegas Magic Acts

    Grand Illusion Based Magic:
    David Copperfield (MGM Grand)
    Lance Burton (Monte Carlo)

    Comedy Based Magic:
    Penn & Teller (Rio)
    Nathan Burton (Flamingo)
    Mac King (Harrah’s)
    Gerry McCambridge (Planet Hollywood)
    Amazing Johnathan (Planet Hollywood)

    Tiger Based Magic:
    Dirk Arthur, Xtreme Magic (Tropicana)
    Rick Thomas (Sahara)
    Fercos Brothers (Planet Hollywood)

    Ass-Clown Based magic:
    Criss Angel (Some de-themed mess)

  10. Sorry if this was explained somewhere else, but how do I become a member to join the chat? It keeps asking for a password :/

  11. FHBM mission statement is to encourage Vegas shenanigans, drunken phone calls and a severe lack of a mission statement due to lack of regard for the integrity of a mission statement

  12. Lots of fun, as all of your live shows have been. Thanks for putting together such a consistently entertaining and informative podcast, and here’s hoping you’ll continue for many years to come.

    Your listeners were hilarious in the chat room during and after the show, too!

  13. Thanks so much to everyone who listened in and participated in the chat. Thanks for supporting the show, and best wishes to everyone in 2010!!

  14. You know I have been listening to the show for most of the five years and I just realized that you spell your name funny. Where’s the other “L”?

    congrats on the interesting show.

    Have you banned “I want meat”? How could it not be a highlight?

    Happy new Year.

    Dan P.S. and it was less than 80 minutes. 🙂

  15. Lots of fun, as always. Now Tim, hope you did not mean it when you said
    you would not be doing another live show – don’t look back in anger but be a better man and roll with it.

  16. Adam, I’m guessing that the coins are dated 1922 because Betty Willis, who designed the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign was born in 1922

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