Five Hundy by Midnight 244: Tripping Again

Las Vegas podcast #244 includes:

  • Man vs. Food opener
  • For the fourth consecutive year, you voted Five Hundy by Midnight as the Best Las Vegas Podcast in the Trippies. We are honored, and we thank you.
  • Vegas trip downers
  • Ichan gets Fontainebleau
  • Hooters gets a new comedy show
  • Bellagio gets a new brunch
  • Tim gets hooked on Dream Card at
  • Wizard of Odds
  • Vegas gets pagaenty
  • Trippies get analyzed
  • Listener calls about Mesa Grill, Treasure Island, Fontainebleau, 6/5 blackjack, snakes, Hash House a Go Go, Pawn Stars, Taste of Wynn’s new location, Aria, Julian Serrano, cheap beer, Cupcakery and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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20 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 244: Tripping Again

  1. Congratulations on the Trippie win! Apparently you’ve brilliantly tapped into the angry voter sentiment and managed to pivot a balance between the left and right. (Ummm, maybe I have been listening to too much Sunday morning politics shows. Time to go watch the Vikings.)

  2. Congratulations to the King & Queen of the Trippies. Thank you for all the years of listening enjoyment.

  3. Congrats on the Trippie award, well deserved.

    We’ll be in Vegas too that last week in Feb.

  4. Congratulations on yet another Trippie, nice to hear you’ve won it for “more than a year”


  5. Anyone know the latest location of the Majestic Lion Slot @ MGM. I have some unsettled business with that machine.


  6. Fuck the Trippies if they’re going to shelve Five Hundy! It’s not like Circus Circus where those guys perpetually suck and don’t care. Five Hundy perpetually says they suck, but at least throw out the illusion that you’re trying, as bullshit as that might be.

    Yeah, so, Congratu-fuckin’-lations for hogging a category so completely that you’re getting bumped because everyone else is second best. What are they afraid of? That FHBM is schooling everyone on how to be popular about Vegas Podcasts, maybe the other Podcasts ought to instead learn and improve. Or are they just bitter that someone keeps handing them their own ass? It’d be like the Warner Brothers running an awards show for best studio, and having Troma Pictures coming in and moping up the awards.

    I figure since Tim and Michele are too good to talk the proper smack, I could do it for them. 😉

  7. They can try and cockblock you guys from the Trippies, but we’ll still write you in 🙂

  8. I’m thinking Dave is on to something here.

    Question then becomes, what form does the hardware/trophy/tchotchke take?

    A New Balance shoe made of bacon?

    A small, bronze video poker machine made by H&M?

    A complimentary bottle of Sailor Jerry?

  9. Congrats on the well-deserved Trippie.

    Two things: damn you for hooking me on Dream Card; also, I think that the reason for IP’s near-sweep was what Michele intimated toward the end: if you’re on the Strip, you at least pass by IP and likely sucked into its, well, suck. Also, I wonder whether more people might be staying there because they’re getting free rooms aplenty from Total Rewards, and thus more people are getting to know the hotel and its germs.

    I was so proud of myself last trip for not going in and losing both my money and my dignity.

  10. walking down the strip, down two times five hundy plus, i see planet ho! i immediatly think of you guys, proptly enter and hit for a thousand on super aces video poker! thanks guys!

  11. does anyone know where to find the menu for Julian Serrano at Aria? no, its not on Aria’s website either.

  12. I think Tim & Michele should get the marquee at the Mirage for a month. Take down Terry Fator’s show, and put up a picture of T&M with the headline “Five Hundy By Midnight” at the top and “Podcast of the Year” at the bottom (just like Danny Gans or anybody else who has their picture up advertising their show with “Entertainer of the Year” on the sign.

    Congrats on winning yet another Trippie, Tim & Michele. You guys produce the best podcast there is, consistently week after week! Good job!

  13. After hearing this episode, I think Michele needs to change her moniker from “anitamartini” to “anitathegroin”.

  14. I had been addicted to Multi-Strike Poker, but now I’m addicted to Dream Card on You lose a lot but then you hit it big. It can’t be realistic, though. Within an hour of playing I hit 4 deuces on the bottom hand and won 10,000 credits (10 play). It’s fun, but it would never hit like that for real.

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