Five Hundy by Midnight 246: Our Long National Nightmare is Almost Over

Las Vegas podcast #246 includes:

  • Jimmy Kimmel Live opener
  • Celine Dion returns
  • Gilley’s returns
  • Cafe Ba Ba Reeba leaves
  • Best of Vegas Jason Alexander ticket deal
  • Listener calls about Social House’s new location, Couture Pops, handheld sports betting, Viva Elvis, El Cortez, CityCenter, Casino Royale, and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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14 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 246: Our Long National Nightmare is Almost Over

  1. I never realized how much of a rambler and nonsensical caller I was.

    The rain was bad and the huge puddles on the street were tolerable. What I found odd was the puddles on the walkways over the strip, it was also interesting that apparently Porn Slappers are alergic to water, as they were no where all day except when the sky turned blue, and then bam they were out again slap slap slapping away.

    I forgot to mention that there is construction at TI, from where I thought Gillys would be going, in the cove basically but closer to the Mirage side.

    Also I saw no signs of where the new Wine bar will be going at Wynncore

  2. In the planning stages of a Father and son Vegas trip. Sons are all over 21. Looking for suggestions on hotels, shows (nothing too risque), and restaurants,

  3. o no!!!!!

    hey Tim and Michele i don’t want to burst your bubble but a listener in the end call segment said harrahs already changed the video poker pay tables….hope its not true but i dont doubt it..harrahs fucks up everything!

    take care guys

  4. Hey Ricky,
    I love planning Vegas trips for other people, so here’s some suggestions:

    Kids under 25 might be too young to appreciate something like LOVE, but if I had to pick a Cirque show for the younger set, I’d highly reccomend KA @ MGM, with the advice that it’s clearly the most masculine of the Cirque Shows. There’s also Blue Man Group, which is very loud, but pretty rockin, and has one of the best crowd-involved special effects I’ve seen. Blue Man group would be substantially less expensive.

    If it’s your sons first trip to Vegas, something like Bally’s or the Flamingo might be a good choice because of the prime location it can offer, and 20 somethings don’t spend much time in their rooms. Rooms can be found under $100 at either property if you seek them out. Since the pools will be closed I won’t suggest Mandalay Bay, which could still also be good for the younger set.

    As for food, there’s obviously the burger places like the excellent Burger Bar @ Mandalay. Last time I took some 20 somethings to Vegas we ate at Samba Brazilian Steak House at the Mirage, which offers a rodizio style service that is truly a value. For an old school experience combining downtown and a steakhouse, the Golden Nugget has an outstanding steakhouse that is very casual, and Michelin rated.

    Good luck and call in with your trip report and tell us what you ended up doing!

  5. I’ve stayed at the El Cortez three times over the last couple of years: twice in the tower rooms and once in the Cabana Suites.

    The tower rooms are pretty big and have a small couch and table by the window. The only slight downside I remember is that the sink and bathroom areas are fairly small.

    The Jr. Cabana Suite I had was really nice. It’s a bit cramped, but well-appointed. The HDTV actually has true HD content, not just stretched crappy TV. And like the pictures, if you have an aversion to the color green, you may not like it.

    It’s been a while since I’ve been to the Golden Nugget, but the rooms there were quite nice, too.

    Thanks for the podcast. I look forward to it every week. Two and a half weeks until the next time in Vegas for NASCAR weekend.

  6. Remember the Blue Tape I exposed at Pallazo? There is a similar situation at Aria near the Viva Elvis theater. But this time it is something that is very faint and hard to see so I suspect it will be there for some time yet.

    Speaking of which, Viva Elvis hasn’t even officially opened. They are actively making major adjustments to the show. In my personal opinion, I do not like it as much as Love but it is still a pretty cool show IF you go to it NOT expecting to see a Cirque Du Soleil type of show.

    Golden Nugget is a nice place to stay. So is Golden Gate.

    I agree that if they take out the fountain at Paris they are making a MAJOR mistake like Monte Carlo did with Diablo.

    Gamblers General Store is a pretty cool place to check out. You can buy the same game tables they have in the casinos. And yes, the people that work there are all pretty cool.

    WONDERGROUND is amazing. It is a showcase for magicians. Some of the biggest names around will be there hanging out and or performing but the also have tarot card readers and body painters and a live DJ and gogo dancers. A really cool experience.

    It is RAIN people. Friggin relax. Yes, it is a desert and it rains in the desert. So? If you don’t like the rain DON’T FRIGGIN COME IN JANUARY!

    Those shuttle busses from Wynne to ??? have been discontinued for over a year now. There were four or five of them and they are now parked in a lot just to the north of the employee parking. They never made sence to me as there was one that was dedicted to drive ONLY from my hotel to the Wynne and back. At the time I was across the street from Sahara/F Blue and there were quite a few people that got on the bus but most people used it for free transportation but Wynne was smart in that the busses dropped folks off at the BACK of the hotel so they HAD to walk through in order to get to the Strip.

  7. Chris, don’t you think they would have already heard that call themselves considering, you know, that this is their podcast?

  8. Tim & Michelle – Where’s the Las Vegas meet up in Feb? We’d love to buy you guys a drink. You guys do such a terrific job.
    We get in 2/21.

    James & Debbie

  9. I’ll concede that it isn’t Harrah’s doing, but if you are looking for Jacks or Better and you are a Quarter player, the pay tables are really bad at the P.Ho. now. 6-5 on most of the machines I looked at and I looked at quite a few. (because I didn’t believe it when I saw it) I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the case in October. Also saw that pay table at Aria.

    The rest of the slot inventory at Planet Hollywood seems to be paying about the same as it used to.

    For now.

  10. Ditto on the meet up! You guys are famous now! No more quiet vacations to yourselves. You’re like the Donnie and Marie of podcasting!

  11. That reminds me. I’ll be you’d never guess who the Siegfried & Roy of podcasts are! 🙂

  12. We saw Jason Alexander as The Donny Clay Experience last fall at Rama.

    It is an intereting show, quite funny at times – especially when he comes out in a naked body suit – and interesting philosophies – men lying and a good – not a great – show.

    Would I pay for it? Not sure.


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