Five Hundy by Midnight 241: Celebrating Five Years of This?

Las Vegas podcast #241 includes:

  • Chefs vs. City opener
  • The return of an old segment
  • Favorite clips from the past five years
  • New ride planned for Stratosphere
  • Show lineup changes at Planet Hollywood
  • Zowie Bowie ends relationship, one of two shows
  • Richard Abowitz returns
  • 2010 Vegas wishes
  • Listener calls
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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30 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 241: Celebrating Five Years of This?

  1. Loved the show last night!

    Happy Anniversary, we hope to hear many, many more!

  2. Contrary to your statements, it was great! Now the chat, THAT was a train-wreck. Here’s to 5 years and many more.

  3. I had fun listening and being in the chat. Thanks to the other listeners in the chat. I was laughing my ass off at all the comments people were putting up. We all rock!

    Thanks Michele for paying attention to us despite Tim protests. (lol) It made us feel like we were part of the show . Thanks Tim for playing the Z and R holiday wish that we in the chat requested. (I was hoping for the real “I want meat and I want it now” highlight.)

    For those of you who didn’t stick around after the live part of the podcast, you missed a little dog wrestling, and holy crap, Tim went on a pissed off rant. Whatever you do people, don’t mention the the words “podcast mission statement” to him.

    I know Tim thinks the show was a train wreck but listening to it again, I think it was a good show. It didn’t need to be anything extra special, it just needed to be the usual fun and informative show, and it was. You both did a great job as usual. Thanks for five great years of hearing about one of my favorite places! Vegas baby!

  4. Tim going from rant raving, computer kicking ornery to egg-faced in half a second flat may be one of the Top 5 greatest FHBM moments of all time. Sheer comedy gold.

  5. Great show as ever and here’s to another five years.

    I’m afraid though your 2010 wishes are already starting to disappear – there’s a message on the Starwood hotels website stating Planet Hollywood will be leaving their system on 15 January 2010, so it looks like Harrahs have won.

  6. In the chat it was confirmed Tim will not have health problems from pent up anger. Next time tell us how you really feel.

    Great time, I really enjoyed it.

    Leaving for CES and AVN Wednesday, I’ll phone in if something flops my mop at CES or City Center. I plan on reporting any TSA delays on departure.

    Five hundy more years… Congrats!

  7. Congrats on 5 years!

    The chat was great; looking forward to the next one

  8. I was in the chat Saturday night, but don’t remember any of it. What a great time!!!

  9. Congrats and here’s to another 5 years!

    I thought the show was great even though I missed the chat. The Doobie Brothers concert at Texas Station couldn’t be missed although I’ve never been to a “concert” in a meeting/conference room before.

  10. Great show! So you would go see George, but not Clapton ……….. Can’t-stand-ya!

  11. Just a quick trip update…Aria has 3:2 blackjack…seriously! In addition they have huge mixed drinks and phenomenal cocktail waitresses.

    Thanks for the Burger Bar recommendation. I was so drunk I couldn’t see straight but luckily the waitress said the burgers are made to order 🙂 I listed my favorite toppings, bread, and doneness and vuala! They also have HUGE shots at the bar.

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  13. Show 250 soon. Surely a cause for celebration! Hey, how about a live podcast ?

  14. Just finished listing. Best podcast yet! Especially the Vegas ghost. Hopefully he scares off old Garry from getting to Planet Hollywood! Looking forward to 5 more years!

  15. Michelle’s laugh MADE that podcast!

    Couldn’t stop laughing along with her.

  16. Congrats on 5 years. I discovered the podcast only last year, but still listen as often as I can, even without a Vegas trip on tap.

  17. Happy 5 years Tim & Michelle! Love listening to your podcast. Been there for almost four years. Everytime I listen to you guys Monday morning on my ipod, I always get that Vegas itch. Keep up the great job!

  18. Heads up: Dateline is doing another Vegas episode this Sunday on NBC. The episode is two hours but I think the Vegas stuff is all supposed to be in the 2nd hour.

  19. Dear Michele and Tim:

    Thank you for all that you do. The world is a better place because of you. You’re like a part of me. I live for every wonderful weekly episode. You complete me. I know it sounds crazy but you almost seem like you are real people.

    Yay, though I walk through the valley of death, I know that your rod and staff comfort me. I cannot leave my house anymore because I could not bare to be away from the hundreds of pictures of you covering my walls.

    Thank you for making me the man that I am today.

  20. Hey everyone if you don’t have the Vegas Mate app for your iPhone or iTouch get it on sale now for $1.99

  21. hay tim and michelle

    its stephen from the uk
    am looking at booking my yearly trip to vegas with the lads at the moment and found some good deals but would like a bit of advice on places to stay
    options are :

    imperial Palace
    Stratosphere again cause i like it there
    circus circus

    from the UK i cant get return flights to Vegas staying a week in the inperial palace for about £600 sterling
    and the others are about £500-£570
    we dont mind about location as we are all mobile and enjoy an adventure

    any help or info would be good ive done a bit of research but it would be nice to know from people how have stayed there or if you and michelle have stayed at any of them

    plus your great friends at vegas trippin have found me some good deals on there website but the number it says to call for europe doesnt actually work from the uk ive tried it and it dont work as there room rates are quite cheap
    i sent them a message but i thought i would let u know also

    anyway the when i was there in october they lift attendant in the stratosphere told us about the new ride they were opening up and he said to us it would be around april time if thats any help

    love the podcast
    keep up the good work

    stephen Halbhuber

  22. Hey Stephen.

    These questions are always tough because different people value different aspects of a hotel. Some people absolutely need a nice pool. I would be fine in a hotel that doesn’t even have one. I tend to value location (mid-Strip) and room quality. The only one I’ve stayed at is IP, and that was many years ago. That said, here are my thoughts:

    Circus Circus frightens me. I would only stay there if paid to do so.
    Imperial Palace is a great location, but the rooms leave a lot to be desired.
    Sahara is run down and the location sucks.
    Stratosphere’s location blows, but it’s a decent value.
    Luxor would probably be my top choice of these five options. I’ve heard the rooms could use updating, but I like the casino enough that I wouldn’t mind staying there.

    Good luck!

  23. Hi Stephen,

    We are also from the UK, been to Vegas a few times and just want to put in a quick reply to your comment. Obviously the price is effected by the dates you are going out there, but we are planning for March and £600 pretty much gets us 11 days including hotel costs ( staying at The Mirage for part of the trip).

    A big chunk of the saving there is by not using weekend flights and booking direct at BA or Virgin ( both direct flights ) sites. We got flights at £410 each by being a bit flexible with dates.

    In your Budget that would leave $300 for Hotel fees which should give you a lot of other options, if you wish ( particularly if you have two or more sharing a room ). Using a promo codes site ( such as, etc ) in this current climate should get you a sweet hotel, particularly if you dont mind staying at a cheap hotel on the weekend and swopping on the Monday.

  24. HAHAHAHA!!! “I’m gonna take a shit in the pocket park”. I woke my wife up laughing at that!

  25. When I first read this I thought you typed “hook” to which the answer is “No, Steve will rough you up himself”

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