Five Hundy by Midnight 253: Burton Leaves, Cheap Trick Returns

Las Vegas podcast #253 includes:

  • Three Sheets opener
  • Lance Burton splits from Monte Carlo
  • Cheap Trick may return to Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas Hilton loves tribute bands
  • Cosmopolitan announces restaurants
  • Hooters isn’t doing so well
  • New themed slots!
  • Bally’s gets go-go dancers
  • Best of Vegas deals for LA. Comedy Club and Sin City Comedy
  • Listener calls about CityCenter tram, Vic and Anthony’s, Criss Angel, Rapid Craps, Todd English P.U.B., Batista’s, Hugo’s Cellar, Rao’s, Joe’s Stone Crab, Earl of Sandwich, drinks in sportsbooks, poker rooms, Excalibur, Tropicana, the pocket zoo and much more
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22 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 253: Burton Leaves, Cheap Trick Returns

  1. After I hung up I walked around the Cloud Nine for another minute or so. There is nothing there. Except for the concrete takeoff pad and the balloon carriage, it’s nothing but dirt.

    I would have expected to see some form of construction or some buildings that would have housed the pocket zoo, but there was nothing.

  2. Another one for the sports bettors. I received about 2 drink tix per bet at Legasse Stadium @ Palazzo when I was there in Dec. My bets were $25-$50 each. Much better than Caesars Palace who gave me squat for the same priced bets.

    Go Yankees!


  3. We visited the Flamingo briefly in late February, and we saw a go go dancer there too, near the front/south entrance.

  4. Off to Vegas Friday night for a weekend getaway! Staying for free at Hard Rock. Plans inculde:

    Double Down Saloon
    Hash House a Go Go
    Steel Panther at House of Blues
    Downtown tour including the Griffin

  5. Tim, you should “radio tease” the last call segment like you did this week. I actually listened for the first time in a while.

    Tom from VA, what was your initial issue w/MGM? I do not recall off the top of my noodle.

  6. I don’t remember leaving that second call about christopher. So I definitely listened to the end of the show. Cya in Vegas July!

  7. Hey there guys!

    long time listener…. called once but was totally drunk and didn’t say much but that i was almost raped by strippers….

    anyways heading down to Vegas in 7 days and i have gotten so many new ideas of what NEW and different things i wanna try while down in Vegas all thanks to you guys and your wonderful callers…

    *lounge/dance club:Foundation room @Mandalay bay (great views)
    *lunch idea: Serendipity 3 @Caesars
    *free exhibit for drunk wondering: Heart of a women exhibit harlaquin novels @paris
    *breakfast idea: Hash house a go go @ imperial palace (huge servings)
    *City center: shopping and new fancy hotels
    *lunch idea: Earl of sandwich @pho
    *goofy mini park (in city center) Pocket park @aria
    *Sinatra smash a great cocktail @Sinatra @encore
    *lunch/dinner/night out idea: Cabo wabo @pho
    *lunch/snack idea Pinks hot dogs @pho
    *for cocktails/appetizers Firefly @plaza (old Vegas)
    *big Elvis free show @bill’s gambling hall Mon-Thursday 3-6
    *cocktail idea: pepper-mill fire pit
    *shots and nachos @the tequila bar @ballys

    So thanks so much for all u do and i hope to remember to call and give am actual useful trip report!

    Danielle from Seattle

  8. In a recent episode I heard the Foundation Room referred to as a “nightclub”? Is that right? I read “nightclub”, and I think super loud techno music, that “bottle service” ridiculousness (“yeah, I think I’ll just pay $35 for my bottle of Grey Goose, instead of $500, but thanks very much for offering…”), a clientele with the average IQ of…well… nightclub clientele, and people pathetically standing in long lines just for the privilege of being part of such an awesome experience.

    Whereas, I’ve always thought the Foundation Room as an upscale, loungy, fireplace and classic cocktails, type of place.

    But I’ve never been, so what’s the scoop?

  9. Bally’s had go-go dancers back in mid-December (rodeo time). Even had them going during the day.

  10. I think probably the weirdest go-go transformation is Golden Gate. That used to be, well it used to be something different, but now its go-go dancers WHO DEAL, they go do a song, then step off and deal. Pole-Dealers? the music is pop-rap, more hard core beats than lyrics.

  11. Love the 3 Sheets intro, although that was not one of his better shows. Just back from Vegas and want to report the following:
    Todd English P.U.B. is a smashing success at Crystals. It is packed everyday (taking much business from Beso). Pints are free if you chug them in 7 seconds (limit 4 per visit).

    Slot machines: Gold Fish (w/ related Gold Fish 2 and Mermaids) are making a huge comeback at numerous properties. As if the original was not awesome enough, there is a second Jaws machine that is even more cryptic. The Monkees machines at Palazzo are pretty cool, but really liked the Queen machines at Encore.

  12. Cont. f/ above.
    Did not see GF3 or Airplane slots.

    Had to dodge timeshare tours walking through PHo Tower lobby. Huge lobby but the the bar only serves beer and is only open weekend nights. Also, Stripper bar is very tiny w/ one stripper pole and only open at night. Hawaiian Tropic Zone has been gutted for construction of PBR.

    Expanded HRH casino is worth a quick visit. Try the Kobe lollipop appetizer at Rare 107.

    Smoking Aces at Venetian will be closing in a couple weeks. No longer having bands or Karaoke.

  13. just got back from vegas monday night. one other change at the golden gate; the bay city diner has now been taken over by dupars which is in the farmers market in l.a. sad to say it’s not as good.

  14. Re: Earl of Sandwich Orlando. It is the downtown disney area of Disney i.e. outside the parks so no entrance fee.

    I saw it when I was there in January but had already eaten so didn’t try it out. Bollocks!

  15. Hey Darren,

    I like the pint idea, and it is doing well. The service sucks though and I wasnt expecting white glove treatment, just the basics, and this is the second time I feel burned. Maybe the move is to sit at the bar?

  16. I’m trying to prevent myself from planning out my 10 day trip in July (1/3 work 2/3 vacation). 10 days in vegas, 7 to my own. Gnarly!

  17. I am planning a trip to this mythical nirvana called, “Earl Of Sandwich,” when I go in June. So, I wan to know what you guys think is the BEST sandwich there so not to mess up my experience?

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