Five Hundy by Midnight 245: I’ve Always Dreamed of Performing on a Barge

Las Vegas podcast #245 includes:

  • Live with Regis and Kelly opener
  • Big Caesars Palace announcement
  • President Bill will speak for cash
  • Las Vegas Hilton rolls the dice on Dice
  • Tropicana continues upgrades
  • Book review: Gutshot Straight by Lou Berney
  • Dear Tim and Michele: Venetian/Palazzo resort fees
  • Listener calls about CityCenter art, Caesars, Wynn, Aria, Donnie and Marie, Frank Marino, Casino Royale renovations, Riviera, Red 8, Mon Ami Gabi, pornslappers, Bar at Times Square, M Resort and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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12 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 245: I’ve Always Dreamed of Performing on a Barge

  1. Great show, guys. Although I was let down by the Kelly The P phone call. Was hoping she’d be calling in about something extraordinarily geeky, as per her norm. Oh well..

  2. I enjoyed the show as usual. I returned last monday from vegas , i was lucky enough to hit a royal at harrahs on a dollar machine! It was nice to go home a winner. Anyway on the way home we had to change planes at MSP and we grabbed a bowl of soup at ITASCA GRILLE, it was pretty darn good.

  3. Not sure if you guys already talked about it, but Matt Goss will indeed be performing at Caesars. Not quite the Coliseum, but instead Cleopatra’s Barge! Ha ha ha!!! Yes this hipster is on his way to becoming the Newer Mr. Vegas!

  4. O’Shea’s and Riviera bathrooms makes me understand the whole idea of remaining standing at all times.

  5. Props Tim….after hearing your show for a couple of years now, you pulled off the most hilarious moment in Five Hundy history…the “price is right” sound effect after you announced Matt Goss’ barge venue was fucking hilarious. It actually got me busted. I was in a meeting and had the podcast on my iphone headset and broke out laughing. It was then when my co-workers realized I was not “focusing” on the task at hand.

  6. David’s comment triggers an interesting question. Does anyone else have any funny stories that caused you embarrassment in public due to “laughing out loud” to FHBM while listening on headphones?

    I’ve done that several times. But the most memorable was during a morning commute ride on the ferry across San Francisco Bay. Normally the morning commute is pretty quiet with riders reading the news or napping. I was listening to the podcast with my eyes closed and laughed several times before I realized where I was and opened my eyes with several passengers in seats near me looking over to see what was so funny. I wish I could remember what the actual subject was that I was listening to.

  7. I had a lady tap me on a plane and ask whats was so funny. How do you begin to explain, so i just nodded, smiled and put my headphones back on.

  8. I was sitting in Sea-Tac Airport waiting for my flight and catching up on some FHBM. Michele was talking about Harrah’s proposed Ferris Wheel and said something that I found absolutely hilarious (can’t remember what it was now). Anyway, I burst out laughing and I think every person sitting quietly at that gate looked at me.

    Good times, good times

  9. I would listen to the podcast at work in a warehouse & there were several times I would be on the top rack sorting items & I would burst into laughter. Of course everyone could see & hear me from across the entire warehouse. I usually had to rewind the episode to catch everything I had missed while laughing. I even got some people to start listening to the podcast.

  10. Yeah, happens all the time at work and at the fitness center.

  11. Mychal – I think what Michele said was “why does everyone have a hard-on for a ferris wheel

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