Five Hundy by Midnight 252: Fail

Las Vegas podcast #252 includes:

  • The T.O. Show opener
  • Cloud Nine Balloon Experience update
  • Station Casinos poised for reorganization
  • Riviera targeted for takeover (again)
  • Cosmopolitan changes its name
  • Venetian and Palazzo restaurant updates
  • Company American (formerly Company American) rebrands as Company American
  • El Segundo Sol Taqueria and Margarita Bar opens
  • Rumjungle and Mandalay Bay battle
  • Why the Vegas Walk of Stars is bullshit, reason #457
  • Win an iPad from
  • Listener calls about group trips, Cloud Nine, Aria, Planet Hollywood, MGM Grand and much more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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38 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 252: Fail

  1. That video of the balloon is great. Figures it would be some foreign tourists. Who else is gonna take video of the balloon blowing around in the wind?

  2. Haven’t listened to the newest podcast yet but just wanted to comment on the balloon. We were in Vegas last week when it happened. When I heard it on the news the next morning, my first thought was to call you guys—but I am lazy. Anyhow, the wind storm was wicked. I was pleasantly surprised that the pools were open last week. I spent Thursday afternoon at the pool and came up to the room around 4:30. It was still bright and sunny. Supposedly it was the warmest day of the year so far–around 80. I took a nap and then around 5:30 my husband woke me up to look at the wind. The clouds over Mt. Charleston were almost black (I think they were actually getting snow up there). We watched the chairs at the Harrah’s pool spiral around like they were in a twister. Our balcony door was rattling. It was kind of scary. But by about 10 that night the wind had subsided and when we went out on the strip you would never even known that it had happened. Can’t say I am sorry about the balloon but I have to say that I did see it going up and down quite a bit the first couple of days that we were there.

  3. I’m heading out on a guys trip this thursday, yes easter will be spent in Las Vegas. I think it’s worth asking your casino host for show tickets these days, I just got free tickets to Chris Angel Believe! That’s such a mind-freak! A report for sure over the weekend will follow.

  4. Yeah Al, don’t you know that Believe is awful? Just like Circus Circus, Imperial Palace and all the other things the “Vegas cool kids” say you should hate if you don’t want to seem like a rube.

    So if you want to fit in with the too-cool-for-the-room internet Vegas mafia, stay away from that show. Stick to things like bars with overpriced drinks, Diamond Lounges (make sure you rack up thousands in losses first to get access) and “people watching” spots like Mon Ami Gabi and Cabo Wabo Cantina.

  5. Re: P-Ho offers, my latest mailing last week was for 4 comped nights with no restrictions, tickets to Peepshow and some other free play and stuff.

    I never play much at P-Ho but I re-qualified for Platinum through TR in my first trip this year and will likely make Diamond next trip, so maybe they are basing the P-Ho offers more on TR status than A-List status.

  6. FYI:é_José

    He is a great mexican singer, very famous during the 80s.

    My guess is that they are giving him the star because: “He performed several seasons at the Las Vegas Hilton and the Tropicana Casino and Resort Atlantic City.” And maybe because of his Vegas-kind of lifestyle.

    But still, I agree with you about the walk of stars, there are a lot of personalities with “stars” which I believe has not contribute artistically to the city.

    I’ve been a couple of times in Vegas, and I’ve not seen a star in the street. Maybe if you throw up, you’ll notice. Just saying.

  7. Just opened my mailbox and found my new Empire magazine from Ceasar’s Palace (Harrah’s). An guess who is gracing the cover…Yep. Let’s say the cover is very Gossy. And get this they are calling him the new “Sinatra”. Some nerve to comparing him to Frank. The way they talk they think they are gonna actually make money with him. I give him 6 months if that long. Then again I could be wrong.

    One thing I noticed also that Harrah’s is trying the all day buffet for $29.95 and it includes sll 7 buffets including Paris and Planer Ho and Cearar’s Palace. Now that could be worth it. I’ll be there at the end of April and maybe I’ll check it out and give you a report. And yes I am from Texas…so I will be checking out Gilley’s. Have to. I’m Texan. Great show as always.

  8. Poster #5 (who I evidently share a name with)-

    Plenty of other websites and communities out there for you. Have a nice day.

    BTW It’s not the “too-cool-for-the-room” Internet Mafia. It’s the “prefer-to-avoid-staying-in-shitholes” Mafia. And, actually, this community has a fairly decent opinion of the Imperial Palace as a generalization.

  9. Post #5,
    How unnecessary is that post? First of all, Criss Angel’s Cirque show is the worst rated in Cirque history. Not to mention all the controversy. Second, Tim & Michele have given credit to Imperial Palace and Circus where it is due. Have you seen the Trippies? NO ONE likes those hotels. I have not been listening to their podcast as long as other people, but they have given nothing but good information that applies to everyone. They’re not Fox News for crying out loud! They don’t have to be “fair and balanced”. It’s their show and they are a couple of well-informed, well-versed, experienced and funny Vegas aficionados that have given a forum to people to express their experiences, opinions and thoughts in a constructive way. Their information, along with the information of fans, has lent to many successful trips for myself, family and friends. So, how about rather than taking a low blow at them, you behave like an adult and interact with decency, intelligence and sarcasm like the rest of us. Otherwise, take the advice of Mark from Denver.

  10. Yeah,

    I’m hoping for more Cirque, less Angel. Obviously I wouldn’t go unless offered the free tickets based on the reputation of the show, and obviously, his hair.

    I really have to see if its as bad as people say. Like if its so bad it’s a trainwreck— that could be entertaining. I’m not expecting the wonder of tiger based magic, nor expecting the value of the magician who performs at Monte Carlo (Rick Dees?) but I am expecting a 32 oz cocktail before going in– Cirque shows have the BEST big drinks.

  11. Dear Angry Mark,

    As one of the founders of the “too-cool-for-the-room internet Vegas mafia” and a self-certified “Vegas cool kid”, I’d like to let you know you’re welcome to join us sometime for high-priced drinks in the diamond lounge.

    See ya there!


  12. Wow Mark way to be a downer! We actually have decent people whom share there opinion in a positive manner so that everyone can have an enjoyable experience and in turn they share their experience with everyone. Everything in Vegas is over priced that’s why we it’s Vegas! Most people know that! As far as i am concerned because like most people posts Five Hundy is calls it like they see it, so if you don’t like what they have to say go visit another website or listen to another podcast that’s bandwith you are sucking up from someone who enjoys it!


  13. Also to angry Mark, Mon Ami Gabi is effing awesome and I curse you to many gaming losses for taking it’s name in vain.

    I can’t say firsthand whether or not Believe is awful, but I can say that Chris Angel is so the logic follows that even the power of Cirque cannot lift the AOS (average of suckage) on a Chris Angel show.

    And finally if you’re overpaying for drinks, you’re failing at Las Vegas: The Game

  14. Mark’s just mad that he lost his job when they closed the Fashionable Male in the Miracle Mile.

  15. wow, that Mark fella is taking a beating. maybe we are the mafia! haha….love it!!!

  16. and another thing…would “to cool for the room” people stay at El Cortez?

  17. I like being one of the cool Las Vegas kids. I’ll be hanging out at Wynncore in May, enjoying a Sinatra Smash.

  18. Mark, the Mafia does not exist. Its all media hype, see. I dunno where youes gettin your information from, it s’no good.

    Perhaps me and a few of the guys can come over and e’splain all these to youes. We’ve aslo heard youes got a pretty horse. We’ds love to see such a beautiful animal.

  19. Free show tickets.

    On our last flight to Vegas we were sitting next to a regular traveler to the City and during the course of our conversation he mentioned he never paid for show tickets – but had managed to get into most shows free of charge.

    He mentioned he did this by putting himself on a stand by list ( usually, say, 30 mins before the early shows for tickets for later shows ). Then due to some ticket tout laws (?) , tickets that had been allocated to third party resellers which are not sold are then given as free ??? Am a bit sketchy about the finer details as was concentrating more on touchdown at the airport but does this sound vaguely familiar to anyone ?

    Anyone booking for Love, suggest it might be worthwile going for the cheap seats currently. As they are not currently playing to packed houses the balcony is getting closed up and any people with tickets to those seats are being upgraded FOC to VIP seats. Certainly worked well at the performance we went to ( best seats we have had in three viewings ) and speaking to other holiday makers during the trip they have had similar experiences on different nights.

  20. I have to disagree, there are no cheap seats for Love. You always end up paying for them. Either for the divorce or antibiotics.

  21. Darran, very interesting

    I’ve heard of this grift for shows that have liquor service, 2 drink minimums such as the comedy/magic shows at Flamingo. I have heard of people going last minute to the box office for prime seats at Love, and Mystere and getting prime seats (retail 160, for $89). I think showing up last minute to shows can offer a bargain. I’m going to try the stand by trick at Mystere this weekend and see how it turns out. People BS so much on Planes though… we’ll see.

  22. speaking of shows, I’m going to be well entertained.

    Thurs- Criss Angell “Do You Believe In Me?” @ Luxor
    Friday- Playboy Comedy Show @ The Palms *new*
    Saturday- Hopkins/Jones III @ MGM
    Sunday- Mytere @ TI or Penn and Teller @ Rio

  23. did you hear it here first?

    Cheap Trick will be playing in Vegas.

    Cheap Trick Cancels
    The musical group Cheap Trick has cancelled it’s appearance at the Dubuque County Fair, this summer. The group was supposed to headline the entertainment on Friday, July 30th. Fair officials say Cheap Trick accepted an offer from a Las Vegas facility to do multiple dates, which would have conflicted with their Dubuque appearance.

  24. Airfare to Vegas – $400, taking the Deuce $7.00, losing gambling streak – $500, the cloud nine ballon experience blown to bits, priceless.

  25. OK, I’ve been meaning to address something from many show-moons ago, but can’t recall which one it was mentioned, namely that P-Ho (I think) instituted a policy of banning the acceptance of the $20 trick.

    My understanding has been that the $20 trick is an on-the-sly type of thing- that the transaction is a kind of under-the-table transaction between you and the clerk. I know if a clerk has a manager standing over his/her shoulder, I don’t attempt it.

    So on this “ban”, doesn’t this kind of go without saying for all propertiesin Vegas? Is there any property that says, implicitly or explicitly, it’s ok for employees to pocket cash in exchange for giving guests better rooms for free?

  26. Arrive in Vegas on Easter. Looking forward to finally trying this Sinatra Smash I keep hearing about…

  27. Gotta say, in all this “too cool for the room” carnage that’s ensued, something seems to have been lost in the comments. Was it just me or was Tim in an extra salty mood when this was recorded? The comments were just a little more biting this week than normal. The take-no-shit meter seemed to start off in the red.

    And Michele seemed blindsided by it all. Her normal witty banter and welcomed repartee was quickly silenced into subservience to Tim’s “Take no shit” attitude.

    The sexual tension was palpable, and clearly evident throughout this episode.

    Great listen!

  28. Just going by the pre-voicemail stuff, this episode had a lot more profanity in it than normal.

    But on the other hand, I’ve been saying for years that podcasts needed more tuba.

  29. For the record, I love the Imperial Palace. I don’t go to Vegas to sleep, I go to play as much poker as possible. The IP fits the cheap but adequate bed-and-shower bill. Plus, their poker room is pillowy soft. On Sundays, they spread a 10-game mixer. And if you don’t like it, there’s plenty of rooms nearby considering the IP is exactly mid-strip. Win!

  30. 23 days and counting. All I have to say is it better start warming up in that town.

  31. Chris from Santa Cruz, thanks for the call and the info. I really appreciate it!!

    Our group of 30 has shrunk to a group of 19, still large. In dealing with any group of that size I can assume we will be splitting up a lot. I know most of us have the same goal n mind, to party. We went out for a bachelor party last year around the same time and has a blast. The problem we are running into this year is the airfare prices, they suck!! We have found a couple of decent rates, but with the worst times you can think of. The only direct flights leaving Boston to Vegas are after 6pm, and the only direct flights back to Boston are red eyes. We are keeping are fingers crossed that more flights will be added.

    Wish us luck!!

  32. Andy from Chicago:

    RE: Paris not designating a blackjack table as “No Smoking”

    I was walking through Paris a number years ago with a friend when she said,”Isn’t this impressive! They actually pump smoke INTO the casino so the tourists will actually THINK they’re in Europe!”

    ‘Nuff said?

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