Five Hundy by Midnight 243: Snakes in a Box

Las Vegas podcast #243 includes:

  • Extreme Vegas opener
  • Mike E’s Encore duplex apartment report
  • Las Vegas Monorail goes bankrupt
  • Harrah’s takes over P-Ho hotel
  • Imperial Palace adds a new restaurant
  • Goodbye Ah Sin, hello Sugar Factory
  • Wynn announces a new wine bar
  • Snakes in box
  • Palms gets less gossy
  • Sinatra Smash
  • Listener calls about Vdara, Encore, Earl of Sandwich, Mesa Grill burgers, Four Queens rooms, Vegas Club entertainment, Gold Spike renovations, Aria’s smell, Hangover slot machines, Seinfeld and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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33 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 243: Snakes in a Box

  1. Thank you for the show, I needed the fix. However, I didn’t think you would record a show today. I figured you and Michelle would be in front of your new TV, all duded out in your Viking headgear and purple garb.

  2. And after all these years, Lifton still doesn’t get when someone makes a sarcastic post…

  3. Tim,
    If you want to try wines, I would recommend starting out with a white wine that isn’t too sweet or too dry-a pinot grigio or a sauvignon blanc. Red wines are red because the skin of the grape is processed along with the juice, resulting in it’s deep red color. (White wines discard the skin.) Typically, its somewhere between the tannins and sugar content that contribute to the especially painful hangovers. And since tannins are found in the skins (seeds & stems) of grapes, red wines are notorious for worse hangovers. A lot of people start with very sweet wines (like Moscato, White Zin or sometimes Riesling)but, the higher sugar content in these will also contribute to a painful hangover. If you’re really interested in wine, watch “Wine for the Confused” with John Cleese. (Not that you are confused, it just has a lot of great information and humor.) You can get in on Netflix or the hulu or the youtube. Thanks again for the podcast!

  4. Did anyone else see the shot of Prince in a luxury box during the Vikings telecast? My wife and I wanted a Prince-cam for the rest of the game. One shot of Prince tearing up a chili-dog…maybe a giant burrito, some nacho chips with a vat of cheese…

  5. Rubio’s is not the place to go for Mexican. It’s a chain, and it’s all right but it’s not Mexican.

    Then again, neither is Chipotle or, gasp, the buffet!

    If you want quasi Mexican, there’s actually a reason to go to Excalibur. They put in a Baja Fresh where the snack bar used to be and although it’s chain and semi fast food, it’s quite tasty. Excellent Nachos too Tim!

    But, for real Mexican you have to venture off strip and find one of the many taco shops that are in town. There’s a few on Las Vegas Blvd. South of the casinos in the strip malls on the way to the outlet center.

    Generally speaking, the dirtier the place looks, the better the food is.

    Then again, this is coming from a guy who lives in San Diego and sees a taco shop every 100 feet!

    FYI since you’ll be going soon.

    I ate at the Aria Buffet opening weekend and wasn’t overly impressed. I went for lunch which really meant brunch. I’m not a big breakfast person so I only ate lunch items. since it was brunch, about half the items were breakfast so the selection was limited. What was there was ok but not stellar and at $25 bucks without champagne it was a bit pricey for what you got.

    I’d give it a shot at Dinner before I write it off though.


  6. If you’re going for nachos at the triple 7 brewpub at main st station, Michelle should try their current seasonal brew. It’s a pretty tasty imperial porter, packs a punch at 9% abv.

    If you ever want to try simple Hawaiian cuisine, check out aloha specialties. It’s across the main st – cal bridge, on the second floor of the cal. Not gourmet by any means, but a decent representation of Hawaiian “plate” lunches.

    Lapperts, right across the hall from aloha specialties, is a terrific option for ice cream. They raised their prices a bit, so while I no longer consider them the best ice cream value in the country, the product is still outstanding. Many Hawaiian influenced flavors.

  7. If you guys are planning to go to the Vikes game in New Orleans this weekend, be sure to go to the Diamond Club at Harrahs.

  8. Rumour has it that Goss’s new location on the strip is in the Cloud Nine Balloon Basket. Perfect for him. Idea size and a captive audience.

  9. Who the f%$k is Matt Goss? Before his first mention on FHBM 217(?), I had never heard of him nor this purported 80’s group “Bros.” (Which, as Michelle so appropriately explains, rhymes with “toss.” Not for nothing, I imagine.)

    I’m brainstorming a new tagline: “Matt Goss. Lowering the bar even further for those who want a Vegas show.”

  10. Jim J. – The new tagline should be

    Matt Goss – Because lowering the bar to the ground still leaves it too high.

    Tim & Michele – Real Mexican in Las Vegas is Taco’s de Mexico. There are a couple strip friendly locations, but the easiest to get to is across the street from In & Out on Flamingo.

    When you’re in town, I would be happy to treat you to a meal there, or I can deliver! As long as you’re at the PH so I can play some Poker.

  11. P.S. – Tim, just because you mutter “God Damn it” under your breath doesn’t mean the mic directly in front of your mouth doesn’t pic it up loud and clear. Just so’s you know. 😉

  12. Adding to the Mexican food discussion… just discovered this place:

    Anyone been to their other location? And does anyone know how to properly pronounce it so we don’t butcher it on the show? I’m thinking it’s hoo-SONGS, but please correct me if I’m wrong on this.

  13. Hee Hee. It is funny when I can come up with stuff so offensive to Tim that he does not approve my comment. 🙂
    Was it the person I referenced Tim or the slang term for ‘vagina’?
    Or that I claimed ownership of Tits-a-Hoy?

  14. So what does Tim think of Mr. Tarkenton’s latest rant. Favre shouldn’t be a Viking after being a Packer. But it’s O.K. to be a Giant I guess?

  15. As a long time Vikings fan, (it was cool seeing Bud Grant on TV last weekend) It is very ironic that Favre would lead them to the championship game.

    When I was younger my favorite hockey player, Frank Mahovlich, ended up with the team I hated the most, the Montreal Canadians, and he won 2 Stanley Cups with them. I was hard presssed to cheer for Les Habs throgh the early 70’s.

    The last play against the Cowboys (who aren’t extactly favorties in Buffalo) was kind of bush league.

    I think Favre likes playing inside and after yers of Green Bay cold decided to try something different. I doubt if he thought that he would succeed.
    Anyway, we shal see on Sunday and I hpe to have a Vikings Colts super bowl when we are in Vegas.


  16. This is from Conan’s monologue Tuesday. He had a long list but two of the items (below) made me think of Five Hundy:

    “I’ve been trying to look on the bright side and make the best of a tough situation. Even though I had this job for only 7 months, in the world of entertainment, that’s actually a pretty long time In fact, I came up with a list of things in Hollywood that lasted less than 7 months:

    ” -Ed Hardy T-shirts being cool, not tacky: 5.5 months

    “-The plot of “Lost” being vaguely comprehensible: 3 months.”

  17. Just learned this today about Mr.Goss-

    Daisy Fuentes and singer-songwriter Matt Goss called off their engagement after the news broke she cheated on him with singer AND former boyfriend Luis Miguel!

    “We had a long and loving relationship,” said Goss. “This came as a shock especially when you think you really know someone.”

    The ex-couple were together for ten years and lived in a Hollywood Hills mansion. Goss, currently headlining in Vegas, adds, “I wish her all the best and hope she finds whatever it is that she’s searching for.”

    I had no clue he was engaged to Fuentes. WAS being the operative word.

  18. Michele –

    Unless they have the guy stand on the bar with the beer filled Dildo and the whistle, it’s just not going to be as authentic. (Or maybe that was Papa’s and Beer? Who knows, I was almost completely fall down drunk at that point).

    That said, I wouldn’t have eaten anything in that place if the food was free and they paid me for the Pepto. I’m quite sure that the Vegas location will at least be more hygienic than Mexico.

    I may be down in the area this weekend, and if I am, I’ll take a look.

  19. Tim,

    Have you heard the new Prince “Purple and Gold” song? As a native Minnesotan, Prince fan and Viking fan, I must admit I was disappointed, but maybe it needs time to grow on me. As a Minnesotan, Prince fan, and non-Viking fan, I was wondering your thoughts.

  20. Can anyone give me some intel on the Mermaid Casino downtown. From what I hear it’s a total dive, but the staff is friendly and they are always looking to get you another drink. Is it worth the visit?

  21. CK from KC: Only a team as annoying as the Vikings could inspire Prince to shit out a song like “Purple and Gold.” Horrible.

    RickyD: Mermaids is a dive, but much like LaBayou across the street, one of the quickest places to get drunk in Las Vegas. Typically waitresses come by every three minutes or so. Plus, they sell deep fried Twinkies. It’s a fun joint for some mindless slot play and drinks.

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